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Change Logs

* Fri Nov 24 2017
- Update to version 0.3.6
  * Fixed TypeError: _handle_key_binding_message() signature
    incompatibility with mpv < v0.15.0
  * Nicer API names for add/multiply/cycle property
  * Wrap all docstrings to 120 char line width
  * Reformat doctrings to follow PEP 257 and use reStructuredText
  * Fix add, cycle and multiply command.
  * README: loop -> loop_playlist
  * Add on_key_press
  * Fix key binding registration for bound methods, add unit tests
  * Fix window dragging while using custom key bindings
  * mpv, mpv-test: Fix vim mode lines
  * Add pillow extra dependency
  * Restore compatibility with older libmpv versions
  * Re-nerf property observer tests
  * Add more thorough property tests
  * Un-break property write access
  * Add pillow-based screenshot_raw command
  * Move to fully FORMAT_NODE-based API
  * mpv module: Remove load_lua
  * MPV constructor: Add loglevel argument
  * Fix register_event_callback to work with methods
  * Remove debug hack accidentially left in the code
  * Fix message handler registration and advanced README example
  * Small syntax fixes
  * tests: Add test for multi-valued property-mapped options
  * Add support for string-array options
  * Fix racy property tests
  * README: Add version compatibility blurb
- Spec cleanup
* Mon Jun 19 2017
- Initial package (0.2.3)