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Change Logs

* Fri Nov 03 2017
- Explicitly require python2
- Provide naming consistent with python singlespec
- Do not use py_requires as it is not needed anymore
* Fri Feb 17 2017
- Eliminate ancient bundled headers from build procedure that
  caused ABI mismatches [boo#953017, boo#1022819, boo#1023841].
* Tue Feb 17 2015
- Devel package should also use a otherproviders() conflict type.
- Devel package has to require main package
* Mon Jan 12 2015
- Update to version
  * Bugfix release, see CHANGES.txt for details.
* Tue Sep 30 2014
- Update to version
  * Bugfix release, see CHANGES.txt for details.
* Thu Jul 31 2014
- Rename rpmlintrc to %{name}-rpmlintrc.
  Follow the packaging guidelines.
* Mon Oct 29 2012
- Branch new package for the new version: python-wxWidgets-2_9.
- Update to version
  * New branch.
  * Compatible with wxWidgets-2_9-2.9.4.
  * See CHANGES.txt for details.
- Copy wxWidgets includes in python-wxWidgets-2_9-extract-source.
* Fri Oct 26 2012
- Recommend lang package instead of Requires.
* Mon Apr 02 2012
- Update to version
  * Compatible with wxWidgets-2.8.12 (bnc#740950).
  * Added ToolTipString property to wx.Window.
  * Bug and typo fixes.
- Require exact version of wxWidgets for build and runtime
* Fri Mar 04 2011
- Provide symbol wxPython2.8-gtk2-unicode that is required by some
  third party packages.
* Wed Feb 16 2011
- Provide symbol wxPython as package did in past.
* Tue Dec 21 2010
- Rename package to python-wxWidgets to follow upstream base name.
- Split wxPython to a separate package.
- Spec file completely rewritten.
* Sun Aug 15 2010
-  Updated to version
  Adds Python 2.7 builds, PySlices, new pubsub implementation,
  lots of updates to AGW, and lots of bugs fixed.
-  Removed wxGTK-GSocket-clash.patch and wxGTK-editra-ebmlib.patch
  as already fixed.
* Tue Jun 15 2010
- Added --enable-graphics_ctx to fix Editra (bnc#580060).
- Added ebmlib file required by Editra (bnc#580060,
  patch from Salix).
* Mon Feb 22 2010
- build with PIC
* Thu Jan 28 2010
- Enabled media libraries (bnc#565039).
* Fri Sep 25 2009
- Disabled STL (bnc#530027). See also
- Removed obsolete RPATH.
- The GSocket symbol clash fix replaced by the upstream one.
* Thu Sep 17 2009
- fixed pth file to point to platlib
* Sat Sep 05 2009
- Fixed for the latest python package.
* Fri Aug 07 2009
- Updated to version
  * Incompatible change in wxTreeCtrl behaviour!
  * Added several functions forward compatible with wxWidgets 3.0.
  * Add wxBU_EXACTFIT support to wxToggleButton XRC handler.
  * wxHashMap::insert() doesn't update the value if it didn't
    insert the element any more.
  * Correct bug in wxTimeSpan::Format() for negative spans.
  * Correct several bugs in wxList using end() iterators.
  * Translation updates.
  * Fix wxURL::GetInputStream() for URLs with special characters in
  * Fix wxURI::GetUser() for URIs without password.
  * Correct wxDateTime DST computation for 2006 and later.
  * wxRTC: fixed a problem with HTML list generation.
  * wxRTC: no longer deletes a character when content is selected
  before pressing Delete.
  * wxRTC: fixed inability to select no superscript and no
  subscript in formatting dialog.
  * wxRTC: fixed centering and right-justification when combined
    with left indentation.
  * wxRTC: fixed lack of right margin when centering or
  * wxRTC: fixed wrong descent when wrapping lines with different
    font sizes.
  * wxRTC: fixed wrapping problem for long lines.
  * wxRTC: all buffer margins now respected.
  * wxRTC: Added wxRE_CENTRE_CARET to centre the caret line
  * Fixed wxHTML's pagebreaks computation in tables.
  * Fixed wxHtmlWindow::SelectionToText() to correctly insert
    newlines after single-cell paragraphs.
  * Fixed wxHTML's line breaks handling in <pre> blocks.
  * wxHTML: don't include extra whitespace in table cells.
  * Implemented wxWindow::DragAcceptFiles() on all platforms.
  * Added wxAUI_MGR_LIVE_RESIZE flag to wxAuiManager.
  * Use bitmap mask in wxSplashScreen.
  * Translate "(c)" and "(C)" to the real copyright sign in
  * Fix painting of highlight border for merged cells in wxGrid.
  * Fix handling of long lines in wxGridCellAutoWrapStringRenderer.
  * Return false from wxSingleInstanceChecker::IsAnotherRunning()
    if an error occurred while opening or reading the lock file.
  * Fixed printing to use fonts sizes adjustment consistent with
  * Make colours used by list, tree and status bar controls more
    consistent with the system theme settings.
  * Worked around bug in GTK+ < 2.14 where enabling some controls
    such as wxButton didn't re-enable sensitivity until the mouse
    was moved.