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A Sphinx extension for changelog manipulation


Releases is a Python 2+3 compatible Sphinx <>_ extension designed to help you keep a source control friendly, merge friendly changelog file & turn it into useful, human readable HTML output.


  • The source format (kept in your Sphinx tree as changelog.rst) is a stream-like timeline that plays well with source control & only requires one entry per change (even for changes that exist in multiple release lines).
  • The output (when you have the extension installed and run your Sphinx build command) is a traditional looking changelog page with a section for every release; multi-release issues are copied automatically into each release.
  • By default, feature and support issues are only displayed under feature releases, and bugs are only displayed under bugfix releases. This can be overridden on a per-issue basis.

License: BSD-2-Clause



Package Version Update ID Released Package Hub Version Platforms Subpackages
1.6.1-bp155.2.47 info GA Release 2023-05-22 15 SP5
1.6.1-bp154.1.80 info GA Release 2022-05-09 15 SP4
1.6.1-bp153.1.90 info GA Release 2021-05-18 15 SP3
1.6.1-bp152.1.26 info GA Release 2020-06-15 15 SP2