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Change Logs

* Tue Sep 10 2019
- Update to 3.9.0:
  * Add support for loading PEM files encrypted with AES256-CBC.
  * Add support for XChaCha20 and XChaCha20-Poly1305 ciphers.
  * Add support for bcrypt key derivation function (Crypto.Protocol.KDF.bcrypt).
  * Add support for left multiplication of an EC point by a scalar.
  * Add support for importing ECC and RSA keys in the new OpenSSH format.
* Thu May 30 2019
- Update Source to point to github.
* Thu May 30 2019
- Update to 3.8.2
  * GH#291: fix strict aliasing problem, emerged with GCC 9.1.
* Fri May 24 2019
-  Use -fno-strict-aliasing in order to bypass:
* Tue May 14 2019
- Update to 3.8.1
  * Add support for loading PEM files encrypted with AES192-CBC,
    AES256-CBC, and AES256-GCM.
  * When importing ECC keys, ignore EC PARAMS section that was
    included by some openssl commands.
  * repr() did not work for ECC.EccKey.
  * Minimal length for Blowfish cipher is 32 bits, not 40 bits.
  * Speed-up ECC performance. ECDSA is 33 times faster on the
    NIST P-256 curve.
  * Added support for NIST P-384 and P-521 curves.
  * EccKey has new methods size_in_bits() and size_in_bytes().
  * Support HMAC-SHA224, HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-SHA384, and HMAC-SHA512
    in PBE2/PBKDF2.
  * DER objects were not rejected if their length field had
    a leading zero.
  * Allow legacy RC2 ciphers to have 40-bit keys.
  * point_at_infinity() becomes an instance method for
    Crypto.PublicKey.ECC.EccKey, from a static one.
  * GH#258: False positive on PSS signatures when externally
    provided salt is too long.
* Wed Jan 09 2019
- Protect older platforms from encountering "Suggests:" keyword
* Thu Nov 29 2018
- Update to 3.7.2
  - Resolved issues
  * GH#242: Fixed compilation problem on ARM platforms.
- Update to 3.7.1
  - New features
  * Added type stubs to enable static type checking with mypy.
    Thanks to Michael Nix.
  * New ``update_after_digest`` flag for CMAC.
  - Resolved issues
  * GH#232: Fixed problem with gcc 4.x when compiling
  * GH#238: Incorrect digest value produced by CMAC after cloning
    the object.
  * Method ``update()`` of an EAX cipher object was returning the
    underlying CMAC object, instead of the EAX object itself.
  * Method ``update()`` of a CMAC object was not throwing an
    exception after the digest was computed (with ``digest()`` or
* Thu Nov 29 2018
- checked in python-pycrytodomex as separate package on request of
  Dirk Müller
* Sun Nov 25 2018
- fixed source url
* Thu Nov 01 2018
- Update to 3.7.0
  - New features
  * Added support for Poly1305 MAC (with AES and ChaCha20 ciphers
    for key derivation).
  * Added support for ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD cipher.
  * New parameter output for Crypto.Util.strxor.strxor,
    Crypto.Util.strxor.strxor_c, encrypt and decrypt methods in
    symmetric ciphers (Crypto.Cipher package). output is a
    pre-allocated buffer (a bytearray or a writeable memoryview)
    where the result must be stored. This requires less memory for
    very large payloads; it is also more efficient when encrypting
    (or decrypting) several small payloads.
  - Resolved issues
  * GH#266: AES-GCM hangs when processing more than 4GB at a time
    on x86 with PCLMULQDQ instruction.
  - Breaks in compatibility
  * Drop support for Python 3.3.
  * Remove Crypto.Util.py3compat.unhexlify and
  * With the old Python 2.6, use only ctypes (and not cffi) to
    interface to native code.
- Clean up spec
- pycryptodomex package spec added