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Change Logs

* Sat Aug 11 2018
- Really run the tests
* Tue Jul 04 2017
- update to 2.3.0:
  * Release 2.3.0
  * Add ResourcedToStreamDecorator test result decorator for testresources integration (#243)
  * Make KeysEqual usable with no arguments, i.e. match a dict with no keys. (#241)
  * Add testtools.assertions to the documented API modules (#257)
  * Add Python 3.6 to the list of Travis targets (#255)
  * Don't add file details without content (#252)
  * Don't run Sphinx on Travis Python 3.3 target (#250)
  * Make twistedsupport and tests work on Python 3
* Fri Apr 14 2017
- Use singlespec macros where possible to simplify spec file.
* Sat Apr 08 2017
- Split documentation and tests into separate .spec file to avoid
  dependency cycle with python-extras/python-testrepositories.
* Sun Apr 02 2017
- Converted to single-spec
- Added doc subpackage
* Mon Feb 27 2017
- BuildRequires also using extras>=1.0.0
* Thu Sep 01 2016
- Use as Source url
* Tue Aug 30 2016
- update to 2.2.0:
  * Release 2.2.0
  * Depend on the extras 1.0.0 release
  * Unbreak fixtures test suite / use of gather_details
  * UTF-8 encode Twisted logs (allenap)
  * Use inlineCallbacks instead of deferredGenerator
  * Fix _lp_release: NEXT is case sensitive
  * Release 2.1.0
  * Correct docs for skip deprecation
  * Add matchers for detecting emitted warnings
  * Revert usage of pyrsistent
  * Add unique_text_generator
  * Become compatible with newer Fixtures _setUp() API
  * Better handling of KeyboardInterrupt
  * Fix example in docstring for `failed`
  * Move all Twisted code to twistedsupport package
  * Revert "Move all Twisted code to twistedsupport package"
  * Move all Twisted code to twistedsupport package
  * Add Always & Never matchers
  * Support TestResults without stop/shouldStop
  * Stop using deprecated `skip()` internally
  * Release 2.0.0
  * Options for logging in AsynchronousDeferredRunTest
  * Twisted tests now pass under --debug-stacktraces
  * Decouple log handling from Deferred wrangling
  * Fix typo: flexability
  * Review tweaks
  * Drop support for Python 2.6 and 3.2
  * Release 1.9.0
  * Missed one
  * 19.4.1 refers to importlib machinery. Avoid that
  * See if setuptools 19.5 is bad
  * PIP_VERSION is used by pip itself
  * Correct spelling of 'less than 8', maybe
  * Use only pip 7.* on pypy3 & py3.2
  * Longer timeout not necessary
  * NEWS update
  * Handle case where Deferred fires after timeout
  * Explicitly separate fake stop method
  * Lint & copyright
  * NO_RESULT -> has_no_result
  * Make twistedsupport a package
  * Rename `successful` to `succeeded`
  * Improve NEWS
  * Conditionally import matchers
  * Use non-inplace install and add a comment
  * New module for twisted support code
  * Minor documentation tweaks
  * Make no_result a constant
  * Style & documentation tweaks from review
  * Review tweaks
  * Import extract_result from correct location
  * expectThat works under AsynchronousDeferredRunTest
  * Correct string literal syntax
  * Avoid .format
  * Give up on some TODOs
  * Maybe we need to install our thing?
  * Add requirements for readthedocs
  * Move non-matcher code to _deferred
  * Nicer links
  * Link to Twisted API docs
  * More todos
  * Documentation with examples
  * Pass the Deferred to the handlers
  * Docstring formatting
  * Use _on_deferred_result in _NoResult
  * Make _on_deferred_result transparent to Deferred
  * Extract common Deferred logic
  * Use same error messages as Twisted
  * Matcher for Deferreds that have failed
  * TODOs & XXXs
  * successResultOf equivalent
  * Docstring formatting
  * Docstring
  * Move formatting to exception
  * Extract `extract_result`
  * Matcher for no result
  * Actually use `skipException`
  * NEWS update
  * Suppress skip traceback based on skipException
  * Deprecate Python 2.6
  * Actually use pformat in errors
  * Deterministic test
  * NEWS update
  * NEWS update
  * Factor out counting
  * ids has no apostrophe
  * Lint
  * Collect all duplicate test id's before raise
  * Document checking release milestone before release
  * Don't need our own assertRaisesRegexp
  * Clarify the tests
  * Add assertRaisesRegexp method
  * Document early evaluation of details
  * Update NEWS
  * Deprecate TestCase.skip
  * Deprecate _BinaryMismatch.{expected,observed}
  * Make sure reference and actual align
  * Put expected on the right for binary mismatch
  * Fix typo
  * Support Python 3.5, announce deprecation 3.2
  * API docs for deferredruntest
  * Need Deferred reference
  * Remove scare warnings from deferredruntest
  * Documentation tweaks
  * Move Twisted docs to separate file
  * Better error message for MatchesListwise
  * NEWS update
  * Clarify some things
  * Move _cleanups reset to _reset
  * Rewrite patch tests using make_test_case
  * `throw` helper
  * Rewrite addCleanup tests in terms of make_test_case
  * Use method for value, to avoid `self` weirdness
  * Move useful matchers to helper module
  * Move unique_id_gen to reset
  * Clean up comments
  * No need for special case
  * Get pre_set_up & post_tear_down from scenario
  * Spell setUp consistently
  * Allow pre setUp & post tearDown to be set
  * Complete suite of tests
  * Encapsulate construction
  * Start to use generated behaviors
  * Wrap the constructor, hide the class
  * Handle more test bodies
  * Begin implementing full matrix
  * Easy review comments
  * 15.5.0 claims to support Python 2.6 but does not
  * Run tests on last Twisted version to support 2.6
  * Latest Twisted doesn't run on Python 2.6
  * Non-deterministic test case
  * Simplify cleanup code
  * Rename all_sample_cases_scenarios to deterministic_sample_cases_scenarios
  * Treat tear down failure as a scenario
  * Begin to write scenario-based tests
  * Split run twice tests to separate case
  * Acquire testscenarios as a dependency
  * Fix travis :(
  * Add testscenarios for use by tests
  * Handle failure in tearDown
  * Test _run_teardown, rather than tearDown
  * Allow tests to be run twice
  * Don't use private APIs
  * Update NEWS for 1.8.1
  * Hide TestRecord and StreamToTestRecord
  * Old-fashioned set syntax
  * Abstract text_or_bytes
  * Add pyrsistent dependency to Travis CI
  * Change PRecord to PClass
  * Move test_dict_to_case near StreamToDict
  * Don't use StreamToDict internally
  * _streamer -> _hook
  * StreamSummary with composition, not inheritance
  * Extract StreamToTestRecord base class
  * Move _make_content_type closer to where it is used
  * Put to_test_case logic on TestRecord
  * Make _status_map persistent
  * Move test_dict_to_case closer to test_dict definition
  * Remove temporary variable 'case'
  * Extract got_file
  * Extract got_timestamp function
  * Move creation logic to TestRecord itself
  * Actually use TestRecord internally
  * Extract methods for making and updating record
  * Extract _make_content_type
  * Use `case` consistently, over `_inprogress[key]`
  * Use name for interim states
  * Aspirational documentation
  * Remove VWS
  * Update PlaceHolder indentation
  * Restore & deprecate domap
  * Spell out `f` and `xs`
  * Drop `__metaclass__` declaration
  * Document confusing `domap`
  * Remove duplicate implementation of method
  * Allow event_log to be passed to result doubles
  * Fix lint in testresult.real
  * Lint clear-up
  * Uncap test matrix entries for modern Twisted
  * Fix Travis matrix.include
  * Only run Twisted tests on Python 2
  * Test with Twisted 13.0.0/15.2.0
  * Port twisted.deferredruntest to Twisted >= 15.1.0
  * Update hacking documentation
  * Fix tests with unittest2 1.1.0 and higher
  * Programmatically declare test dependencies
  * Fix the call to the parent setup
  * Release 1.8.0
  * Switch to pbr as a build system
  * Add some custom matchers to make deferred log tests more readable
  * Simplify AsynchronousDeferredRunTest._run_core's StringIO handling
  * Rewind the deferred test log before attaching it
  * Open 1.8.0 for dev
  * Release 1.7.1
  * Clamp Sphinx below 1.3 for travis on pypy3/3.2
  * Fix pypy3 tests by using ceil when reporting duration
  * Fix building universal wheels on Python 3
  * Open next version
  * Release 1.7.0
  * Fix output of empty attachments
  * Open 1.7.0 again
  * Bug #1430076 fix installing when extras is not installed
  * Opening 1.7.0 for development
  * Release 1.6.0
  * Overhaul exception reporting
- Adjust Requires according to requirements.txt
* Mon Dec 01 2014
- fix typo in last change
* Mon Dec 01 2014
- Update to version 1.5.0:
  * When an import error happens ```` will now show the full
    error rather than just the name of the module that failed to import.
    (Robert Collins)
  * ``testtools.TestCase`` now inherits from unittest2.TestCase, which
    provides a ``setUpClass`` for upcalls on Python 2.6.
    (Robert Collins, #1393283)
  * Fixed our to use setup_requires to ensure the import dependencies
    for testtools are present before runs (as imports testtools
    to read out the version number). (Robert Collins)
  * Support setUpClass skipping with self.skipException. Previously this worked
    with unittest from 2.7 and above but was not supported by testtools - it was
    a happy accident. Since we now hard depend on unittest2, we need to invert
    our exception lookup priorities to support it. Regular skips done through
    raise self.skipException will continue to work, since they were always caught
    in our code - its because the suite type being used to implement setUpClass
    has changed that an issue occured.
    (Robert Collins, #1393068)
  * Correctly express our unittest2 dependency: we don't work with old releases.
    (Robert Collins)
  * Depends on unittest2 for discovery functionality and the ``TestProgram`` base
    class. This brings in many fixes made to discovery where previously we were
    only using the discovery package or the version in the release of Python
    that the test execution was occuring on. (Robert Collins, #1271133)
  * Fixed unit tests which were failing under pypy due to a change in the way
    pypy formats tracebacks. (Thomi Richards)
  * Fixed the testtools test suite to run correctly when run via ``unit2``
    or `` discover``.
  * Make `testtools.content.text_content` error if anything other than text
    is given as content. (Thomi Richards)
* Tue Sep 16 2014
- update to version 1.1.0:
  * Exceptions in a ``fixture.getDetails`` method will no longer mask errors
    raised from the same fixture's ``setUp`` method.
    (Robert Collins, #1368440)
  * Fix a long-standing bug where tearDown and cleanUps would not be called if
    the test run was interrupted. This should fix leaking external resources
    from interrupted tests.
    (Robert Collins, #1364188)
  * Fix a long-standing bug where calling sys.exit(0) from within a test would
    cause the test suite to exit with 0, without reporting a failure of that
    test. We still allow the test suite to be exited (since catching higher
    order exceptions requires exceptional circumstances) but we now call a
    last-resort handler on the TestCase, resulting in an error being
    reported for the test.
    (Robert Collins, #1364188)
  * Fix an issue where tests skipped with the ``skip``* family of decorators
    would still have their ``setUp`` and ``tearDown`` functions called.
    (Thomi Richards, #
  * We have adopted a formal backwards compatibility statement (see hacking.rst)
    (Robert Collins)
  * _jython_aware_splitext was not defined entirely compatibly.
    (Robert Collins, #
  * Discovery import error detection wasn't implemented for python 2.6 (the
    'discover' module). (Robert Collins)
  * Discovery now executes load_tests (if present) in __init__ in all packages.
    (Robert Collins,
  * ``stdout`` is now correctly honoured on ``run.TestProgram`` - before the
    runner objects would be created with no stdout parameter. If construction
    fails, the previous parameter list is attempted, permitting compatibility
    with Runner classes that don't accept stdout as a parameter.
    (Robert Collins)
  * The ``ExtendedToStreamDecorator`` now handles content objects with one less
    packet - the last packet of the source content is sent with EOF set rather
    than an empty packet with EOF set being sent after the last packet of the
    source content. (Robert Collins)
  * Error if ``setUp`` or ``tearDown`` are called twice.
    (Robert Collins, #882884)
  * Make testtools compatible with the ``unittest.expectedFailure`` decorator in
    Python 3.4. (Thomi Richards)
* Wed Jan 29 2014
- update to 0.9.35:
  * Removed a number of code paths where Python 2.4 and Python 2.5 were
    explicitly handled. (Daniel Watkins)
  * Added the ``testtools.TestCase.expectThat`` method, which implements
    delayed assertions. (Thomi Richards)
  * Docs are now built as part of the Travis-CI build, reducing the chance of
    Read The Docs being broken accidentally. (Daniel Watkins, #1158773)
* Mon Jan 13 2014
- update to 0.9.34:
  * Added ability for ``testtools.TestCase`` instances to force a test to
  fail, even if no assertions failed. (Thomi Richards)
  * Added ``testtools.content.StacktraceContent``, a content object that
  automatically creates a ``StackLinesContent`` object containing the current
  stack trace. (Thomi Richards)
  * ``AnyMatch`` is now exported properly in ``testtools.matchers``.
  (Robert Collins, Rob Kennedy, github #44)
  * Network tests now bind to to avoid (even temporary) network
  visible ports. (Benedikt Morbach, github #46)
* Sun Nov 17 2013
- Update to version 0.9.33
  + Added ``addDetailuniqueName`` method to ``testtools.TestCase`` class.
  + Removed some unused code from ``testtools.content.TracebackContent``.
  + Added ``testtools.StackLinesContent``: a content object for displaying
    pre-processed stack lines.
  + ``StreamSummary`` was calculating testsRun incorrectly: ``exists`` status
    tests were counted as run tests, but they are not.
- Remove unwanted hidden file from documentation generated with Sphinx
* Thu Aug 08 2013
- Revert back
* Thu Aug 08 2013
- Totally disable testing to bootstrap ppc64. Actually the build conditional is
  supposed to do just that.
* Tue Jun 25 2013
- Introduce a build conditional for running tests to break build cycle
  with python-extras
* Fri Jun 21 2013
- Use upstream URL
- Run testsuite
- Update to version 0.9.32:
  + Stacktrace filtering no longer hides unittest frames that are surrounded by
    user frames. We will reenable this when we figure out a better algorithm for
    retaining meaning. (Robert Collins, #1188420)
  + The compatibility code for skipped tests with unittest2 was broken.
    (Robert Collins, #1190951)
  + Various documentation improvements (Clint Byrum, Xiao Hanyu).
- Changes from version 0.9.31:
  + ExpectedException now accepts a msg parameter for describing an error,
    much the same as assertEquals etc. (Robert Collins)
* Mon May 06 2013
- add python-mmimeparse dependency
* Tue Apr 23 2013
- Fix source URL; packages are available on