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Change Logs

Version: 2.0.6-bp150.2.3
* Sun Nov 20 2016
- update to version 2.0.6
* Sun Nov 06 2016
- initial packaging of version 2.0.2 generated with py2pack
Version: 2.0.13-bp152.1.9
* Tue Jul 30 2019
- version update to 2.0.13
  - WIA: Support of Canon MG3051: Fix getting data from the drivers
    (a Python byte buffer was reused instead of being duplicated)
  - WIA: Support of Epson Perfection scanners: Handle resolution range correctly
    (3 values provided instead of 2)
  - Sane: Support of Epson DS-310: Do not try to set a value on an option that
    can have only one value. Sane driver may return an error.
  - WIA: Support of Epson WorkForce ES-300W:
  * call to seek(0) wasn't handled properly
  * scan must be done on root WIAItem
  2018-03-05 : 2.0.12:
  - Build method has been changed: Use now "make install" instead of
    "python3 ./ install"
  - WIA: Add traces (from the C++ code, but using the Python logging module)
  - WIA: Fix behavior regarding feeders (Brother MFC-7360N for instance)
  2018-02-22 : 2.0.11:
  - Add pyinsane2.__version__
  - Sane: Normalize behavior between single and multi scan: Single scan must raise a StopIteration
    after the first EOFError
  - Sane/daemon: remove trace that reduced badly the performances
  - Build: Add Makefile (if working directly on the Git version, please use now
    'make install' instead of 'python3 ./ install')
  2017-07-11 : 2.0.10:
  - Now works with ' develop' (thanks to Matthieu Coudron)
  - WIA: Some drivers (Lexmark for instance) returns WIA_ERROR_PAPER_EMPTY when
    calling transfer->Download() instead of returning a shorted image (like HP)
  - MacOSX + Sane: disable dedicated process workaround (doesn't work)
  - WIA: Minor optimisation (Use collections.deque() instead of list.pop())
  - Sane/exit(): Exit gracefully
  2016-12-06 : 2.0.9:
  - Sane: Add workaround for scanners Samsung M288x: Option 'source' is actually
    called 'doc-source'
  2016-12-04 : 2.0.8:
  - WIA: Set various options to default values to avoid problems when scanning
  - WIA: Fix ADF support: clearly tell the driver we intend to scan pages one
    by one (required for support of Brother MFC-7360N)
  - WIA: Workaround: Prioritize source options over scanner options (required
    for support of Brother MFC-7360N)
  - WIA: Fix behavior of PyinsaneImageStream::Write() (required for support of
    Brother MFC-7360N)
  - Sane/Add workaround for Lexmark MFP: the option "resolution" is actually
    called "scan-resolution"
  - set_scanner_opt(): Fix the list of exceptions to catch when actually setting the option
  - Windows/WIA: Fix: If scanning only one page, at the end of page, don't request the next page
  - Windows/WIA: Make setting options more resilient to crappy drivers
  - Windows/WIA: Add __str__() on most objects (useful for diagnostic)