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Change Logs

* Wed Oct 31 2018 Todd R <>
- Update to version 0.9.1
  * On Windows, use 'directsound' as the default audio host (much more
    reliable than 'wasapi').
  * Fixed phase shifting between the frequency bands of FourBand and MultiBand.
  * Added a new object: MultiBand, frequency splitter using Linkwitz-Riley
    crossover filters.
  * Fixed Compress output level when input's rms is above unity.
  * Added the ability to remove a project from the project tree.
  * Added getPrecision() function. Removed print statement when importing pyo.
    User should use getVersion() and getPrecision() functions if needed.
  * Fixed crash when asking for more input or output channels than available.
  * Fixed Server window's Interpreter field scrolling history on MacOS.
* Wed May 16 2018
- Update to version 0.9.0
  - Bug Fixes:
  * Fixed HRTF impulse responses interpolation. Interpolation is perform in the
    spectral domain to avoid phase cancellation that occur in the time domain.
  - New features:
  * Added a new object: Expand, which expand the dynamic range of an audio signal.
  * Added a new object: RMS, which return the rms value of an audio signal.
  * Added a new object: MidiLinseg, a midi-triggered breakpoints envelope.
  * Added a Server.makenote(pitch, velocity, duration, channel=0) method, which
    build both noteon and noteof messages.
- Update to version 0.8.9
  - Bug Fixes:
  * Fixed erroneous condition in listscramble function.
  * Fixed pa_get_devices_infos() function on Windows.
  * Fixed segfault at exit when a Server object is created but never
    booted (fixed issue #117).
  * Fixed window shape in the Harmonizer object (use an halfsine instead
    of an hanning).
  * Fixed crash when trying to draw a ControlSlider with width or height of 0.
  - Enhancements:
  * Changed the stereo panning law for cosine/sine within Pan object.
  * Speed-up computation for various objects.
  * Allow the "mode" argument of Resample object to be changed dynamically.
  * Added new object: HRTF, Head-Related Transfert Function 3D spatialization.
- Update to version 0.8.8
  - Bug Fixes:
  * Added missing binding to stop method in MidiListener.
  * Removed internal import of the random module. Scripts importing
    both pyo and random modules segfault on garbage collection at exit.
  * Added missing static declaration to functions in pyomodule.
  * E-Pyo: Fixed startup crash when preferences contains unicode characters.
  * Granulator now compensates for the difference between the loaded sound's
    sampling rate and pyo's sampling rate, if any.
  * Fixed PyoArgumentTypeError when ctrl() is called for an object with
    dataOnly parameter and tk is used instead of wxpython.
  * Don't try to deactivate jack if it is stopped externally (ex. from qjackctl).
  * Fixed audio and midi backends memory allocation.
  * Properly incref and decref server references inside pyo objects.
  * Fixed path encoding on windows for python 3.6.
  - Enhancements:
  * Added Jack midi support to the Server.
  * Added a new init argument (wintitle) to Scope and Spectrum objects to
    allow the user to set the title name of their windows. Also added a
    method to show/hide the channel labels in the GUI.
  * Added a callback attribute to PVAnal. The function receives magnitudes
    and true frequencies for every analysis frame.
- Update to version 0.8.7
  - Bug Fixes:
  * Disable Microsoft Midi devices by default. Added
    Server.allowMicrosoftMidiDevices() method to enable them.
  * Wrap jack api detection inside a try-except statement in case
    jack2-dbus is used instead of jackd.
  * Fixed bugs in Expr object's unicode handling.
  * Fixed windows 10 dependencies.
  * Fixed ending point of TableRec's time stream (now keep the last
    value instead of switching back to 0).
  * Fixed clean-up of VoiceManager object.
  * Fixed encoding of file path on windows for various objects.
  - Enhancements:
  * The server now allow up to 16 channel rms outputs for GUI drawing.
  * Added getInterpolated method to PyoMatrixObject class. Returns the
    interpolated value for a floating-point position in the matrix.
  * OscDataSend now can send more than one message per buffer size.
  * Update MacOS and Windows build routine to compile for python 2.7,
    3.5 and 3.6.
- Update to version 0.8.6
  - Bug Fixes:
  * Fixed TableRead which continues to play when freq is negative and loop is off.
  * Fixed CallAfter segfault when deleted inside its own callback.
  * Fixed segfault when updating ControlSlider value from the audio thread.
  * Updated liblo from 0.26 to 0.28 on Windows. This fixes a bug with socket
    not properly closed.
  * Fixed segfault in Resample_dealloc function.
  * Fixed libraries dynamic links in MacOS installer scripts.
  * Fixed TableRec, TrigTableRec and Looper time stream not started on play.
  - Enhancements:
  * Added "speed" argument to Seq object. Useful to create continuous time
    deceleration or acceleration.
  * Added setRandomType(dist, x) method to SfMarkerShuffler object.
  * Added a "Copy" menu item in PyoObject.ctrl() and DataTable.graph() windows.
- Update to version 0.8.5
  - What's new:
  * Added pa_get_default_devices_from_host(host) function. This function can
    greatly help finding the device indexes (especially on Windows) to give to
    the server in order to use to desired audio host.
  * Added a new winhost argument to the Server's initialization. On Windows, it
    defaults to WASAPI.
  * Check the jack api version before compiling to ensure existing functions are
    used (jack_port_set_name/jack_port_rename).
  * Added two examples in 07-effects, and
- Update to version 0.8.4
  - Bug fixes:
  * Fixed GIL conflicts with portaudio, portmidi and jack library calls.
  * Updated portaudio interface to make it much more secure.
  * Fixed segfault in MidiListener callback function with python3.
  * Fixed SfMarkerLooper and SfMarkerShuffler markers not accurate
    when soundfile sampling rate is not the same as the server's
    sampling rate.
  - New features:
  * Midi input refactoring. Events are now spreaded over the buffer size
    according to the event's timestamp.
  * MidiDispatcher can send sysex message with sendx() method.
  * Added a "title" argument to Server.gui() method.
  * Added a "setMode" method to Selector object to switch between
    equal power mode and linear fade.
  * Added a "setKeepLast" method to TableRead object (will hold last value).
  * Added "setIsJackTransportSlave" method to Server object (it allows to
    start/stop the Server from jack transport).
  * Added "setJackInputPortNames" and "setJackOutputPortNames" methods to
    Server object. This allow the user to rename jack input/output ports.
  * Added "id" and "object" attributes to wxgui's object events.
- Update to version 0.8.2
  - What's new:
  * Fixed latency issue when using portaudio as audio backend.
  * TrigFunc and Pattern now accept a tuple as "arg" argument (fixed issue #90).
  * E-Pyo: Fixed a bug in the documentation window.
  * Fixed midi input events handling.
  * Set interpolation to off by default for midi continuous controllers.
- Update to version 0.8.1
  - New objects:
  * LogiMap, random generator based on the logistic map.
  - New functionalities:
  * Added a method (sysexout()) to send sysex messages to the Server object.
  * Added PyoTableObject.getBuffer() method. The PyoTableObject now support
    the buffer protocol (see PEP 3118), which allow a table to share its data
    memory with any object that support the buffer protocol (ex. numpy array).
  * Added Server.setCallback() method to allow the user to define a custom
    process function. This function will be called once per buffer size, just
    before the computation of the audio objects tree.
  * Added Server.getCurrentTime() and Server.getCurrentAmp() methods.
  * Improve Looper object: Added a time stream, which gives the current
    normalized position. Added loopnow() method, which allows to start a new
    loop immediately with crossfade. Added appendFadeTime() and fadeInSeconds()
    methods to give a more flexible control of the behavior of the object.
  * Added an 'inverse' argument to PVGate object. When set to True, the
    damping factor is applied to bins with an amplitude above the threshold.
  * Added a `callback` argument to PyoObject.set() method. The given callback
    will be executed at the end of the ramp.
  * Added ctrl() method (and some missing setter) to midi objects.
  * TableWrite object now takes into account the feedback argument of NewTable
    object and interpolates to fill in gaps if its writing pointer moves faster
    than the sampling rate.
  * Added a reset() method to various delay line-based objects (AllpassWG,
    Chorus, Freeverb, Harmonizer, STRev, WGVerb, Waveguide).
  * All objects can be used as iterator (will iterate over its internal sterams).
  * SigTo ramp time now can be controlled at audio rate.
  * Iter object now sends a trigger when it reaches the last value.
  * Iter object now accepts PyoObjects in its list of values.
  - Bug fixes:
  * Fixed jack ports auto-connection algorithm.
  * Several minor bug fixes.
  - Improvements:
  * Added low-latency driver WDMKS in the portaudio build routine for Windows.
  * Replaced all printf calls with PySys_WriteStdout. This allow to redirect
    messages from pyo to a string or a file, instead of the stdout.
  - Documentation:
  * Added new examples, 05-envelopes/ and 06-filters/.
  * Added a new file, called "How to improve performance of your pyo programs",
    to the documentation.
- Implement single-spec version
* Tue Nov 18 2014
- Update to version 0.7.3
  * Added new objet: Scope, an audio waveform display.
  * E-Pyo: Fix marker's line numbering.
  * E-Pyo: Added Save As Template... menu item.
  * Fixed bug in Fader decreasing ramp.
  * Added midi output methods to the Server object. noteout, afterout, ctlout,
    programout, pressout and bendout.
  * Server.setMidiOutputDevice(idx) with `idx` greater than the higher portmidi
    devices index opens all available output devices.
  * Added new object: FToM, converts an audio stream containning frequencies in
    hertz to a midi note audio stream.
  * Added new function: hzToMidi, converts a frequency in hertz to a midi note
- Update to version 0.7.2
  * Server.setMidiInputDevice(idx) with `idx` greater than the higher portmidi
    input index opens all available devices.
  * OSX installer: Also install pyo in anaconda site-packages directory if
  * Added new object : TrigBurst, generates a time/amplitude expandable trigger
  * Added new object : Euclide, Euclidean rhythm generator.
  * Windows installers now check for the current python installation directory
    before installing files.
  * E-Pyo: Fixed inconsistencies in Find/Replace behaviours.
  * Added new object : SmoothDelay, a delay line that does not produce clicks
    or pitch shifting when the delay time is changing.
  * Added new object : AttackDetector, audio signal onset detection.
  * Added new object : Centroid, Computes the spectral centroid of an input
- Update to version 0.7.2
  * E-Pyo: Added RadioPyo to the template choices.
  * Fixed Compare when used with None or a string. Print a warning and set
    'comp' attribute to 0.
  * Fixed live interpreter of the server window when using arrow keys
  * E-Pyo: Check if WxPython 3.0 is installed, otherwise uses 2.8.
  * Added anti-aliasing to PyoTableObject's grapher widget. Fixed Ctrl+W on the
- Update to version 0.7.0
  * pyo can now be used without any GUI toolkit (WxPython or TKinter). Widgets
    are simply disabled.
  * Added Server methods to auto-connect Jack ports to already opened ports.
  * E-Pyo: output log now in realtime.
  * Added new object: Tanh, hyperbolic tangent function on audio signal.
- Update to version 0.6.9
  * Added lot of methods to PyoTableObject (retify, bipolarGain, invert,
    lowpass, fadein, fadeout, pow).
  * Added new object: PartialTable, generates waveforms made of inharmonic
  * Added a Scope example in examples/utilities.
  * Added new object: STRev, Stereo reverb.
  * Added dataOnly argument to SLMap. User can now control parameters, in ctrl
    window, that do not accept audio signal but discreet values.
  * Added new object: ComplexRes, Complex one-pole resonator filter.
  * Added new object: TrackHold, Performs a 'thru' and hold on its input
- Update to version 0.6.8
  * Added multi server facility and and embeded callback support for plugin
    development (code by Guillaume Barrette).
  * Add a channel offset to the server physical inputs and outputs.
  * Added support for reading/writing various soundfile formats. FLAC and OGG
    need libsndfile to be compiled with both of them enabled.
  * Added new object: PVMix, Mix the most prominent components from two phase
    vocoder streaming objects.
  * Added new object: TableScale, Scales values from a table and writes them
    into another table.
  * Added new object: Granule, another granular synthesis generator.
  * Added new object: PVBufTabLoops, phase vocoder buffer with bin independent
    speed playback (controlled with a PyoTableObject).
  * Added new object: PVBufLoops, phase vocoder buffer with bin independent
    speed playback.
  * Added new objects: PVShift, spectral frequency shifter. PVAmpMod and
    PVFreqMod, frequency independent modulations.
  * Added new objects: PVDelay, spectral delays and PVBuffer, phase vocoder
    recorder and playback.
  * Added setJackAuto method to the Server to disable (enabled by default) Jack
    ports auto-connection.
  * Added graph() method to DataTable object. Opens a multisliders window to
    edit the table content.
  * Added new object: PVFilter. Spectral filtering.
  * Added new object: PVCross, PVMult, PVMorph. Spectral morphing.
  * Added new object: PVAddSynth, Phase Vocoder additive synthesis object.
  * Phase Vocoder, first draft. PVAnal, PVSynth, PVTranspose, PVVerb and
  * E-Pyo: Added "Search in Project Files" option.
  * E-Pyo: Added Filters Menu. User-defined text processing functions.
  * Now using Sphinx to generate the API documentation.
  * Added new objects: ButLP, ButHP, ButBP, ButBR, second-order Butterworth
  * Added new objects: Reson and Resonx, second-order resonant bandpass
* Fri May 10 2013
- Initial version