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A full-featured console (xterm et al.) user interface library


Urwid is a console user interface library. It includes many features useful for text console application developers including:

  • Applications resize quickly and smoothly
  • Automatic, programmable text alignment and wrapping
  • Simple markup for setting text attributes within blocks of text
  • Powerful list box with programmable content for scrolling all widget types
  • Your choice of event loops: Twisted, Glib or built-in select-based loop
  • Pre-built widgets include edit boxes, buttons, check boxes and radio buttons
  • Display modules include raw, curses, and experimental LCD and web displays
  • Support for UTF-8, simple 8-bit and CJK encodings
  • 256 and 88 color mode support
  • Python 3.2 support

License: LGPL-2.1+



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2.0.1-bp152.2.16 info GA Release 2020-04-17 15 SP2