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Version: 0.8.0-1.25
* Wed Apr 26 2017
- Update to version 0.8.0:
  * Convert package to singlespec
  * Added Outlook Calender API example
  * Mentioned file to example.rst
  * Update google.rst
  * Allow OAuth2 session request() to take client_id and client_secret
  * Add requests-mock to tox dependencies.
  * Strips new lines in fetch_token  response body
  * Prefer user-supplied auth credentials.
  * add a fitbit compliance fix
  * test successful fitbit auth calls as well
  * v0.8.0
* Mon Jan 30 2017
update to version v0.7.0
  * Subclass requests.auth.AuthBase
  * Allow fetch_token to run through a proxy
  * Cleaning the previous token before fetching a new one, to avoid a
  * Adapts previous commit
  * Don't nullify token before refresh
  * oauthlib raises a different error from what we expect
  * Date for 0.4.2 release is added to HISTORY
  * v0.6.2
  * Adding Backend Application Flow documentation
  * v0.6.0
  * v0.6.1
  * opt in to Travis container infrastructure
  * minor fix to the previous commit
  * v0.7.0
  * Fix TypeError in TokenMissing class (call to parent)
  * Added authorization header for token access
  * Be more explicit about Travis installing unittest2
  * OAuth1 tests for authorized boolean
  * Only set default headers if headers are None
  * rst syntax fix
  * Google has changed OAuth 2.0 endpoints
  * Use client_id and client_secret as basic auth credentials if provided
  * Add installation instructions to docs index
  * Add **request_kwargs to fetch_request_token and fetch_access_token in
    oauth1_session to be passed to post-method of requests.session
  * Allow OAuth2 session request() to take client_id and client_secret
  * typo in error message
  * Add requests-mock to tox dependencies.
  * Prune .pyc files when creating a release
  * Update google.rst
  * Test 3.5 on Travis
  * Use unittest2 when it is installed
  * Completely remove username/password basic auth logic branch
  * Add setters/getters for client_id and access_token
  * Fix up line-length in note.
  * attach the entire response object when raising TokenRequestDenied
  * MailChimp compliance fixes that work around oauthlib issue #296
  * Allow explicit bypass of basic auth logic branch
  * Add imports for Legacy Application Flow docs
  * add license title
  * Need signedtoken extra for oauthlib dependency
  * Include import in Backend Application Flow docs
  * cleaning code and checking that a password was supplied along username
  * Update real_world_example.rst
  * Added tests for OAuth2 authorized boolean
  * Keep the username/password basic auth logic branch
  * Fix typo
  * [bugfix] Add headers in refresh_token flow
  * Setter/getter for self.token
  * Don't intercept HTTP errors before OAuthlib can handle them
  * Add tox.ini
  * Verify return value of OAuth2 response (#178)
  * Fix a problem that its get method always returns 'not_authed' on Slack
  * Update Legacy Application Flow documentation
  * Check if client exists before referencing client_id
  * Response objects should have cookies, not cookes
  * Preventing sending Basic Auth headers with "None:None"
  * Users should be able to override the token when using the Slack compliance
  * cleanup docstring of OAuth1Session to fix a typo/usage error
  * Allows tokens to be refreshed via a proxy
  * Add unittest2 test dependency for Python 2.6
  * Skip rsa tests when dependencies not met
  * fixed the layout of the note
  * Rename _refresh flag to withhold_token
  * Use requests-mock library, add tests for Slack compliance fix
  * Remove misleading README example.
  * added note to the real world example explaining its caveats
  * v0.5.0
  * making operator precedence more readable
  * When refreshing tokens, pass through **kwargs
- Use as Source url
* Thu Mar 26 2015
- updated to 0.4.2:
  - New ``authorized`` property on OAuth1Session and OAuth2Session,
    which allows you to easily determine if the session is already
    authorized with OAuth tokens or not.
  - New ``TokenMissing`` and ``VerifierMissing`` exception classes
    for OAuth1Session: this will make it easier to catch and identify
    these exceptions.
* Wed Jul 23 2014
- Upgrade to 0.4.1:
  - New install target ``[rsa]`` for people using OAuth1 RSA-SHA1 signature
  - Fixed bug in OAuth2 where supplied state param was not used in auth url.
  - OAuth2 HTTPS checking can be disabled by setting environment variable
  - OAuth1 now re-authorize upon redirects.
  - OAuth1 token fetching now raise a detailed error message when the
    response body is incorrectly encoded or the request was denied.
  - Added support for custom OAuth1 clients.
  - OAuth2 compliance fix for Sina Weibo.
  - Multiple fixes to facebook compliance fix.
  - Compliance fixes now re-encode body properly as bytes in Python 3.
  - Logging now properly done under ``requests_oauthlib`` namespace instead
    of piggybacking on oauthlib namespace.
  - Logging introduced for OAuth1 auth and session.
* Thu Nov 07 2013
- initial packaging