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Change Logs

Version: 1.12.0-bp150.2.4
* Tue May 01 2018
- Update to v1.12.0
  + ansible: fix compatibility with ansible 2.5
  + pip: fix compatibility with pip 10
- Update to v1.11.1
  + Socket: fix error with old versions of ss without the
  - -no-header option
- Update to v1.11.0
  + Fix bad error reporting when using ansible module without
    ansible backend
  + Socket: add a new implementation using ss instead of netstat
  + Add service, process, and systeminfo support for Alpine
- Update to v1.10.1
  + Fix get_variables() for ansible>=2.0,<2.4
  + Paramiko: Use the RequireTTY setting if specified in a
    provided SSHConfig
- Update to v1.10.0
  + New iptables module
- Update to v1.9.1
  + Fix running testinfra within a suite using doctest (#268)
  + Service: add is_valid method for systemd
  + Fix file.linked_to() for Mac OS
- Update to v1.9.0
  + Interface: allow to find 'ip' command ousite of PATH
  + Fix --nagios option with python 3
- Update to v1.8.0
  + Deprecate testinfra command (will be dropped in 2.0), use
    py.test instead.
  + Handle --nagios option when using py.test command
- Update to v1.7.1
  + Support for ansible 2.4
- Update to v1.7.0
  + Salt: allow specifiy config directory
  + Add a WinRM backend
  + Socket: ipv6 sockets can handle ipv4 clients
  + Service: Enhance upstart detection
* Mon Aug 28 2017
- Update to v1.6.5
  + Service: add is_enabled() support for OpenBSD
  + Add ssh identity file option for paramiko and ssh backends
  + Expand tilde (~) to user home directory for ssh-config,
    ssh-identity-file and ansible-inventory options
- Update to v1.6.4
  + Service: Allow to find 'service' command outside of $PATH #211
  + doc fixes
- Update to v1.6.3
  + Fix unwanted deprecation warning when running tests with
    pytest 3.1 #204
- Update to v1.6.2
  + Fix wheel package for 1.6.1
* Wed May 17 2017
- Initial release (v1.6.1)