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Change Logs

* Mon Feb 26 2018
* Pass output to output.make\_result() in stestr load
  * Remove 32bit windows testing CI config
  * Add functional test for analyze-isolation flag
  * Fetch the data from last run earlier
  * Fix the stestr run --analyze-isolation flag
  * Remove contributor docs for using reno
  * Fix stestr load from stdin
  * Add test\_return\_codes check for valid subunit output
  * Respect all selection mechanisms for discovery check
  * Fix .testr.conf parsing: test path follows discover
  * Fix if logic on output types in stestr load
  * Add a --abbreviate flag to stestr run and load
  * Add missing run command to stestr manual
  * Print just error message when no stestr repo
  * Fix whitelist arg usage in stestr run
  * Drop reno
  * Add missing home-page
  * Fix: pass the top\_dir parameter to the 'list' command
  * Fix: pass the test\_path parameter to the 'list' command
  * Update MANUAL.rst
  * Update the trove classifiers
  * Use context managers for file open()
  * Ensure we always close files in file repository
  * Create a Code of Conduct for the project
  * Fix coveralls collection
* Thu Sep 14 2017
- initial packaging (version 1.0.0)