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Change Logs

* Thu Aug 06 2020
- update to 3.11.0:
  * Version 3.11 adds support for MongoDB 4.4 and includes a number of bug fixes.
  * Support for OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol).
  * Support for PyOpenSSL as an alternative TLS implementation.
  * Support for the MONGODB-AWS authentication mechanism.
  * Support for the directConnection URI option and kwarg to MongoClient.
  * Support for speculative authentication attempts in connection handshakes which reduces the number of network roundtrips needed to authenticate new connections on MongoDB 4.4+.
  * Support for creating collections in multi-document transactions with create_collection() on MongoDB 4.4+.
  * Added index hinting support to the ReplaceOne, UpdateOne, UpdateMany, DeleteOne, and DeleteMany bulk operations.
  * Added support for bson.binary.UuidRepresentation.UNSPECIFIED and MongoClient(uuidRepresentation='unspecified') which will become the default UUID representation starting in PyMongo 4.0. See Handling UUID Data for details.
  * Added the background parameter to pymongo.database.Database.validate_collection(). For a description of this parameter see the MongoDB documentation for the validate command.
  * Added the allow_disk_use parameters to pymongo.collection.Collection.find().
  * Added the hedge parameter to PrimaryPreferred, Secondary, SecondaryPreferred, Nearest to support disabling (or explicitly enabling) hedged reads in MongoDB 4.4+.
* Mon Mar 09 2020
- update to 3.10.1:
  - Support for Client-Side Field Level Encryption with MongoDB 4.2. See
    :doc:`examples/encryption` for examples.
  - Support for Python 3.8.
  - Added :attr:`pymongo.client_session.ClientSession.in_transaction`.
  - Do not hold the Topology lock while creating connections in a MongoClient's
    background thread. This change fixes a bug where application operations would
    block while the background thread ensures that all server pools have
    minPoolSize connections.
  - Fix a UnicodeDecodeError bug when coercing a PyMongoError with a non-ascii
    error message to unicode on Python 2.
  - Fix an edge case bug where PyMongo could exceed the server's
    maxMessageSizeBytes when generating a compressed bulk write command.
* Tue Sep 10 2019
- Update to 3.9.0:
  * Update to sync with mongodb 4.2
* Mon May 27 2019
- Add patch to fix test run on 32bit:
  * mongodb-skip-test.patch
* Sat May 25 2019
- Update to 3.8.0:
* Fri Sep 21 2018
- Upgrade to 3.7.1
  * Calling `~pymongo.database.Database.authenticate` more than once with the
    same credentials results in OperationFailure.
  * Authentication fails when SCRAM-SHA-1 is used to authenticate users with
    only MONGODB-CR credentials.
  * A millisecond rounding problem when decoding datetimes in the pure
    Python BSON decoder on 32 bit systems and AWS lambda.
* Mon Jul 16 2018
- Upgrade to 3.7.0
    Version 3.7 adds support for MongoDB 4.0. More details are available