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Change Logs

* Fri Mar 24 2017
- sort out duplicate rpmlintrc
* Thu Mar 16 2017
- update to 2.17
  - PR #121: Update bundled PLY version to 3.8
  - Issue #117: Fix parsing of extra semi-colons inside structure declarations.
  - PR #109: Update c_generator to add {} around nested named initializers.
  - PR #101: Added support for parsing pragmas into the AST.
  - Additional fake headers and typedefs, manifest fixes (#97, #106, #111).
  - Testing with Python 3.5 instead of 3.3 now (3.4 and 3.5 are the 3.x versions
  - PR #145: More complete support for offsetof()
  - Issue #116: Fix line numbers recorded for empty and compound statements.
  - Minor performance improvement to the invalid string literal regex.
- drop upstreamed 0002-Add-missing-typedef-sa_family_t-from-sys-socket.h.patch
- move source url to pypi
* Thu Dec 08 2016
- update for multipython build
- move fake_libc to site-packages, where it can be found by pkg_resources
  * this also prevents file conflict between python2 and python3
- fix-lexer-build.patch: fix build process to better generate parser/lexer
* Sat Jan 16 2016
- Add python-pycparser-rpmlintrc to sources
* Thu Jan 07 2016
- Tag added patch better
* Mon Nov 30 2015
- Update to version 2.14
  * Added CParser parameter to specify output directory for generated parsing
    tables (#84).
  * Removed lcc's cpp and its license from the distribution. Using lcc's cpp
    is no longer recommended, now that Clang has binary builds available for
  * Added support for offsetof() the way gcc implements it (special builtin
    that takes a type as an argument).
  * Added faked va_* macros (these are expected to come from stdarg.h)
  * Added a bunch more fake headers and typedefs to support parsing C projects
    like Git and SQLite without modifications to pycparser.
  * Added support for empty initializer lists (#79).
- Package fake_libc_include
  * switch to github release as pypi tarball don't contains all files
- Add 0002-Add-missing-typedef-sa_family_t-from-sys-socket.h.patch
  * upstream patch enhancing the fake_libc_include
* Mon May 11 2015
- update to version 2.12:
  * This is a fix release for 2.11; the memory optimization with
    __slots__ on Coord and AST nodes didn't take weakrefs into
    account, which broke cffi and its many dependents (issue #76).
    Fixed by adding __weakref__ to __slots__.
- additional changes from version 2.11:
  * Add support for C99 p7 - qualifiers within array
    dimensions in function declarations. Started with issue #21
    (reported with initial patch by Robin Martinjak).
  * Issue #27: bug in handling of unified wstring literals.
  * Issue #28: fix coord reporting for 'for' loops.
  * Added ``examples/`` to demonstrate how ``gcc
  - E`` can be used instead of ``cpp`` for preprocessing.
  * Pull request #64: support keywords like const, volatile,
    restrict and static in dimensions in array declarations.
  * Reduce memory usage of AST nodes (issue #72).
  * Parsing order of nested pointer declarations fixed (issue #68).
- update project URL
- fix end of line encoding of LICENSE
* Mon Aug 12 2013
- Update to version 2.10:
  - A number of improvements in the handling of typedef-name ambiguities,
    contributed by Sye van der Veen in GitHub issue #1:
  * Allow shadowing of types by identifiers in inner scopes.
  * Allow struct field names to reside in a separate namespace and have
    the same names as types.
  * Allow duplicate typedefs in some cases to mimic real compiler behavior.
  - c_generator error for ExprList in expression context.
  - Assume default int type for functions whose argument or return types were
    not specified.
  - Relax the lexer a bit w.r.t. some integer suffixes and $ in identifier names
    (which is supported by some other compilers).
- Package LICENSE
* Sat Apr 13 2013
- Remove since the two packages are not the same
* Wed Feb 27 2013
- Initial python3 support
* Sun Feb 10 2013
- Initial version