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Change Logs

* Mon Apr 30 2018
- Update grammar of description.
* Fri Apr 27 2018
- Update to 1.3.7.
  * Updated:
    + Wine stock icons to be organized through Q4WineWine.
    + Add gnome-terminal into terminal detection logic.
  * Added:
    + French translation.
* Sat Nov 25 2017
- Update to version 1.3.6.
  * Updated:
    + Added indication of applications which was installed through
    + Default Wine Desktop Integartion path settings for new prefixes.
    + Added option to run custom scripts with fake drive settings
    after creation of fake drive.
    + Qt5 build enabled by default.
    + Taiwan, Russian translation, Ukrainian translation, Spanish,
    Czech translations.
    + Bind Plus and Minus keys for Program tab for +- zoom respectively.
    + Bind Plus and Minus keys for Config tab for +- zoom respectively.
    + Allow to change Config and Program Icon sizes independently.
  * Documented:
    + q4wine prevents user from running winecfg from KRunner even
    after uninstalling.
  * Fixed:
    + Static code analysis: errors and warnings.
    + Error: wrong or broken XML data. Try again later.
* Sun May 07 2017
- Update to 1.3.5.
  * Updated:
    + Italian translation.
    + Ukrainian translation.
    + Russian translation.
  * Fixed:
    + Removed extra Doxygen files to reduce artifact size.
* Tue Jan 03 2017
- Update to 1.3.4.
  * Added:
    + Add WINE env var to console environment.
  * Fixed:
    + Icons are not loaded properly with Qt 5.7.x.
    + Console launch environment uses dead setting fields.
    + Q4Wine file selectors filters files with upper case
    + Refactor winetrkics parser: use direct parser + transactions.
    + Links imported from Windows desktop do not work.
    + Import from Windows desktop is not working in some cases.
    + Processes tab does not detect some wine processes correctly.
* Sat Oct 08 2016
- Update to 1.3.3.
  * Fixed:
    + Problem opening file dialog to mount ISO.
* Thu Sep 01 2016
- Update to 1.3.2.
  * Fixed:
    + [regression, bisected] Icon information is not displayed
    + Winetricks does not update.
    + First startup wizard (quick mount profile): profile strings
    are initially empty if fuseiso is not installed.
    + Download (latest) Winetricks from GitHub.
    + Correct proxy-related environment variables in Winetricks
    + Use env command in the command line to download Winetricks.
    + Support proxy username/password in Winetricks plugin.
    + Treat aarch64 as 64 bit platform and put libraries in lib64
* Thu Jul 28 2016
- Update to 1.3.1.
  * Added:
    + Allow to execute and create icons for *.bat and *.msi files.
    + Added Chinese (China) and Japanese translations.
  * Fixed:
    + Renamed 'New' menu option for icon and prefix view to 'New
    icon' and 'New folder' respectively to avoid confusion.
    + Icon description is not exported into *.desktop file.
    + Winetrick's item description label doesn't wrap properly.
    + q4wine-cli does not accept extra app arguments.
    + Translation files moved from i18n to l10n.
    + Hide deprecated prefix options if values are not set.
- Change the source URL to
* Tue Mar 15 2016
- Set LIBS_ENTRY_PATH to %{_libdir}
* Tue Mar 01 2016
- Update to 1.3.
  * Added:
    + Taiwan translation.
    + Use icons from the system icon theme where possible.
    + Replace default raster icons with SVG analogs.
    + Extend App icons zoom sizes up to 512px.
    + Allow to choose .svg and .svgz images for icons.
    + Add an app option to switch
    default/ambiance-light/ambiance-dark icon.
    + Use ISO country codes for translation files.
    + Use native language name for language selection.
  * Fixed:
    + WineLibs paths are no longer strictly required.
    + Process explorer is broken.
- Remove q4wine-fix-documentation-url.patch: alternate site no more
  available and original site is available again.
- Remove BuildRequires: fdupes.
* Thu Jan 14 2016
- Update to 1.2-r2.
  * Added:
    + Czech translation update.
  * Fixed:
    + QtSystemApplication library detection does not work well for
* Fri Jan 08 2016
- Apply q4wine-fix-documentation-url.patch again: the URL doesn't
  work for Russian IPs.
* Fri Jan 01 2016
- Update to 1.2-r1
  - Deleting prefix does not remove prefix folder in
    ~/.local/share/wineprefixes BUG-43;
  - Fixed typo in Startup Wizard;
  - Fixup Wine Libs detection BUG-50;
  - Remove Wine settings from App settings BUG-50 BUG-23;
  - Make Wine64 libs optional (for x86 only platforms) BUG-50;
  - Backup/Restore prefix path handler;
  - Can't use pre/post run scripts without standalone script
  - Do not force startpage open;
  - add custom dll overrides outside from the list BUG-60;
  - Revert "Kill dead online components" breaks the Qt5 build
  - Do not build wineappdb core components if
  - 'Run -> Browser' on Programs window not work BUG-54;
  - QT5: Winetricks application list fails to refresh and causes
    segfault on quit BUG-53;
  - Make -DQT5 flag visible during cmake build and runtime;
  - CLI: -v/-h options must not trigger nor database check nor
    wizard startup;
  - Remove useless and confusing appdb startup dialog;
- remove patch for dokumentation because alternate site no more
  available and original site is available again.
* Mon Apr 13 2015
- Add q4wine-fix-documentation-url.patch: Fix documentation URL.
  Use until project website will be repaired. Also
  disable automatic opening this documentation after initial
  program configuring. (boo#926859)
* Fri Dec 20 2013
- Update to 1.1+r2.
  * Fixed error while loading application settings by key:
* Sun Dec 01 2013
- Update to 1.1+r1.
  * Fixed error while loading application settings by key:
  * Updated Afrikaans translation.
  * Fixed cmake warnings.
  * Updated .desktop file.
* Sun Nov 10 2013
- Update to 1.1.
  * Added:
    + Extended list of a virtual desktop resolutions.
    + Configure multiple wine paths globally to allow easily
    selection in prefixes.
    + Create predefined execution template strings for optirun,
    separate X display, e.t.c.
  * Fixed a few bugs.
* Tue Aug 06 2013
- Add "-DCMAKE_NO_BUILTIN_CHRPATH=ON" cmake option (fix build with
  updated cmake).
* Fri May 03 2013
- Update to 1.0+r3.
  * "Use single-click to run icons" does not affect icons in
    "setup" tab.
  * q4wine.desktop value "" for key "Path" in group "Desktop
  * Pre and Post run Icon scripts unusable, if the path contains
* Sun Mar 03 2013
- Update to 1.0+r2.
  * Fixed:
    + Clean setup: error while loading application settings by key:
    + Winetricks plugin does not check script presence.
    + "Use single-click to run icons" does not affect icons in
    "setup" tab.
  * Added:
    + Winetricks plugin can use script installed in system.
    + Persian translation.