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Version: 0.4.14-bp150.2.4
* Mon Sep 25 2017
- convert to singlespec
* Fri Apr 28 2017
update to version 0.4.14
  * get_running_builds failed when server has a path
  * Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txt
  * Add optional kerberos support
  * Allow to wait for jenkins to enter normal operation
  * Remove discover from test-requirements
  * Fixed a minor typo in example of Python-jenkins
  * Fix relative import in kerberos support for python3
  * Changes get_job_info to get_build_info
  * url-proof scripts passed to run_script
  * Do not force DeprecationWarning to be displayed
  * Add support for handling promotions
  * Use standard cover setup
  * Adds possibility to retrieve all jobs from the view specified
  * Setup required packages with bindep
  * Make the kerberos support python3 ready
  * remove cap on pbr
  * Fetch all builds from a job
  * Remove redundant 'the'
  * add get_whoami()
- Use as Source url
* Thu May 12 2016
- Add missing Requires for python-setuptools
* Fri Feb 26 2016
- Rename python-jenkins to python-python-jenkins. It's openSUSE
  policy to use python-$pypi name.
* Sun Jan 03 2016
- update to 0.4.12:
  * Drop py33 support
  * Fixed create_node() Error
  * Deprecated tox -downloadcache option removed
  * Use TestWithScenarios to add additional url tests
  * Change repositories from stackforge to openstack
  * Update .gitreview for new namespace
* Fri Oct 30 2015
- update to 0.4.11:
  * Handle depth errors in get_running_builds
  * Use str as base class for PluginVersion
  * Support ability to install plugins
  * Provider helper classes for plugin data management
  * Allow setting the next build number
  * Adds Cloudbees folder plugin support
  * Add function to get running builds
  * Change order of tox envs for testr
  * Add support for quiet down
  * fix get version example
  * remove support for python 2.6
  * Separate tests in separate files and classes
  * Create module member index from autodoc
  * Fix timeout function and add capturing of messages on failure
  * Stop specifying requirements.txt in tox.ini
  * Wrap url building with helper method
  * Rework the examples
  * Add socket timeout tests and helpers
- adjust Requires according to requirements.txt
* Tue Aug 04 2015
- Add COPYING and README.rst as %doc files
* Fri Jul 31 2015
- update to 0.4.8:
  * Fix tests on python 2.6 and mark as deprecated
  * Remove unneeded wrapping of imports
  * Support scriptText api to execute groovy scripts on the server
  * Creates ability to work with views in jenkins
  * fix passing of byte object to url request method
  * requirements: pin pbr>=0.8.2,<2.0
  * Ensure request data is in the correct format
  * Ensure data is utf-8 encoded
  * Modify tests to exercise Request on python3
  * Add decode to utf8 for python 3.x
  * Fix examples
  * Add utf8 to headers
  * Add a get_nodes method
* Wed Mar 11 2015
- update to 0.4.5:
  * Add get_job_info_regex method to get info about a set of jobs
  * Set the server connection timeout to same as socket timeout
  * Consolidate raising identical exceptions
  * Add a jobs_count method
  * Doc Update: Fix formatting for inclusion of README.rst
  * Doc Change: update supported python versions
  * Add BadHTTPException
  * Fix incorrect indentation
  * Don't return None on unhandled http errors
  * Use empty crumb on empty response
  * Don't assume we get a valid response
  * Update and clean up docs
  * Add a default http timeout for connections to jenkins
  * Eliminate redundant calls to assert_job_exists()
  * Raise an exception on 404
  * testtools requires unittest2
  * Fix cancel_queue() method
  * Fix enable_node and disable_node methods
  * Handle job and node names that contain spaces
  * Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual
  * fix typo, must be 'classifier' to appear on
  * Yield HTTPError reason on open error
  * fix auth with long username or password
  * Add a readme and make it appear on
  * Add get_plugins_info and get_plugin_info methods
  * generate a code coverage html report
  * add get_version method
  * exclude tests from code coverage report
  * Setup pbr versioning for docs
  * Support node configuration
  * Fix it so build_job triggers a build
  * Rename doc environment to docs
  * Enabled hacking check H404
  * Add
  * Six is a runtime requirement not a test req
  * Update version info
  * Fix `tox -e doc` duplicate id error
  * Use pbr, pep8 checks & fixes, add "doc" tox target
  * make JSON depth response configurable
  * Add a gitreview file
  * Adds assert_node_exists()
  * Speed up job existence tests by fetching less info
  * Fix remaining PEP8 errors in docstrings
  * Fix hacking docstring warnings
  * Make it work on Python 3
  * 100% test coverage
  * Add support for measuring coverage
  * Support node startup with the JNLP Launcher
  * Add .gitignore
  * Clarify job_exists() error messages
  * Doc fixes
  * Wrap tests and linting with tox
  * David Strauss 2014-03-06 Fedora 19+ has packages, too
  * Fedora 19+ has packages, too
  * [soren] Add fixes for crumb addition to post requests
  * Add bug metadata
  * Change method name to reflect behaviour
  * Recycle crumb. Apparently, it's not a nonce
  * Attempt to fetch a crumb (needed if CSRF protection is enabled)
  * Release 0.2.1
  * speed up job existence test by fetching less informations
  * Add rename_job()
  * speed up job existence test by fetching less informations
  * Add rename_job()
  * Add ability to fetch raw console text for build
  * Antoine Musso:
  * overhaul the sphinx documentation
  * pass pep8 on all files
  * Add support for a rename_job() call
  * Merged new node management features including using SSH and
    Windows slaves plus cancel job/queue methods
  * Add additional methods:
  * Merged bug fix and tests for job names with spaces
  * Open for 0.3 development
- update Requires
* Mon Apr 21 2014
- Initial packaging of python-jenkins.