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Change Logs

Version: 3.1-bp152.1.12
* Tue Nov 19 2019 Todd R <>
- Update to version 3.1
  + Improvements:
  * Do not print or export hidden pages
  * Allow expressions in dataset of contour widget
  * Allow widgets to be excluded in key (thanks to Alexander Book)
  * Make bezier line better fit data
  * Switch linux binary from x86 -> x86-64 for better compatibility
  + Bug fixes:
  * Compilation fix for PyQt>=5.12 (thanks to Dimitry Shachnev)
  * Ensure fit settings are sorted in output file
  * Fix crash in contour labelling
  * Fix 3D axis crash bug
  * Fix problem with broken axis with null-sized regions
  * Fix issue with 0-sized images in image widget
  * Fix function widget crash with certain plotting range
  * Fix for axis crash with large magnitude ranges
  * Fix CSV importing issues for 2D and ND data
  * Fix zero division error in 2D import
  * Fix crash on importing HDF5 files with variable length text
  * Catch issue with zero range axes
  * Fix crash is using set in dataset expression
  * Fix crash when moving line coordinates
  * Remove deprecation warnings when compiling with recent Qt versions
* Mon Jul 29 2019 Todd R <>
- Drop broken python2 version.
* Fri Jun 14 2019 Atri Bhattacharya <>
- Disable builds for i586 as they no longer succeed.
Version: 3.0.1-bp151.1.4
* Mon Jul 23 2018
- Update to version 3.0.1
  * Adds 3D support
  * Adds SVG DPI options
  * Arbitrary page lists can be exported
  * Fix zoom for polar, ternary and broken axis plots
  * Fix image embedding
  * Fix fractions and percentages units in polar plot
  * Prevent crash in point picker with non-finite points
  * Adds --export-option command line option
  * Fixes for arrow positions
  * Support datetime64 and string characters in npy/npz
- Re-enable tests, as no longer needs Xvfb
- Use -fno-strict-aliasing for python2
Version: 2.1.1-bp150.1.3
* Sun Dec 10 2017
- Update to verion 2.1.1
  + Bug fixes:
  - Fixes an error when exporting a plot with dotted/dashed
    lines to EMF format.
  - Errors when using dataset, tools or import plugins are
  - Command line argument handling has been rewritten, fixing an
    encoding issue in Windows where some filenames (e.g.
    Chinese) would not open when double-clicked.
  - Splash screen is now hidden after a time period, so it does
    not obscure dialog boxes.
  - Reintroduce code to use the deprecated sipconfig if possible
    when building to get details of the SIP installation.
- Build against PyQt5; adapt BuildRequires/Requires appropriately.
- Drop manually setting exec permissions to appropriate files;
  these are now taken care of by the installer.
- Temporarily disable tests for x86_64: they get indefinitely
  stuck for unknown reasons, while tests for i586 succeeds without
* Fri Aug 11 2017
- Implement singlespec version
- Fix shebangs
* Tue May 16 2017
- Update to version 1.26.1:
  + Change homepage in program to new site
  + Change new version checking to use
- Update URL to new veusz home page, and source URL to github
  release tarball.
* Mon May 15 2017
- Update to version 1.26:
  + Add color themes and automatic coloring of widgets.
  + Custom color definitions.
  + Improved custom definition dialog box.
  + Fix loading translator via command line.
  + Show horizontal error lines/fills in key.
  + Use iMinuit if available for fitting.
  + Fix for dataset plugins returning nD datasets.
  + Add editable automatic axis range, including support for
    shrinking range (-X%), percentage ranges (X-Y%) and limits
    (<X% and >Y%).
  + Fix for key if invalid dataset.
  + For log scaling on image widget, show invalid values as being
* Tue Jan 17 2017
- Update to version 1.25.1:
  + Remove left in print statement and fix comment.
- Changes from version 1.25:
  * Features:
    + Add n-dimensional dataset support
    + Add GetColormap command to return RGBA values
    + Add Colormap sequence plugin for choosing colors of widgets
    + Fill above/below setting shown in key for xy widget
    + Add Covariance widget for plotting covariance ellipses
    + Add lineup, linedown, lineleft and lineright markers
    + Add lineup, linedown and lineextend arrows
  * Bug fixes:
    + Fix pick indices if non-finite values in data
    + Fix drag and drop of files into Veusz on Windows
    + Raise exception if functions in console request input, avoiding
    + Initialise unsafe_mode, in case Veusz used in PyQt embedding
    + Fix crash if setting default setting in default setting window
    + Fix crash in Clone() command on python3
- Drop all Xvfb related definitions; we are not installing the
  GUI and not running %check for python2 builds any more.
* Wed Aug 03 2016
- Drop the GUI application (this is still available from the
  python3 compiled version python3-veusz), leaving only the python
* Fri Jul 15 2016
- Move all application related files to subpackage veusz, leaving
  only actualy python modules in the python-veusz pkg.
- Hardlink icons from pixmaps/veusz to hicolor-icon-theme, as
  symlinked icons lead to appstream-builder being unable to
  detect them and vetoes the application consequently.
* Sat May 07 2016
- Update to version 1.24:
  + Text labels can now include Python expressions inside %{{ }}%
  + Added built-in functions DATE([fmt]), TIME([fmt]), FILENAME()
    and BASENAME() when evaluating expressions, which are useful
    when used in labels
  + Added Python dictionary ENVIRON when evaluating expressions,
    to obtain values from environment variables
  + Added DATA(name, [part]) function to expression environment
    for accessing values from datasets, useful for function
    evaluation or labels
  + Added SETTING(path) function for expression evaluation to
    obtain values of settings
  + Added ESCAPE(text) function to environment, which allows LaTeX
    special characters to be displayed in labels
  + Add fractions and percentages units to polar plot
  + Allow number of spokes to be varied in polar plot
  + Widgets can be clicked holding down shift or ctrl, to add or
    toggle their selection
  + Add K. Moreland's cool-warm colormap (thanks to S. Richardson)
  + Added further green-map, blue-darkred, blue-darkorange,
    brown-blue and blue-orange colormaps from Oregon geography
  + Add logarithm and exponential dataset plugins
  + Add Wipe() command to embedding interface to clear document
  + Add File->Reload menu option to reload from saved document
  + Add tooltip to items in FieldWidget showing widget path
  + Bux fixes:
  - Fix transparency with bar plot
  - Use getcwdu() for python2 to avoid bugs combining paths
  - Handle inf/nan when converting to human readable form in plots
  - Fix CreateHistogram on command line without binparams
  - Handle empty 2D dataset import with grid at edge enabled
  - Do not allow error bars on imported CSV non-numeric data
  - Handle missing argument in \size
  - For data edit dialog, allow 1D dataset to replace 2D dataset
  - Crash if zoom to be height when height is zero
  - Fix problem with 2D import if error message is in unicode
  - With axis-function widget catch result if greater than 1
  - Fix cloning for datasets with / in name
  - Fix crash in embedding if plot window closed while rendering
    in progress
  + Clean up mess (__pycache__ dirs containing python object files
  without corresponding sources) after %clean.
* Sun Apr 03 2016
- Add BuildRequires and Requires on python-h5py: enables the
  hdf5 data import module in the application.
- Run specfile through "spec-cleaner -m" for cleanup.
* Fri Jun 19 2015
- Update to version 1.23.1:
  + Enable compression in exported files.
  + Fix saving histogram datasets.
  + Add option to "thin" error bars plotted.
  + Fix label colour in contour labelling.
  + Remove use of deprecated Qt functions.
  + Fix clone widget tools plugin.
  + Fix EPS/PDF crash with broken axis widget.
  + Do not crash filter plugin if using date datatype.
  + Avoid crashes in normalise, subtract minimum and divide
    maximum plugins.
  + Avoid crash in image widget.
  + Avoid issue in identifying spacing in 1D->2D conversion.
  + Add Gnuplot 2D data import plugin.
  + When loading data from import plugins, provide default values.
  + Remove some deprecated Qt uses.
  + Fix issue when plotting non-plain datasets with nan values.
* Sun Apr 19 2015
- Update to version 1.23:
  + Add new export dialog box which can export multiple pages and
    modify the export options.
  + Add new dataset filtering dialog.
  + Add cubehelix() functional colormap.
  + Add -stepN suffix for colormaps to make arbitrary numbers of
  + Fix incorrect colors in log images and log color scales.
  + Fix unsafe commands not being run.
  + Fix incorrect use of None in (x,...) pattern.
  + Catch crash if plotting nan/inf value in log space.
  + Fix getData in dataset plugin for dimensions=2
  + Catch error in too large float to date time conversion.
  + Catch disappeared file during import.
  + Index error fixed in pickable.
  + Catch error in data edit dialog if 2d dataset size changes.
  + If root widget is selected with others, do not error on hide.
  + Fix undo for dataset histogram with a single output dataset.
  + Fix error resizing ellipse with a tuple width, height or
    position setting.
  + Only use finite values in histogram.
  + Rewrite Line/FillSet setting controls for internal consistency
    and to fix new style extended fills.
  + Do not crash with log date-time axes.
  + Also ignore non-finite values when fitting with minuit.
  + Avoid syntax error with invalid colormap.
  + Updates to and desktop files.
  + Recreate dataset now works if dialog hasn't been opened
  + Restore dock layout when using Python3
  + Fix undo after loading stylesheet/custom definitions.
  + Support unicode example filenames.
  + Clip bezier lines to avoid problems with log axes.
* Mon Mar 02 2015
- Reorganize files so the python 2 and python 3 versions of the
  package do not conflict
- Split gui stuff into veusz subpackage per python package naming
* Sun Oct 19 2014
- Update to version 1.22:
  + Add option to ignore white space following delimiters when
    importing CSVs
  + Allow x/yedge and x/ycent to be inverted to change data order
    when import 2D data
  + Rewrite of widget tree internals to fix miscellaneous bugs
  + Optionally use astropy for SAMP
  + Add setting to extend the python import path
  + Add option to select widgets with same name on page
  + Resize rectangular shapes keeping other corners fixed; old
    symmetric resize behaviour is retained if shift is pressed.
* Sat Aug 30 2014
- Update to version 1.21.1:
  + Add swap option on keys, swapping symbol and text
  + Bug fixes:
  - Fix missing labels if colorbar out of plot
  - Preserve tags when reloading datasets
  - Handle nan/inf/-inf when as value in UI
  - Remove dependence on pyqtconfig in build system
  - Handle errors properly in 2D CSV read
  - Do not crash if selecting siblings of document widget
  - Fix accidental modification of data by line widget
  - Improve PDF bounding box rounding to prevent chopping near
  - Fix function plotter in embedding
  - Fix astropy version checking
  - Fix crash for error bar in CSV with blank previous column
- Drop python-veusz-test-disable-contour_labels.patch; patch
  incorporated upstream.
* Sun May 04 2014
- Update to version 1.21:
  + Add HDF5 saved document format
  + Add filled curve error bar style
  + Add fill left/right options for point plotter
  + Add filetype filters to import dialog file browser dialog
  + In file completer in import dialog, use selected tab as filter
  + Move code to use PyQt new style signals
  + Add a master color setting for xy point and nonorthpoint plot
  + Line labelling algorithm much improved in contour plots, which
    rotates text to match line angle and avoids label overlaps
  + More accurate axis tick label bounding boxes, allowing rotated
    labels to be placed close together
  + Add reflection and rotation options to vector field widget
  + Switch to scientific notation earlier when showing float
  + Bug fix:
  - Direction combo did not work in import dialog
  - Saving text datasets did not work in Python3
  - Fix partial dataset evaluation issue when loading documents
  - 2D non-regular pixel spaced images give error if clipped in
  - Handle Unicode quoted characters in simple text data files
  - xcent/ycent in Dataset2D import plugins were ignored
  - promote_tab broken for import plugins
  - Full screen view when all pages are deleted
  - Crash with empty dataset and boxplot widget
  - Fix copy and paste of datasets
  - Python 3 resizing axis bug
  - Crash if picking/zooming on document with no pages
  - Crash if reediting histogram dataset with blank output entry
  - Use end of text formatting string beyond format specifier
  - When writing SVG text as text, use xml:space="preserve" to
    avoid missing whitespace
  - Embedding socket issue on Python 3.4+
- Add python-veusz-test-disable-contour_labels.patch to disable a
  test that unnecessarily causes build failures; patch came from
* Wed Feb 12 2014
- Update to version 1.20.1:
  + Include free-desktop appdata, MIME and desktop files
  + When plotting xy widget filled error regions, plot line on top
  + Bug-fixes:
  - Fix embedding interface startup problem in 1.20
  - Additional embedding interface fixes for Python 3
  - Fix crash in tutorial if flashing widget deleted
  - Fix polar plot crash with reverse minumum and maximum radii
  - Fix crash when changing range of broken axes interactively
  - Fix object deletion crash in setting menu
  - Check output dataset is not same as an input for histograms
  - Fix for compilation on Qt 4.6
  - Catch socket errors on embed client
  - Fixes for formatting strings, including fixes for arguments
    of the extended %Vg format and properly supporting %%
  - When restoring window position, do not restore offscreen
- Packaging changes:
  + Drop macros for EOL openSUSE versions in spec file
  + Upstream bundles desktop and MIME files, install these
    instead of external desktop and MIME files (use
    desktop-file-install to add categories to .desktop file)
  + Also package appdata bundled with upstream tarball.
* Fri Jan 17 2014
- Update to version 1.20:
  + Add HDF5 file data import
  + Allow expressions to be edited for linked 2D datasets
  + Add support for 2D datasets with irregular gridpoints
  + Add 2D data CSV import
  + Allow safe renaming of linked datasets
  + Support importing text from FITS files
  + Bug fixes:
  - When capturing data from a file/named pipe, do not stop
    when no more data are available
  - Fixes mangling of text in saved files using Windows binary
  - Fix encoding for standard file import
  - Fix FITS import for python3
* Fri Nov 29 2013
- Update to 1.19.1:
  + Add option to disable scaling of marker border with point
  + Implement label at-minimum/at-maximum for ternary plot
  + Add border and background fill settings for text label widget
  + Enable FITS support with astropy
  + Bug fixes:
  - Fix broken drag and drop in documents
  - Fix deleted C/C++ object crash when using undo and in
  - Fix compilation in MSVC for Python 3
  - Remove warning/error in compilation in gcc in SUSE
  - Add Python version classifiers
  - Fix document icons in Windows binary
  - Error bars can be plotted incorrectly for histogrammed data
- Drop python-veusz-fix-histogram-errorbars.patch; fix
  incorporated by upstream.
* Wed Nov 27 2013
- Add python-veusz-fix-histogram-errorbars.patch to fix bnc#852537
  (upstream bug gh#jeremysanders/veusz#49) which led to incorrect
  bars for histograms; patch taken from upstream and applied to
  fit version 1.19.
* Mon Nov 18 2013
- Update to version 1.19:
  + Make code compatible with python3
  + Separation of python module and resources in source package
    (packagers may need to consult INSTALL)
  + Move to v2 of PyQt API
  + Remove deprecated numpy API from helpers module
  + Allow FITS dataset names to be blank if prefix/suffix are not
  + New ast-based code security checker
  + Picker uses 1-based index for consistency
  + Allow non-text datasets to be used for labels
  + Add number->text conversion dataset plugin
  + Add binning dataset plugin
  + Add notes properties to document, pages and graphs
  + Allow more significant figures in float values
  + Intelligent choice of significant figures when interactively
    changing axis range
  + Decrease minimum range of axis
  + Add notes setting to document, pages and graphs
  + Bug fixes:
  - Fix crash if other linked axis not initialized
  - Fix crash if trying to edit non-editable datasets
  - Make ignore exception work in error reporting dialog
  - Renaming datasets, widgets and editing data now allow
    original text to be edited, rather than being cleared
  - Fix line positions on broken axes
  + Packaging changes:
  - Implement %check section for self tests (requires
    xorg-x11-server) as recommended by upstream
  - Use symlinks for resources (icons, etc.) wherever possible
    instead of editing source-code to modify resource directory
  - Also install COPYING file in package's resource directory
    (otherwise the About dialog of the application fails to
    display the license).