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Version: 0.20.2-bp152.1.6
* Thu Jul 25 2019 Todd R <>
- Implement python2-only version since the latest release
  drops python2 support.
* Wed Jan 30 2019 Matej Cepl <>
- Switch off tests, gh#scikit-learn/scikit-learn#12369
* Tue Jan 29 2019
- Update to 0.20.2:
  * This is a bug-fix release with some minor documentation
    improvements and enhancements to features released in 0.20.0.
    Note that we also include some API changes in this release, so
    you might get some extra warnings after updating from 0.20.0.
* Wed Oct 24 2018 Dirk Mueller <>
- update to 0.20.0:
  Support for Python 3.3 has been officially dropped
- drop scikit-learn-skip-test.patch (merged)
* Thu May 17 2018
- Skip test sklearn.linear_model.tests.test_logistic.test_max_iter
  * Upstream plans to fix it in next release
  * scikit-learn-skip-test.patch
* Thu May 17 2018
- Update package to properly state dependencies as in
- Install license file
* Mon Oct 30 2017
- update to version 0.19.1:
  * API changes
    + Reverted the addition of metrics.ndcg_score and
    metrics.dcg_score which had been merged into version 0.19.0 by
    error. The implementations were broken and undocumented.
    + return_train_score which was added to
    model_selection.GridSearchCV, model_selection.RandomizedSearchCV
    and model_selection.cross_validate in version 0.19.0 will be
    changing its default value from True to False in version
    0.21. We found that calculating training score could have a
    great effect on cross validation runtime in some cases. Users
    should explicitly set return_train_score to False if prediction
    or scoring functions are slow, resulting in a deleterious effect
    on CV runtime, or to True if they wish to use the calculated
    scores. #9677 by Kumar Ashutosh and Joel Nothman.
    + correlation_models and regression_models from the legacy
    gaussian processes implementation have been belatedly
    deprecated. #9717 by Kumar Ashutosh.
  * Bug fixes
    + Avoid integer overflows in metrics.matthews_corrcoef. #9693 by
    Sam Steingold.
    + Fix ValueError in preprocessing.LabelEncoder when using
    inverse_transform on unseen labels. #9816 by Charlie Newey.
    + Fixed a bug in the objective function for manifold.TSNE (both
    exact and with the Barnes-Hut approximation) when n_components
    >= 3. #9711 by @goncalo-rodrigues.
    + Fix regression in model_selection.cross_val_predict where it
    raised an error with method='predict_proba' for some
    probabilistic classifiers. #9641 by James Bourbeau.
    + Fixed a bug where datasets.make_classification modified its
    input weights. #9865 by Sachin Kelkar.
    + model_selection.StratifiedShuffleSplit now works with
    multioutput multiclass or multilabel data with more than 1000
    columns. #9922 by Charlie Brummitt.
    + Fixed a bug with nested and conditional parameter setting,
    e.g. setting a pipeline step and its parameter at the same
    time. #9945 by Andreas Müller and Joel Nothman.
  * Regressions in 0.19.0 fixed in 0.19.1:
    + Fixed a bug where parallelised prediction in random forests was
    not thread-safe and could (rarely) result in arbitrary
    errors. #9830 by Joel Nothman.
    + Fix regression in model_selection.cross_val_predict where it no
    longer accepted X as a list. #9600 by Rasul Kerimov.
    + Fixed handling of model_selection.cross_val_predict for binary
    classification with method='decision_function'. #9593 by
    Reiichiro Nakano and core devs.
    + Fix regression in pipeline.Pipeline where it no longer accepted
    steps as a tuple. #9604 by Joris Van den Bossche.
    + Fix bug where n_iter was not properly deprecated, leaving n_iter
    unavailable for interim use in linear_model.SGDClassifier,
    linear_model.PassiveAggressiveRegressor and
    linear_model.Perceptron. #9558 by Andreas Müller.
    + Dataset fetchers make sure temporary files are closed before
    removing them, which caused errors on Windows. #9847 by Joan
    + Fixed a regression in manifold.TSNE where it no longer supported
    metrics other than ?euclidean? and ?precomputed?. #9623 by Oli
  * Enhancements
    + Our test suite and utils.estimator_checks.check_estimators can
    now be run without Nose installed. #9697 by Joan Massich.
    + To improve usability of version 0.19?s pipeline.Pipeline
    caching, memory now allows joblib.Memory instances. This make
    use of the new utils.validation.check_memory helper. #9584 by
    Kumar Ashutosh
    + Some fixes to examples: #9750, #9788, #9815
    + Made a FutureWarning in SGD-based estimators less verbose. #9802
    by Vrishank Bhardwaj.
* Sun Sep 24 2017
- update to version 0.19.0:
  * Highlights
    + We are excited to release a number of great new features
    including neighbors.LocalOutlierFactor for anomaly detection,
    preprocessing.QuantileTransformer for robust feature
    transformation, and the multioutput.ClassifierChain
    meta-estimator to simply account for dependencies between
    classes in multilabel problems. We have some new algorithms in
    existing estimators, such as multiplicative update in
    decomposition.NMF and multinomial
    linear_model.LogisticRegression with L1 loss (use
    + Cross validation is now able to return the results from multiple
    metric evaluations. The new model_selection.cross_validate can
    return many scores on the test data as well as training set
    performance and timings, and we have extended the scoring and
    refit parameters for grid/randomized search to handle multiple
    + You can also learn faster. For instance, the new option to cache
    transformations in pipeline.Pipeline makes grid search over
    pipelines including slow transformations much more
    efficient. And you can predict faster: if you?re sure you know
    what you?re doing, you can turn off validating that the input is
    finite using config_context.
    + We?ve made some important fixes too. We?ve fixed a longstanding
    implementation error in metrics.average_precision_score, so
    please be cautious with prior results reported from that
    function. A number of errors in the manifold.TSNE implementation
    have been fixed, particularly in the default Barnes-Hut
    approximation. semi_supervised.LabelSpreading and
    semi_supervised.LabelPropagation have had substantial
    fixes. LabelPropagation was previously broken. LabelSpreading
    should now correctly respect its alpha parameter.
  * Changed models
  * The following estimators and functions, when fit with the same
    data and parameters, may produce different models from the
    previous version. This often occurs due to changes in the
    modelling logic (bug fixes or enhancements), or in random sampling
    + cluster.KMeans with sparse X and initial centroids given (bug
    + cross_decomposition.PLSRegression with scale=True (bug fix)
    + ensemble.GradientBoostingClassifier and
    ensemble.GradientBoostingRegressor where min_impurity_split is
    used (bug fix)
    + gradient boosting loss='quantile' (bug fix)
    + ensemble.IsolationForest (bug fix)
    + feature_selection.SelectFdr (bug fix)
    + linear_model.RANSACRegressor (bug fix)
    + linear_model.LassoLars (bug fix)
    + linear_model.LassoLarsIC (bug fix)
    + manifold.TSNE (bug fix)
    + neighbors.NearestCentroid (bug fix)
    + semi_supervised.LabelSpreading (bug fix)
    + semi_supervised.LabelPropagation (bug fix)
    + tree based models where min_weight_fraction_leaf is used
  * complete changelog at
* Sun Jun 11 2017
- Implement single-spec version
- Update source URL
- Update to version 0.18.1
  * Large number of changes. See:
* Mon Jan 11 2016
- Switch to proper package name: python-scikit-learn
* Fri Nov 20 2015 Angelos Tzotsos <>
- Update to version 0.17
* Thu Oct 24 2013
- Update to version 14.1
  * Minor bugfixes
- Update to version 14.0
  * Changelog
  - Missing values with sparse and dense matrices can be imputed with the
    transformer :class:`preprocessing.Imputer` by `Nicolas Trésegnie`_.
  - The core implementation of decisions trees has been rewritten from
    scratch, allowing for faster tree induction and lower memory
    consumption in all tree-based estimators. By `Gilles Louppe`_.
  - Added :class:`ensemble.AdaBoostClassifier` and
    :class:`ensemble.AdaBoostRegressor`, by `Noel Dawe`_  and
    `Gilles Louppe`_. See the :ref:`AdaBoost <adaboost>` section of the user
    guide for details and examples.
  - Added :class:`grid_search.RandomizedSearchCV` and
    :class:`grid_search.ParameterSampler` for randomized hyperparameter
    optimization. By `Andreas Müller`_.
  - Added :ref:`biclustering <biclustering>` algorithms
    (:class:`sklearn.cluster.bicluster.SpectralCoclustering` and
    :class:`sklearn.cluster.bicluster.SpectralBiclustering`), data
    generation methods (:func:`sklearn.datasets.make_biclusters` and
    :func:`sklearn.datasets.make_checkerboard`), and scoring metrics
    (:func:`sklearn.metrics.consensus_score`). By `Kemal Eren`_.
  - Added :ref:`Restricted Boltzmann Machines<rbm>`
    (:class:`neural_network.BernoulliRBM`). By `Yann Dauphin`_.
  - Python 3 support by `Justin Vincent`_, `Lars Buitinck`_,
    `Subhodeep Moitra`_ and `Olivier Grisel`_. All tests now pass under
    Python 3.3.
  - Ability to pass one penalty (alpha value) per target in
    :class:`linear_model.Ridge`, by @eickenberg and `Mathieu Blondel`_.
  - Fixed :mod:`` L2 regularization
    issue (minor practical significants).
    By `Norbert Crombach`_ and `Mathieu Blondel`_ .
  - Added an interactive version of `Andreas Müller`_'s
    `Machine Learning Cheat Sheet (for scikit-learn)
    to the documentation. See :ref:`Choosing the right estimator <ml_map>`.
    By `Jaques Grobler`_.
  - :class:`grid_search.GridSearchCV` and
    :func:`cross_validation.cross_val_score` now support the use of advanced
    scoring function such as area under the ROC curve and f-beta scores.
    See :ref:`scoring_parameter` for details. By `Andreas Müller`_
    and `Lars Buitinck`_.
    Passing a function from :mod:`sklearn.metrics` as ``score_func`` is
  - Multi-label classification output is now supported by
    :func:`metrics.accuracy_score`, :func:`metrics.zero_one_loss`,
    :func:`metrics.f1_score`, :func:`metrics.fbeta_score`,
    :func:`metrics.precision_score` and :func:`metrics.recall_score`
    by `Arnaud Joly`_.
  - Two new metrics :func:`metrics.hamming_loss` and
    are added with multi-label support by `Arnaud Joly`_.
  - Speed and memory usage improvements in
    :class:`feature_extraction.text.CountVectorizer` and
    by Jochen Wersdörfer and Roman Sinayev.
  - The ``min_df`` parameter in
    :class:`feature_extraction.text.CountVectorizer` and
    :class:`feature_extraction.text.TfidfVectorizer`, which used to be 2,
    has been reset to 1 to avoid unpleasant surprises (empty vocabularies)
    for novice users who try it out on tiny document collections.
    A value of at least 2 is still recommended for practical use.
  - :class:`svm.LinearSVC`, :class:`linear_model.SGDClassifier` and
    :class:`linear_model.SGDRegressor` now have a ``sparsify`` method that
    converts their ``coef_`` into a sparse matrix, meaning stored models
    trained using these estimators can be made much more compact.
  - :class:`linear_model.SGDClassifier` now produces multiclass probability
    estimates when trained under log loss or modified Huber loss.
  - Hyperlinks to documentation in example code on the website by
    `Martin Luessi`_.
  - Fixed bug in :class:`preprocessing.MinMaxScaler` causing incorrect scaling
    of the features for non-default ``feature_range`` settings. By `Andreas
  - ``max_features`` in :class:`tree.DecisionTreeClassifier`,
    :class:`tree.DecisionTreeRegressor` and all derived ensemble estimators
    now supports percentage values. By `Gilles Louppe`_.
  - Performance improvements in :class:`isotonic.IsotonicRegression` by
    `Nelle Varoquaux`_.
  - :func:`metrics.accuracy_score` has an option normalize to return
    the fraction or the number of correctly classified sample
    by `Arnaud Joly`_.
  - Added :func:`metrics.log_loss` that computes log loss, aka cross-entropy
    loss. By Jochen Wersdörfer and `Lars Buitinck`_.
  - A bug that caused :class:`ensemble.AdaBoostClassifier`'s to output
    incorrect probabilities has been fixed.
  - Feature selectors now share a mixin providing consistent `transform`,
    `inverse_transform` and `get_support` methods. By `Joel Nothman`_.
  - A fitted :class:`grid_search.GridSearchCV` or
    :class:`grid_search.RandomizedSearchCV` can now generally be pickled.
    By `Joel Nothman`_.
  - Refactored and vectorized implementation of :func:`metrics.roc_curve`
    and :func:`metrics.precision_recall_curve`. By `Joel Nothman`_.
  - The new estimator :class:`sklearn.decomposition.TruncatedSVD`
    performs dimensionality reduction using SVD on sparse matrices,
    and can be used for latent semantic analysis (LSA).
    By `Lars Buitinck`_.
  - Added self-contained example of out-of-core learning on text data
    By `Eustache Diemert`_.
  - The default number of components for
    :class:`sklearn.decomposition.RandomizedPCA` is now correctly documented
    to be ``n_features``. This was the default behavior, so programs using it
    will continue to work as they did.
  - :class:`sklearn.cluster.KMeans` now fits several orders of magnitude
    faster on sparse data (the speedup depends on the sparsity). By
    `Lars Buitinck`_.
  - Reduce memory footprint of FastICA by `Denis Engemann`_ and
    `Alexandre Gramfort`_.
  - Verbose output in :mod:`sklearn.ensemble.gradient_boosting` now uses
    a column format and prints progress in decreasing frequency.
    It also shows the remaining time. By `Peter Prettenhofer`_.
  - :mod:`sklearn.ensemble.gradient_boosting` provides out-of-bag improvement
    rather than the OOB score for model selection. An example that shows
    how to use OOB estimates to select the number of trees was added.
    By `Peter Prettenhofer`_.
  - Most metrics now support string labels for multiclass classification
    by `Arnaud Joly`_ and `Lars Buitinck`_.
  - New OrthogonalMatchingPursuitCV class by `Alexandre Gramfort`_
    and `Vlad Niculae`_.
  - Fixed a bug in :class:`sklearn.covariance.GraphLassoCV`: the
    'alphas' parameter now works as expected when given a list of
    values. By Philippe Gervais.
  - Fixed an important bug in :class:`sklearn.covariance.GraphLassoCV`
    that prevented all folds provided by a CV object to be used (only
    the first 3 were used). When providing a CV object, execution
    time may thus increase significantly compared to the previous
    version (bug results are correct now). By Philippe Gervais.
  - :class:`cross_validation.cross_val_score` and the :mod:`grid_search`
    module is now tested with multi-output data by `Arnaud Joly`_.
  - :func:`datasets.make_multilabel_classification` can now return
    the output in label indicator multilabel format  by `Arnaud Joly`_.
  - K-nearest neighbors, :class:`neighbors.KNeighborsRegressor`
    and :class:`neighbors.RadiusNeighborsRegressor`,
    and radius neighbors, :class:`neighbors.RadiusNeighborsRegressor` and
    :class:`neighbors.RadiusNeighborsClassifier` support multioutput data
    by `Arnaud Joly`_.
  - Random state in LibSVM-based estimators (:class:`svm.SVC`, :class:`NuSVC`,
    :class:`OneClassSVM`, :class:`svm.SVR`, :class:`svm.NuSVR`) can now be
    controlled.  This is useful to ensure consistency in the probability
    estimates for the classifiers trained with ``probability=True``. By
    `Vlad Niculae`_.
  - Out-of-core learning support for discrete naive Bayes classifiers
    :class:`sklearn.naive_bayes.MultinomialNB` and
    :class:`sklearn.naive_bayes.BernoulliNB` by adding the ``partial_fit``
    method by `Olivier Grisel`_.
  - New website design and navigation by `Gilles Louppe`_, `Nelle Varoquaux`_,
    Vincent Michel and `Andreas Müller`_.
  - Improved documentation on :ref:`multi-class, multi-label and multi-output
    classification <multiclass>` by `Yannick Schwartz`_ and `Arnaud Joly`_.
  - Better input and error handling in the :mod:`metrics` module by
    `Arnaud Joly`_ and `Joel Nothman`_.
  - Speed optimization of the :mod:`hmm` module by `Mikhail Korobov`_
  - Significant speed improvements for :class:`sklearn.cluster.DBSCAN`_
    by `cleverless <>`_
  * API changes:
  - The :func:`auc_score` was renamed :func:`roc_auc_score`.
  - Testing scikit-learn with `sklearn.test()` is deprecated. Use
    `nosetest sklearn` from the command line.
  - Feature importances in :class:`tree.DecisionTreeClassifier`,
    :class:`tree.DecisionTreeRegressor` and all derived ensemble estimators
    are now computed on the fly when accessing  the ``feature_importances_``
    attribute. Setting ``compute_importances=True`` is no longer required.
    By `Gilles Louppe`_.
  - :class:`linear_model.lasso_path` and
    :class:`linear_model.enet_path` can return its results in the same
    format as that of :class:`linear_model.lars_path`. This is done by
    setting the `return_models` parameter to `False`. By
    `Jaques Grobler`_ and `Alexandre Gramfort`_
  - :class:`grid_search.IterGrid` was renamed to
  - Fixed bug in :class:`KFold` causing imperfect class balance in some
    cases. By `Alexandre Gramfort`_ and Tadej Jane?.
  - :class:`sklearn.neighbors.BallTree` has been refactored, and a
    :class:`sklearn.neighbors.KDTree` has been
    added which shares the same interface.  The Ball Tree now works with
    a wide variety of distance metrics.  Both classes have many new
    methods, including single-tree and dual-tree queries, breadth-first
    and depth-first searching, and more advanced queries such as
    kernel density estimation and 2-point correlation functions.
    By `Jake Vanderplas`_
  - Support for scipy.spatial.cKDTree within neighbors queries has been
    removed, and the functionality replaced with the new :class:`KDTree`
  - :class:`sklearn.neighbors.KernelDensity` has been added, which performs
    efficient kernel density estimation with a variety of kernels.
  - :class:`sklearn.decomposition.KernelPCA` now always returns output with
    ``n_components`` components, unless the new parameter ``remove_zero_eig``
    is set to ``True``. This new behavior is consistent with the way
    kernel PCA was always documented; previously, the removal of components
    with zero eigenvalues was tacitly performed on all data.
  - ``gcv_mode="auto"`` no longer tries to perform SVD on a densified
    sparse matrix in :class:`sklearn.linear_model.RidgeCV`.
  - Sparse matrix support in :class:`sklearn.decomposition.RandomizedPCA`
    is now deprecated in favor of the new ``TruncatedSVD``.
  - :class:`cross_validation.KFold` and
    :class:`cross_validation.StratifiedKFold` now enforce `n_folds >= 2`
    otherwise a ``ValueError`` is raised. By `Olivier Grisel`_.
  - :func:`datasets.load_files`'s ``charset`` and ``charset_errors``
    parameters were renamed ``encoding`` and ``decode_errors``.
  - Attribute ``oob_score_`` in :class:`sklearn.ensemble.GradientBoostingRegressor`
    and :class:`sklearn.ensemble.GradientBoostingClassifier`
    is deprecated and has been replaced by ``oob_improvement_`` .
  - Attributes in OrthogonalMatchingPursuit have been deprecated
    (copy_X, Gram, ...) and precompute_gram renamed precompute
    for consistency. See #2224.
  - :class:`sklearn.preprocessing.StandardScaler` now converts integer input
    to float, and raises a warning. Previously it rounded for dense integer
  - Better input validation, warning on unexpected shapes for y.
- Fix building on 13.1+
- Update BuildRequires
- Cleanup spec file formatting
* Thu Oct 24 2013
- Require python-setuptools instead of distribute (upstreams merged)
* Fri May 03 2013
- Update to version 0.13.1
* Sat Oct 13 2012 Angelos Tzotsos <>
- Update to version 0.12.1
* Sun Jun 03 2012
- Clean up spec file
- Update to version 0.11
* Wed Mar 07 2012
- remove unneeded libatals3-devel dependency
* Mon Oct 10 2011
- fix python-Sphinx requirement
* Sat Oct 23 2010
- first package
- version 0.5