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Change Logs

* Wed Dec 19 2018 Matej Cepl <>
- Fix description and summary
* Wed Oct 17 2018 Thomas Bechtold <>
- Initial packaging (version 2.4.4)
Version: 2.10.0-bp152.1.5
* Thu Mar 26 2020 Marketa Calabkova <>
- update to 2.10.0
  * Support for add_to_queue
  * Add CHANGELOG and LICENSE to released package
* Tue Mar 17 2020
- version update to 2.9.0
  * Support `position_ms` optional parameter in `start_playback`
  * Add `requests_timeout` parameter to authentication methods
  * Make cache optional in `get_access_token`
  * Support for `playlist_cover_image`
  * Support `after` and `before` parameter in `current_user_recently_played`
  * CI for unit tests
  * Automatic `token` refresh
  * `auth_manager` and `oauth_manager` optional parameters added to `Spotify`'s init.
  * Optional `username` parameter to be passed to `SpotifyOAuth`, to infer a `cache_path` automatically
  * Optional `as_dict` parameter to control `SpotifyOAuth`'s `get_access_token` output type. However, this is going to be deprecated in the future, and the method will always return a token string
  * Optional `show_dialog` parameter to be passed to `SpotifyOAuth`
  * Both `SpotifyClientCredentials` and `SpotifyOAuth` inherit from a common `SpotifyAuthBase` which handles common parameters and logics.
  * Support for `playlist_tracks`
  * Support for `playlist_upload_cover_image`
  * `user_playlist_tracks` doesn't require a user anymore (accepts `None`)
  * Deprecated `user_playlist` and `user_playlist_tracks`
  * Fixed broken examples in README, examples and doc
  * Allow session keepalive
  * Bump requests to 2.20.0
  * Fixed inconsistent behaviour with some API methods when
  a full HTTP URL is passed.
  * Fixed invalid calls to logging warn method
  * Support for `playlist` to get a playlist without specifying a user
  * Support for `current_user_saved_albums_delete`
  * Support for `current_user_saved_albums_contains`
  * Support for `user_unfollow_artists`
  * Support for `user_unfollow_users`
  * Added follow and player endpoints
* Wed Dec 19 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Trim filler wording from descriptions.