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Change Logs

* Mon Apr 27 2020 Matej Cepl <>
- Switch off test_https_warnings test (bsc#1170175)
* Thu May 16 2019 Bryan Stephenson <>
- Update to version 2.20.1 (bsc#1111622)
  * Fixed bug with unintended Authorization header stripping for
    redirects using default ports (http/80, https/443).
* Tue Oct 30 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
- Ensure neutrality of descriptions.
* Sat Oct 20 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- specfile:
  * remove devel for noarch
  * remove restriction for urllib3 < 1.24
  * HISTORY and README changed from .rst to .md
- update to version 2.20.0:
  * Bugfixes
    + Content-Type header parsing is now case-insensitive
    (e.g. charset=utf8 v Charset=utf8).
    + Fixed exception leak where certain redirect urls would raise
    uncaught urllib3 exceptions.
    + Requests removes Authorization header from requests redirected
    from https to http on the same hostname. (CVE-2018-18074)
    + should_bypass_proxies now handles URIs without hostnames
    (e.g. files).
  * Dependencies
    + Requests now supports urllib3 v1.24.
  * Deprecations
    + Requests has officially stopped support for Python 2.6.
* Thu Jul 19 2018
- -test subpackage must be empty
* Mon Jul 16 2018
- make multibuild package to resolve circular deps on tests
* Mon Jul 02 2018
- update to version 2.19.1:
  * Fixed issue where init function failed trying
    to append to a __doc__ value of None.
- update to version 2.19.0:
  * Improvements
    + Warn about possible slowdown with cryptography version < 1.3.4
    + Check host in proxy URL, before forwarding request to adapter.
    + Maintain fragments properly across redirects. (RFC7231 7.1.2)
    + Removed use of cgi module to expedite library load time.
    + Added support for SHA-256 and SHA-512 digest auth algorithms.
    + Minor performance improvement to Request.content.
    + Migrate to using for 3.7 compatibility.
  * Bugfixes
    + Parsing empty Link headers with parse_header_links() no longer
    return one bogus entry.
    + Fixed issue where loading the default certificate bundle from
    a zip archive would raise an IOError.
    + Fixed issue with unexpected ImportError on windows system
    which do not support winreg module.
    + DNS resolution in proxy bypass no longer includes the username
    and password in the request. This also fixes the issue of DNS
    queries failing on macOS.
    + Properly normalize adapter prefixes for url comparison.
    + Passing None as a file pointer to the files param no longer
    raises an exception.
    + Calling copy on a RequestsCookieJar will now preserve the
    cookie policy correctly.
  * We now support idna v2.7 and urllib3 v1.23.
- Properly set idna/urllib3 dependency versions, runtime and buildtime
- Spec cleanup, remove conditionals for ancient distro versions
- Remove duplicates with fdupes
* Wed Mar 07 2018
- Allows Recommends and Suggest in Fedora
* Tue Feb 27 2018
- Recommends only for SUSE
- In no SUSE evironments some tests related with certificates can
  fail. Skip the tests if this case.
* Sun Sep 24 2017
- update to version 2.18.4:
  * Improvements
    + Error messages for invalid headers now include the header name
    for easier debugging
  * Dependencies
    + We now support idna v2.6.
- changes from version 2.18.3:
  * Improvements
    + Running $ python -m now includes the installed
    version of idna.
  * Bugfixes
    + Fixed issue where Requests would raise ConnectionError instead
    of SSLError when encountering SSL problems when using urllib3
* Tue Aug 08 2017
- update to version v2.18.2
  * Add requirements.txt to
  * test ssl version check functions as expected in python 2.6
  * no more stickers
  * fix OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER check on Python2.6's ssl module
  * Setup HISTORY for next release
  * Use 'prefix' instead of 'key' in session docstring
  * Allow urllib3 1.22
  * v2.18.2
  * stickers
  * redundant comma
* Mon Jul 03 2017
update to version v2.18.1
  * 2.17.1
  * Fix a typo: verison -> version
  * fix
  * Prepare v2.18.0
  * Update requirements.txt
  * cleanup
  * Preserve identity of unbundled deps
  * ignore undefined names in flake8
  * flake8 ignore lambda expressions
  * Add the pytest .cache/ directory to .gitignore
  * docutils
  * try junit
  * new installation location
  * cleanup
  * flake8report.txt
  * empty commit
  * no more pipenv
  * Begin dev section of README
  * Remove exec permission from files that shouldn't have it
  * change development philosophy docs to reflect reality
  * fix manifest file
  * only flake8 the right directory
  * update development documentation
  * Remove session redirect cache
  * no piping to a file
  * Catch error if multiprocessing is not available or is unable to determine the number of CPUs
  * todo
  * cleanup
  * typo
  * number of cores for travis
  * ignore import statements for flake8
  * Update README.rst
  * better ci file
  * bunk change
  * that doesn't work on windows
  * improve development instructions
  * Fix a typo: paramters -> parameters
  * Adds changelog entry for #4134
  * ignore line continuations for flake8
  * Allow Requests.Response to be used as a context manager
  * Fix requests.packages not having package attributes
  * remove note about cacerts.pem
  * v2.17.3
  * improve install documentation syntax
  * improve installation instructions
  * flake8: import statement improvements
  * fix spaces in
  * v2.18.1
  * skip for now
  * v2.17.2
  * fix flake8 for EOF in
  * improve flake8
  * Prepare for next release cycle
  * try this travis file
  * remove "are you crazy?" section
  * fix sidebars
  * Update index.rst
  * fix empty lines for flake8
  * convert version compatibility checks to warning
  * fix github stars
  * v2.17.1
  * improve line continuations for flake8
  * attempt new ads
  * speed up appveyor
  * v2.17.0
  * improve installation docs
  * fix flake8 indent error
  * Adds to AUTHORS
  * Clearer makefile for building README
  * flake8
  * Fixes error swallowing in set_environ
  * cleanup (flake8)
  * improve install docs
  * new requests namespace
* Sat Jun 10 2017
- update to 2.16.5:
  * unvendored bundled libraries
  * for more changes, see
- drop no-default-cacert.patch: this is now in python-certifi
- drop requests-do-not-use-bundle.patch: obsolete
* Fri May 05 2017
- Ensure neutrality of description.
* Tue May 02 2017
- The following two entries should have been added to the previous
  changelog entry.
- Drop urllib3-ssl-default-context.patch
- Add requests-do-not-use-bundle.patch
* Tue Mar 14 2017
- update for multipython build
- synchronize with python 3 version
  * drop urllib3-ssl-default-context.patch
  * add requests-do-not-use-bundle.patch
- debundle urllib3 and chardet
- enable test suite
* Mon Mar 06 2017
- fixed dependencies in spec
- update to version 2.13.0
  * Only load the idna library when we?ve determined we need it.
    This will save some memory for users.
  * Updated bundled urllib3 to 1.20.
  * Updated bundled idna to 2.2.
- update to version 2.12.5
  * Fixed an issue with JSON encoding detection, specifically detecting
    big-endian UTF-32 with BOM.
* Wed Dec 28 2016
update to version v2.12.4
  * Python 2 compatibility
  * adding tests for super_len conditional flow
  * Check in updated idna.
  * Test case for requests getting stuck on post redirect with seekable stream
  * v2.12.2
  * added new test, original test restored
  * Make Response.content return None if raw is None
  * adding unicode_is_ascii utility function
  * Update sidebarlogo.html
  * Fixed another scheme proxy over "all" priority
  * Add changelog for 1.19.1
  * changed behavior of basic-http-auth test
  * correct backtick formatting
  * Note @jeremycline is now our contact.
  * Order of type check
  * Add prepared request pickling tests
  * adding comment
  * Add deprecation warnings for 3.0
  * clarify that the `chunk_size` is optional when streaming to a file
  * adding ISO-8859-1 fallback for reason decoding
  * fixed some error
  * pysocks 1.5.7 blacklisting, due to IPv6 problems
  * Fix tests for new urllib3 exception text.
  * make add_dict_to_cookiejar cookielib.CookieJar compatible
  * correct module for cookiejar_from_dict in docs
  * converting update call to merge_cookies call for cookielib compatibility
  * streaming doc clarification
  * removing redundant logic from prepare_content_length
  * Update certifi certs to 2016.09.26
  * Specify self.cert is used for SSL client certificates
  * Fix how we test fallback to latin-1 reason encoding
  * adding method to url tests
  * Enable UTS46 mode.
  * Adding 'import requests' to readme code snippet. (#3700)
  * Add Documentation for custom methods
  * adding passthrough in close() for non-urllib3-like Responses
  * remove extra import
  * Test chunked upload doesn't set content length
  * Change setuptools extra for new secure extra.
  * fix issue when the file-like object raises an IOError with tell
  * Added myself to AUTHORS
  * Changelog entry for better IDNA.
  * updated tests with IDNA encoded and IPv6 urls
  * documentation line added for consistency with the post method
  * Fall back to streaming
  * added unicode auth test
  * updates authors
  * spelling fix for release-process
  * Revert "Adding 'import requests' to readme code snippet."
  * Document that Response.json() may raise ValueError
  * Amplifies the timeout warning in the docs.
  * Revert "Restrict URL preparation to HTTP/HTTPS"
  * Update README.rst
  * Further complicate the makefile to rewrite imports
  * Unable unicode in basic http auth
  * Various packaging requirements for idna
  * Fixed: httpbin doesn't support bytes
  * reverting 3357 and comparing properly encoded strings
  * Fixed issue #3696. Added a test for it as well.
  * fixed: httpbin with unicode auth
  * Remove error swallowing exception catching of AttributeError
  * Update sidebarintro.html
  * removing use of seek to set total_length
  * Update urllib3 to 1.19
  * Use IDNA2008 to encode hosts.
  * Formatted the example to fix the color highlighting
  * Add tests to verify that correct 'Content-Length' or 'Transfer-Encoding' headers are being set in PreparedRequest.
  * [httpAdapter] allow empty password in proxy credentials
  * Fixed bug to give scheme proxy priority over "all"
  * adding decoding requirement for Python 3
  * fixes broken link on documentation page
  * Basic tests for internationalized domain names.
  * Update Comments & Magic Strings
  * Change module of internal references to to_native_str()
  * Add pickle test with hooks
  * update 307 tests to check body content
  * checked data parameters for type like dict.
  * test different CookieJar types for add_dict_to_cookiejar
  * Restrict URL preparation to HTTP/HTTPS
  * Indicate shell command in README is code-like.
  * documentation on encoding fallback for streaming
  * Fixed readme typo - 'site' should be 'domain'
  * Rework Bytestring Host Test to use PyTest Httpbin
  * Add makefile to get latest idna release.
  * Tests for our URL handling.
  * Add test for request when Host header is bytestring
  * Move to_native_string to to avoid circular dependency
  * Add workaround to avoid implicit import of encodings.idna.
  * minor doc string cleanup
  * little modification  in consume_socket_content
  * links
  * Update bundled urllib3 to 1.19.1
  * Changes to documentation based on comments and correction of list of authors.
  * Add license for idna package.
  * Add line to AUTHORS
  * Adjust patch to utilize requests utility functions
  * test _body_position and rewind_body
  * Seems like we're missing a backport here.
  * new logo :D
  * add socket tests for 401 redirect and 401 failure
  * Adding notes about Request's timeout behavior.
  * fixed usage unicode string
  * unicode test for _basic_auth_str
  * Let's use capitals.
  * adding string casting for non-bytes values
  * Add patch to avoid bytestring/str hodgepodge
  * Vendor idna v2.1
  * Clarify allow_redirects
  * v2.12.3
  * v2.12.0
  * v2.12.1
  * v2.12.4
  * modifying IDNA encoding check to allow fallback
  * Use seek from end rather than getvalue
  * updating pickling tests for PreparedRequest
  * We only ship tagged releases now.
  * Make Response.content() return None if status_code is None
  * Just lstrip instead of strip because trailing whitespace already works.
  * adding rewind for re-POST bodies
  * Add persistent examples
- update urllib3 requirement to 1.19.1
- add idna requirement, refresh unbundling patch
* Thu Sep 01 2016
update to version v2.11.1
  * Update urllib3 to 1.16
  * Close and then release the connection
  * Added tests for should_bypass_proxies function
  * Update documentation of Session.max_redirects
  * Document bunch of return types
  * Update HISTORY.rst
  * Cleaning up comment on JSON encoding to be more strictly relevant.
  * Oh yeah, we updated urllib3 too.
  * Fixing test; it was accomplishing the right thing, but doing it in the wrong way.
  * compensate for lack of taste
  * Use xfail marker for a test expected to fail without Internet connection
  * in python3.x not have StringIO
  * Spelling fixes
  * adding in slice_length fix and test for chunk_size=None (#3370)
  * Support responses like `HTTP/1.1 404 Unicode chars` (#3385)
  * Document header ordering. (#3295)
  * Add section on SOCKS proxies.
  * Update list of supported Python versions in todo.rst
  * removing Content-Type and Transfer-Encoding headers on redirect
  * check and test for headers containing return characters or leading whitespace
  * Clarify Python versions supported by requests
  * Allow graceful interruption of testserver.Server
  * reverting 3362
  * fixed date formatting
  * Make BaseAdapter describe the mandatory adapter interface (#3216)
  * Note how HTTPErrors are raised
  * Removing charset from JSON content type; tightening requirements on .encode()
  * Add 'all' proxy selection to select_proxy
  * Fix TypeError when get json-encoded content of a response
  * wildly inaccurate button results in deletion
  * v2.11.1
  * v2.11.0
  * Prepare changelog for 2.11.1.
  * Allow None value for chunk_size again (#3368)
  * updating documentation to reflect decision of #3386
  * added in type check for chunk_size
  * Update a note on AppEngine
  * Remove duplicate import warnings
  * adding asserted_encoding check on None type encoding to match text() behavior (#3362)
  * Encoding JSON requests to bytes for urllib3 to handle; ensuring same with testing.
  * docs updates
  * Changelog for 2.11
  * Update README.rst
  * Use iter instead of noop list comprehension
  * Test security warnings (#3289)
  * Combined tests to one tests for should_bypass_proxies method
  * Update index.rst
  * Replace tab with appropriate spaces.
  * Support ALL_PROXY environment variable
  * Add a bit about RequestsCookieJar to Cookies section
  * making module docstrings and coding comments consistent
  * docs: Add a note about SSL c_rehash
  * updating docstring to match functionality
  * fix grammer mistakes in Quickstart
  * consider plain ip notation of an ip in no_proxy if not in cidr notation
  * Defining header value type requirements and tests
  * removing redundant test
  * updating HISTORY
  * adding in pep8 fixes
  * building Response manually
  * making class and function docstrings consistent
* Wed May 18 2016
- update to 2.10.1:
  * SOCKS Proxy Support! (requires PySocks; $ pip install requests[socks])
  * Updated bundled urllib3 to 1.15.1.
  * Change built-in CaseInsensitiveDict (used for headers) to use OrderedDict
    as its underlying datastore.
  * Don't use redirect_cache if allow_redirects=False
  * When passed objects that throw exceptions from ``tell()``, send them via
    chunked transfer encoding instead of failing.
  * Raise a ProxyError for proxy related connection issues.