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Change Logs

* Tue Feb 13 2018
- Update url
* Mon Oct 09 2017
- fix conditional to allow build for older distributions
* Tue Sep 19 2017
- Update to version 5.5.0
  * System Wide config
  * ProgressBar
  * Fix ``IPython.core.display:Pretty._repr_pretty_`` had the wrong signature.
  * :magic:`timeit` now give a correct ``SyntaxError`` if naked ``return`` used.
  * Prepare the ``:ipython:`` directive to be compatible with Sphinx 1.7.
  * Make IPython work with OpenSSL in FIPS mode; change hash algorithm of input
    from md5 to sha1.
  * Clear breakpoints before running any script with debugger.
  * Document that :magic:`profile` is deprecated, not to be confused with :magic:`prun`.
  * Limit default number of returned completions to 500.
* Wed Sep 06 2017
- Rename to python2-jupyter_ipython to allow for single-spec
  package to be used for python3 version.
- Delete -doc subpackage. Docs are being built in the singlespec
  version only now.
* Fri Aug 11 2017
- Update to version 5.4.1
  * Released a few hours after 5.4, fix a crash when
    ``backports.shutil-get-terminal-size`` is not installed. :ghissue:`10629`
- Update to version 5.4
  * Configurable TerminalInteractiveShell
  * Define ``_repr_mimebundle_``
  * Execution Heuristics
  * Implement Display IDs
  * Display function
  * ``_mp_main_`` is not reloaded which fixes issues with multiprocessing.
  * Use user colorscheme in Pdb as well :ghpull:`10479`
  * Faster shutdown. :ghpull:`10408`
  * Fix a crash in reverse search. :ghpull:`10371`
  * added ``Completer.backslash_combining_completions`` boolean option to
    deactivate backslash-tab completion that may conflict with windows path.
- Fix building on platforms without icoutils
* Thu Jul 13 2017
- Fix shebang rpmint errors.
* Mon Apr 24 2017
- Add note about LTS status and the end of Python 2 support.
- Add python2- provides.
- Neither HTML nor PDF documentation will ever work again,
  so drop it.
* Fri Apr 07 2017
- Install icons.
- Install .desktop file.
* Thu Mar 30 2017
- Update to IPython 5.3
  * Fix a bug in ``set_next_input`` leading to a crash of terminal IPython.
    :ghpull:`10231`, :ghissue:`10296`, :ghissue:`10229`
  * Always wait for editor inputhook for terminal IPython :ghpull:`10239`,
  * Disable ``_ipython_display_`` in terminal :ghpull:`10249`, :ghpull:`10274`
  * Update terminal colors to be more visible by default on windows
    :ghpull:`10260`, :ghpull:`10238`, :ghissue:`10281`
  * Add Ctrl-Z shortcut (suspend) in terminal debugger :ghpull:`10254`,
  * Indent on new line by looking at the text before the cursor :ghpull:`10264`,
    :ghpull:`10275`, :ghissue:`9283`
  * Update QtEventloop integration to fix some matplotlib integration issues
    :ghpull:`10201`, :ghpull:`10311`, :ghissue:`10201`
  * Respect completions display style in terminal debugger :ghpull:`10305`,
  * Add a config option ``TerminalInteractiveShell.extra_open_editor_shortcuts``
    to enable extra shortcuts to open the input in an editor. These are :kbd:`v`
    in vi mode, and :kbd:`C-X C-E` in emacs mode (:ghpull:`10330`).
    The :kbd:`F2` shortcut is always enabled.
- Update to IPython 5.2.2
  * Fix error when starting with ``IPCompleter.limit_to__all__`` configured.
- Update to IPython 5.2.1
  * Fix tab completion in the debugger. :ghpull:`10223`
- Update to IPython 5.2
  * restore IPython's debugger to raise on quit. :ghpull:`10009`
  * The configuration value ``c.TerminalInteractiveShell.highlighting_style`` can
    now directly take a class argument for custom color style. :ghpull:`9848`
  * Correctly handle matplotlib figures dpi :ghpull:`9868`
  * Deprecate ``-e`` flag for the ``%notebook`` magic that had no effects.
  * You can now press F2 while typing at a terminal prompt to edit the contents
    in your favourite terminal editor. Set the :envvar:`EDITOR` environment
    variable to pick which editor is used. :ghpull:`9929`
  * sdists will now only be ``.tar.gz`` as per upstream PyPI requirements.
  * :any:`IPython.core.debugger` have gained a ``set_trace()`` method for
    convenience. :ghpull:`9947`
  * The 'smart command mode' added to the debugger in 5.0 was removed, as more
    people preferred the previous behaviour. Therefore, debugger commands such as
    ``c`` will act as debugger commands even when ``c`` is defined as a variable.
  * Fixes OS X event loop issues at startup, :ghpull:`10150`
  * Deprecate the ``%autoindent`` magic. :ghpull:`10176`
  * Emit a :any:`DeprecationWarning` when setting the deprecated
    ``limit_to_all`` option of the completer. :ghpull:`10198`
  * The :cellmagic:`capture` magic can now capture the result of a cell (from an
    expression on the last line), as well as printed and displayed output.
- Update to IPython 5.1
  * Broken ``%timeit`` on Python2 due to the use of ``__qualname__``. :ghpull:`9804`
  * Restore ``%gui qt`` to create and return a ``QApplication`` if necessary. :ghpull:`9789`
  * Don't set terminal title by default. :ghpull:`9801`
  * Preserve indentation when inserting newlines with ``Ctrl-O``. :ghpull:`9770`
  * Restore completion in debugger. :ghpull:`9785`
  * Deprecate ``IPython.core.debugger.Tracer()`` in favor of simpler, newer, APIs. :ghpull:`9731`
  * Restore ``NoOpContext`` context manager removed by mistake, and add `DeprecationWarning`. :ghpull:`9765`
  * Add option allowing ``Prompt_toolkit`` to use 24bits colors. :ghpull:`9736`
  * Fix for closing interactive matplotlib windows on OS X. :ghpull:`9854`
  * An embedded interactive shell instance can be used more than once. :ghpull:`9843`
  * More robust check for whether IPython is in a terminal. :ghpull:`9833`
  * Better pretty-printing of dicts on PyPy. :ghpull:`9827`
  * Some coloured output now looks better on dark background command prompts in Windows.
  * Improved tab completion of paths on Windows . :ghpull:`9826`
  * Fix tkinter event loop integration on Python 2 with ``future`` installed. :ghpull:`9824`
  * Restore ``Ctrl-\`` as a shortcut to quit IPython.
  * Make ``get_ipython()`` accessible when modules are imported by startup files. :ghpull:`9818`
  * Add support for running directories containing a ```` file with the
    ``ipython`` command. :ghpull:`9813`
- Update to IPython 5.0
  + IPython 5 features a major upgrade to the terminal interface, bringing live
    syntax highlighting as you type, proper multiline editing and multiline paste,
    and tab completions that don't clutter up your history.
  + Backwards incompatible changes
  * The ``%install_ext`` magic function, deprecated since 4.0, has now been deleted.
    You can distribute and install extensions as packages on PyPI.
  * Callbacks registered while an event is being handled will now only be called
    for subsequent events; previously they could be called for the current event.
    Similarly, callbacks removed while handling an event *will* always get that
    event. See :ghissue:`9447` and :ghpull:`9453`.
  * Integration with pydb has been removed since pydb development has been stopped
    since 2012, and pydb is not installable from PyPI.
  * The ``autoedit_syntax`` option has apparently been broken for many years.
    It has been removed.
  * The overhaul of the terminal interface will probably cause a range of minor
    issues for existing users.
  * IPython no longer uses readline configuration (``~/.inputrc``). We hope that
    the functionality you want (e.g. vi input mode) will be available by configuring
    IPython directly (see :doc:`/config/options/terminal`).
  * The ``PromptManager`` class has been removed, and the prompt machinery simplified.
  * There are new options to configure the colours used in syntax highlighting.
    We have tried to integrate them with our classic  ``--colors`` option and
    ``%colors`` magic, but there's a mismatch in possibilities, so some configurations
    may produce unexpected results. See :ref:`termcolour` for more information.
  * The new interface is not compatible with Emacs 'inferior-shell' feature. To
    continue using this, add the ``--simple-prompt`` flag to the command Emacs
    runs. This flag disables most IPython features, relying on Emacs to provide
    things like tab completion.
  + Provisional Changes
  * When running via the Jupyter notebook interfaces, or other compatible client,
    you can enable rich documentation experimental functionality:
    When the ``docrepr`` package is installed setting the boolean flag
    ``InteractiveShell.sphinxify_docstring`` to ``True``, will process the various
    object through sphinx before displaying them (see the ``docrepr`` package
    documentation for more information.
  + Deprecated Features
  * ``hooks.fix_error_editor`` seems unused and is pending deprecation.
  * `IPython/core/` is  deprecated.
  * `IPython.core.InteractiveShell:write()` is deprecated; use `sys.stdout` instead.
  * `IPython.core.InteractiveShell:write_err()` is deprecated; use `sys.stderr` instead.
  * The `formatter` keyword argument to `` in `IPython.core.oinspec` has no effect.
  * The `global_ns` keyword argument of IPython Embed was deprecated, and has no effect. Use `module` keyword argument instead.
- Update to IPython 4.2
  * Fix ``ipython -i`` on errors, which was broken in 4.1.
  * The delay meant to highlight deprecated commands that have moved to jupyter has been removed.
  * Improve compatibility with future versions of traitlets and matplotlib.
  * Use stdlib :func:`python:shutil.get_terminal_size` to measure terminal width when displaying tracebacks
    (provided by ``backports.shutil_get_terminal_size`` on Python 2).
- Update to IPython 4.1.2
  * fixes installation issues with some versions of setuptools.
* Thu Mar 16 2017
- do not Recommend jupyter_nbconvert (which pulls in texlive)
* Wed Feb 17 2016
- specfile:
  * update copyright year
  * Simplify tests for determining whether to build pdf documentation
- update to version 4.1.1:
  * Backport #9209: Don't import IPython to check version number in
- Update to 4.1.0
  * Release February, 2016. IPython 4.1 contain mostly bug fixes.
    It though contain a few improvement.
  * IPython debugger (IPdb) now supports the number of context
    lines for the where (and w) commands. The context keyword is
    also available in various APIs. See PR :ghpull:`9097`
  * YouTube video will now show thumbnail when exported to a media
    that do not support video. (:ghpull:`9086`)
  * Add warning when running ipython <subcommand> when subcommand
    is deprecated. jupyter should now be used.
  * Code in %pinfo (also known as ??) are now highlighter
  * %aimport now support module completion. (:ghpull:`8884`)
  * ipdb output is now colored ! (:ghpull:`8842`)
  * Add ability to transpose columns for completion:
  * Many many docs improvements and bug fixes
- update to version 4.0.3:
  * Python 3.5 bug in that could crash during shutdown, triggered by
    deprecations in traitlets 4.1.
  * Typo in deprecation message for nbconvert
- update to version 4.0.2:
  * Fix backward-compatiblity shim for "IPython.Config", which
    should have been deprecated instead of removed. This will be
    removed in 5.0.
- update to version 4.0.1:
  * Installation on some systems
  * Compatibility with CPython 3.4.4
  * Compatibility with Qt5
* Thu Oct 01 2015
- Build documentation
  This is in a separate spec file to avoid dependency loops
- Obsolete IPython
- Split the iptest executable into its own subpackage
  This has a bunch of testing dependencies that are not otherwise
* Fri Aug 21 2015
- Add conflict with older versions of IPython
* Mon Aug 17 2015
- Initial version