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Change Logs

Version: 0.19-bp150.2.4
* Thu Aug 31 2017
- Update to Version 0.19
  + Bug Fixes
  * don't throw an exception if $XAUTHFILE / ~/.Xauthority is missing
  * fix authentication work-around for SSH forwarding under Python 3
  * improve $DISPLAY handling: support optional protocol prefix, and
    correctly handle `unix:0.0` as `:0.0`
- Update to  Version 0.18
  + Bug Fixes
  * fix Python 3 buffer abstraction
  * fix interrupted select handling for Python 3.3/3.4
  * fix Unix socket support when only an abstract address is available
- Update to  Version 0.17
  + Bug Fixes
  * fix Xauth handling when using Python 2 and DISPLAY contains a remote IP
  * fix String16 request field handling when using Python 3
  * fix RECORD extension and example when using Python 3
  * fix handling of properties: use byte strings for all X11 8-bits
    strings, as not all of them are text properties (the window
    getters/setters for wm_name, wm_icon_name, wm_class, and
    wm_client_machine still return/expect Unicode strings)
  + API Changes
  * Core:
    > new window getter/setter for text properties: get_full_text_property
    and change_text_property; with automatic conversion to/from Unicode
    when the property type encoding is supported (STRING and UTF8_STRING)
  * Composite extension:
    > support for GetOverlayWindow request
- Update to  Version 0.16
  + Licensing
  * The project is now licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
    v2.1 or later (see the LICENSE file for details).
  + Compatibility
  * Support for Python versions older than 2.7 has been dropped. Support for
    Python 3 (3.3, 3.4 and 3.5) has been added. Note that Python-Xlib now
    depends on the six package (>=1.10) for combined Python 2 / 3 support.
  + API Changes
  * With the change of license, and no way to contact the original author of
    the SHAPE extension, the code had to be rewritten from scratch. This
    resulted in a few minor API changes (see examples/
  * Partial support for the SECURITY. XInput, and XFIXES extensions has been
  + Bug Fixes
  * fix RECORD extension
  * fixed OS X socket path
  * fix handling of generic events
  * fix handling of KeymapNotify events
  * several fixes for the RandR extension
- Update to Version 0.15rc1
  + Composite extension
  * Support for the composite extension, used to implement a composition
    manager (added for plcm work in plwm).
  + XF86 special function keysyms
  * Keysym definitions for special function keys found on modern
    keyboards, e.g. raise and lower volume, start specific applications,
    etc.  Have a look in Xlib/keysymdef/ to see what there are and
    experiment with xev to see what your keyboard generates.  These
    definitions aren't brought in by default, so you must do this after
    importing Xlib.XK:
  * Xlib.XK.load_keysym_group('xf86')
  + RANDR extension
  * The RANDR extension complements XINERAMA as a way of getting data about the
    physical screens making up a virtual screen in X. An example of usage can
    be found in examples/
- Rename to python-python-xlib to follow python package
  naming rules.
- Change license to LGPL-2.1+
- Remove upstream-included patches:
  * python-xlib-0.14-fix-unix-socket-in-display.patch
  * python-xlib-0.14-xauthlocalhostname.patch
- Rebase python-xlib-0.14-increase-receiving-buffer.patch
* Thu Aug 24 2017
- singlespec auto-conversion
* Wed Jan 02 2013
- Fix building on SLES
* Mon Sep 03 2012
- Remove redundant (%clean, Authors) sections
- Make package compile on RH6-like as well
* Thu Aug 19 2010
- added  python-xlib-0.14-xauthlocalhostname.patch which takes
  XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME into account when connecting to a local Unix
  socket, this fixes python-xlib when logging in with gdm/xdm
- removed python-xlib-0.14-fix-ssh-tunnel-auth.patch, already taken
  care of
* Wed Aug 11 2010
- Add selected patches from Debian
  + python-xlib-0.14-fix-unix-socket-in-display.patch: partial fix
    for crash when unix is explicitly specified in DISPLAY
  + python-xlib-0.14-increase-receiving-buffer.patch: fix problem
    with too small receiving buffer
  + python-xlib-0.14-fix-ssh-tunnel-auth.patch: partial fix for X
    tunneling through OpenSSH
* Wed Oct 31 2007
- Python bindings for Xlib
- Initial checkin of version 0.14