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Change Logs

Version: 3.3.3-bp152.1.1
* Thu Apr 23 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Fix build without python2
* Fri Apr 17 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 3.3.3:
  * Reverted PR #388 due to dependency license incompatibility
  * Updated package upload method to use twine
  * Updated list of default user protected fields to include admin flags and password
* Fri Mar 27 2020
- version update to 3.3.0
  [#]## Added
  - Okta backend
  - Support for SAML Single Logout
  - SimpleLogin backend
  - SurveyMonkey backend
  - HubSpot backend
  - MRG backend
  - Sign in with Apple backend
  - Allow ignoring of default protected user fields with option `SOCIAL_AUTH_NO_DEFAULT_PROTECTED_USER_FIELDS`
  - Support for users field names mapping
  - Added GithubAppAuth backend
  [#]## Changed
  - Add refresh token to Strava backend, change username and remove email
  - Update test runner to PyTest
  - Add python 3.7 CI target
  - Send User-Agent header on Untappd backend
  - Updated Naver API support from XML to JSON format
  - Use `unidecode` to cleanup usernames from unicode characters
  - Update Twitch API support from v3 to v5
  - Properly setup `pytest` version for Python2 and Python3
  - Fix some spelling mistakes in docstrings
  - Fix old fields from FIELDS_STORED_IN_SESSION persisting in session
  - Github: pass access token in a header instead of in a query parameter.
  - Update Kakao API support from v1 to v2
  - Update Twitch API support to v5
  - Updated Patreon API support from v1 to v2 per issue #307
  - Fix `user_details` in user pipeline to allow model attributes to be updated
  - Updated Atlassian API urls
* Mon Jun 03 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 3.2.0:
  * Cognito backend
  * OpenStack (openstackid and openstackid-dev) backends
  * Many fixes to all existing Backends to match up upstream projects
* Thu Apr 11 2019 John Vandenberg <>
- Remove build dependency on unittest2, as this was also a missing
  runtime dependency on both Python 2 and 3 as the tests are
  distributed in the runtime package, and are used by the test suite
  of other packages.
  * Add patch remove-unittest2.patch
- Suggest python3-saml dependency for both Python 2 & 3, and
  activate the SAML tests, adding missing saml_config.json for tests.
  Not recommended due to dependency chain including libxmlsec,
  which at the moment is unsupported v1.2.20
- Add to %doc
* Wed Apr 03 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Lower down PyJWT dependency the higher is not really needed
* Tue Apr 02 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 3.1.0:
  * Universe Ticketing backend
  * authentication backend
  * Update Bungie backend dropping any Django reference
  * Enable and fix JWT related tests
  * Remove PyPy support from Tox
  * Drop support for Python 3.4 in Tox
  * Allow to override JWT decode options in Open ID Connect base backend
  * Pass access token via Authorization header to Google user data url
  * Updated user_data method in AzureADOAuth2 to return access_token if id_token is not present in response
  * Updated Azure B2C to extract first email from list if it's a list
  * Replace deprecated Google+ API usage with
  * Updated Azure Tenant to fix Nonetype error
  * Updated comment denoting incorrect setting name
  * Yandex: do not fail when no email is present
  * Mediawiki: do not fail when no email is present
  * Mediawiki: enhance get_user_details to return more details
* Fri Nov 30 2018 Matthias Fehring <>
- Update to version 2.0.0
  + Added Telegram authentication backend
  + Added Keycloak backend with premilinary OAuth2 support
  + Added Globus OpenId Connect backend
  + Added Discord OAuth2 backend
  + Added SciStarter OAuth2 backend
  + Added Flat OAuth2 backend
  + Added ELIXIR OpenId Connect backend
  + Added Atlassian OAuth2 backend
  + GitHub backend now uses state parameter instead of redirect_state
  + Correct setting name on AzureAD Tenant backend
  + Introduce access token expired threshold of 5 seconds by default
  + Delete partial token from session if still present
  + Use userPrincipalName to set username and email accordingly
  + Send authorization headers to Kakao OAuth2, properly fill user details
  + LINE API update to v2.1
  + Use unitest2 with Python 3
  + Update Slack backend to use computed usename on teams setups
  + Enforce unicode_literals on Slack backend
  + Update ORCID backend to support Member API
  + Updated Pixelpin backend to use the new OpenId Connect service
  + Update sanitize_redirect to invalidate redirects like ///
  + Update Coinbase API endpoint
  + Dropped Python 3.3 support
  + Updated Weixin backend to use urlencode from six
  + Updated Google+ backend to properly process requests with id_token
  + Updated OpenId connect dependencies
- Require python3 3.4.0 or newer to build and run
* Wed Aug 01 2018
- Format with spec-cleaner
- Run the tests with %python_expand rather than %python_exec
* Fri Jul 27 2018
- Ensure neutrality of description. Address punctuation issues.
* Wed Jul 25 2018
- Move license in spec.
- Drop devel module dependency.
- Remove conditionals from buildRequirements.
* Tue Feb 20 2018
- update to version 1.7.0
  + Update EvenOnline token expiration key
  + Update OpenStreetMap URL to https
  + Fix LinkedIn backend to send the oauth_token as Authorization header
  + Fixed extra_data update to use the alias as key too
  + Make signed_request optional in Facebook App OAuth2 backend
  + Support string and lists on SAML permanent id value
  + Correct sending params sending on GET access-token retrieval case
  + Ensure b2c policy name check
  + Use extras_requrie to specify python specific version dependencies
  + Added support for AzureAD B2C OAuth2
  + Added LinkedIn Mobile OAuth2 backend
- spec file changes
  + do not include in files list because it does not
    contain any relevant information
* Fri Dec 29 2017
- update to version 1.6.0
  + Fix coinbase backend to use api v2
  + Default REDIRECT_STATE to False in FacebookOAuth2 backend
  + Add revoke token url for Coinbase OAuth2 backend
  + Fix LinkedIn backend to send oauth_token as request header
  + Make partial step decorator handle arguments
  + Added support for ChatWork OAuth2 backend
- spec file changes
  + put explicit py2 and py3 buildrequires into ifpython codeblocks
* Sat Dec 16 2017
- improve spec file summary and description
* Wed Nov 15 2017
- update to version 1.5.0
  + Fix using the entire SAML2 nameid string
  + Prevent timing attacks against state token
  + Updated GitLab API version to v4
  + Enforce UTC when calculating access token expiration time
  + Cleanup user attributes update from social details
  + Send authorization header on Reddit auth
  + Added support for tenant for Azure AD backend
  + Added JWT validation for Azure AD backend
  + Added support for OAuth2 backend
  + Added support for Eventbrite OAuth2 backend
  + Added support for OpenShift OAuth2 backend
  + Added support for Microsoft Graph OAuth2 backend
- spec file changes
  + use python_expand for nosetests
  + add to docs
  + update project url
* Tue Oct 24 2017
- fix requirements for python-openid
* Tue Oct 24 2017
- convert into single spec
* Thu Aug 10 2017
- update to version 1.4.0
  + Fix path in import BaseOAuth2 for Monzo
  + Fix auth header formatting problem for Fitbit OAuth2
  + Raise AuthForbidden when provider returns 401.
  + Update Facebook API to version 2.9
  + Speed up authorization process for VKAppOAuth2
  + Apply same sanitization as on connect to disconnect.
  + Disable redirect_state usage on Disqus backend
  + Added Udata OAuth2 backend
  + Added ORCID backend
  + Added feature to get all extra data from backend through
    GET_ALL_EXTRA_DATA boolean flag.
  + Added Patreon provider
- update to version 1.3.0
  + Use extra_data method when refreshing an access_token, ensure that
    auth-time is updated then
  + Added 500px OAuth1 backend
  + Added Monzo OAuth2 backend
  + Added get_access_token method that will refresh if expired
  + Updated email validation to pass the partial pipeline token if
  + Prefer passed parameters in authenticate method
  + Properly discard already used verification codes
  + Save SAML attributes in extra_data
  + Note id_token in GooglePlusAuth's AuthMissingParameter