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Change Logs

* Thu Oct 17 2019 Michael Vetter <>
- Update to 19.2.0:
  Backward-incompatible changes:
  * Python 3.4 is not supported anymore. It has been unsupported by
    the Python core team for a while now and its PyPI downloads are negligible.
    It's very unlikely that structlog will break under 3.4 anytime soon,
    but we don't test it anymore.
  * Full Python 3.8 support for structlog.stdlib.
  * Added more pass-through properties to structlog.stdlib.BoundLogger.
    To makes it easier to use it as a drop-in replacement for logging.Logger. #198
  * structlog.stdlib.ProcessorFormatter now takes a logger object as an
    optional keyword argument. This makes ProcessorFormatter work properly
    with stuctlog.stdlib.filter_by_level(). #219
  * now uses no colors by default, if
    colorama is not available. #215
  * now initializes colorama lazily, to
    prevent accidental side-effects just by importing structlog. #210
  * Added new processor that will set
    exc_info=True if the method's name is exception and exc_info isn't
    set at all. This is only necessary when the standard library integration
    is not used. It fixes the problem that in the default configuration,
    structlog.get_logger().exception("hi") in an except block would not print the
    exception without passing exc_info=True to it explicitly. #130, #173, #200, #204
  * A best effort has been made to make as much of structlog pickleable as possible
    to make it friendlier with multiprocessing and similar libraries.
    Some classes can only be pickled on Python 3 or using the dill library
    though and that is very unlikely to change.
  * So far, the configuration proxy, structlog.processor.TimeStamper,
    structlog.BoundLogger, structlog.PrintLogger and
    have been made pickelable. Please report if you need any another class fixed. #126
  * Added a new thread-local API that allows binding values to a thread-local
    context explicitly without affecting the default behavior of bind(). #222, #225
  * Added pass_foreign_args argument to structlog.stdlib.ProcessorFormatter.
    It allows to pass a foreign log record's args attribute to the event
    dictionary under the positional_args key. #228
  * now calls str() on the event value. #221
* Tue Apr 02 2019
- Update to 19.1.0:
  * structlog.ReturnLogger and structlog.PrintLogger now have
    a fatal() log method. #181
  * Under certain (rather unclear) circumstances, the frame
    extraction could throw an SystemError: error return without
    exception set. A workaround has been added. #174
  * structlog now tolerates passing through dicts to stdlib
    logging. #187 #188 #189
- Use pytest macro
* Thu Nov 29 2018
- Fix source address and add missing source.
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Karol Babioch <>
- Version update to 18.2.0
  * Added structlog.stdlib.add_log_level_number() processor that adds the level
    number to the event dictionary. Can be used to simplify log filtering.
  * structlog.processors.JSONRenderer now allows for overwriting the default
    argument of its serializer.
  * Added try_unbind() that works like unbind() but doesn't raise a KeyError if
    one of the keys is missing. #171
* Tue Jul 31 2018
- Initial packaging of version 18.1.0