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Change Logs

* Wed Mar 07 2018
- Allows Recommends and Suggest in Fedora
* Tue Feb 27 2018
- Suggests only for SUSE
* Thu Feb 22 2018
- update to version 2.7.4:
  - Moving away from installing the wheel package by default.
  Packages installed from wheel raise a warning on import. Added package
  ``psycopg2-binary`` to install from wheel instead (:ticket:`#543`).
  - Convert fields names into valid Python identifiers in
  `~psycopg2.extras.NamedTupleCursor` (:ticket:`#211`).
  - Fixed Solaris 10 support (:ticket:`#532`).
  - `cursor.mogrify()` can be called on closed cursors (:ticket:`#579`).
  - Fixed setting session characteristics in corner cases on autocommit
  connections (:ticket:`#580`).
  - Fixed `~psycopg2.extras.MinTimeLoggingCursor` on Python 3 (:ticket:`#609`).
  - Fixed parsing of array of points as floats (:ticket:`#613`).
  - Fixed `~psycopg2.__libpq_version__` building with libpq >= 10.1
  - Fixed `~cursor.rowcount` after `~cursor.executemany()` with :sql:`RETURNING`
  statements (:ticket:`633`).
  - Fixed compatibility problem with pypy3 (:ticket:`#649`).
  - Wheel packages compiled against PostgreSQL 10.1 libpq and OpenSSL 1.0.2n.
  - Wheel packages for Python 2.6 no more available (support dropped from
  wheel building infrastructure).
- update to version
  - not relevant
- update to version
  - not relevant
* Tue Aug 08 2017
- update version to 2.7.3:
  - Restored default :sql:`timestamptz[]` typecasting to Python `!datetime`.
    Regression introduced in Psycopg 2.7.2 (:ticket:`#578`).
  - Fixed inconsistent state in externally closed connections
    (:tickets:`#263, #311, #443`). Was fixed in 2.6.2 but not included in
    2.7 by mistake.
  - Fixed Python exceptions propagation in green callback (:ticket:`#410`).
  - Don't display the password in `connection.dsn` when the connection
    string is specified as an URI (:ticket:`#528`).
  - Return objects with timezone parsing "infinity" :sql:`timestamptz`
  - Dropped dependency on VC9 runtime on Windows binary packages
  - Fixed segfault in `~connection.lobject()` when *mode*\=\ `!None`
  - Fixed `~connection.lobject()` keyword argument *lobject_factory*
  - Fixed `~psycopg2.extras.ReplicationCursor.consume_stream()`
  * keepalive_interval* argument (:ticket:`#547`).
  - Maybe fixed random import error on Python 3.6 in multiprocess
    environment (:ticket:`#550`).
  - Fixed random `!SystemError` upon receiving abort signal (:ticket:`#551`).
  - Accept `~psycopg2.sql.Composable` objects in
  - Parse intervals returned as microseconds from Redshift (:ticket:`#558`).
  - Added `~psycopg2.extras.Json` `!prepare()` method to consider connection
    params when adapting (:ticket:`#562`).
  - `~psycopg2.errorcodes` map updated to PostgreSQL 10 beta 1.
* Mon Jul 10 2017
- Trim filler wording from description.
* Fri Jun 23 2017
- convert to singlespec
- update to 2.7.1
  * Added sql module to generate SQL dynamically (ticket #308).
  * Added Replication protocol support (ticket #322). Main authors are
    Oleksandr Shulgin and Craig Ringer, who deserve a huge thank you.
  * Added parse_dsn() and make_dsn() functions (tickets #321, #363). connect()
    now can take both dsn and keyword arguments, merging them together.
  * Added __libpq_version__ and libpq_version() to inspect the version of the
    libpq library the module was compiled/loaded with (tickets #35, #323).
  * The attributes notices and notifies can be customized replacing them with
    any object exposing an append() method (ticket #326).
  * Adapt network types to ipaddress objects when available. When not enabled,
    convert arrays of network types to lists by default. The old Inet adapter is
    deprecated (tickets #317, #343, #387).
  * Added quote_ident() function (ticket #359).
  * Added get_dsn_parameters() connection method (ticket #364).
  * callproc() now accepts a dictionary of parameters (ticket #381).
  * Give precedence to __conform__() over superclasses to choose an object
    adapter (ticket #456).
  * Using Python C API decoding functions and codecs caching for faster
    unicode encoding/decoding (ticket #473).
  * executemany() slowness addressed by execute_batch() and execute_values()
    (ticket #491).
  * Added async_ as an alias for async to support Python 3.7 where async will
    become a keyword (ticket #495).
  * Unless in autocommit, do not use default_transaction_* settings to control
    the session characteristics as it may create problems with external
    connection pools such as pgbouncer; use BEGIN options instead (ticket #503).
  * isolation_level is now writable and entirely separated from autocommit;
    added readonly, deferrable writable attributes.
  * dropped support for python 2.5 and postgres client library < 9.1
  * many bugs fixed
- drop doc subpackage, html docs available from
* Wed Jun 21 2017
- Do not include unneccessary undeterministic environment.pickle in package to fix build-compare
* Mon Nov 14 2016
- update to 2.6.2:
  * Fixed inconsistent state in externally closed connections (tickets #263, #311, #443).
  * Report the server response status on errors (such as ticket #281).
  * Raise NotSupportedError on unhandled server response status (ticket #352).
  * Allow overriding string adapter encoding with no connection (ticket #331).
  * The wait_select callback allows interrupting a long-running query in an interactive shell using Ctrl-C (ticket #333).
  * Fixed PersistentConnectionPool on Python 3 (ticket #348).
  * Fixed segfault on repr() of an uninitialized connection (ticket #361).
  * Allow adapting bytes using QuotedString on Python 3 (ticket #365).
  * Added support for setuptools/wheel (ticket #370).
  * Fix build on Windows with Python 3.5, VS 2015 (ticket #380).
  * Fixed errorcodes.lookup initialization thread-safety (ticket #382).
  * Fixed read() exception propagation in copy_from (ticket #412).
  * Fixed possible NULL TZ decref (ticket #424).
  * errorcodes map updated to PostgreSQL 9.5.
  * Lists consisting of only None are escaped correctly (ticket #285).
  * Fixed deadlock in multithread programs using OpenSSL (ticket #290).
  * Correctly unlock the connection after error in flush (ticket #294).
  * Fixed MinTimeLoggingCursor.callproc() (ticket #309).
  * Added support for MSVC 2015 compiler (ticket #350).
* Wed Mar 09 2016
- use the year from source gzip header instead of current one
  to make reproducible rpms
* Tue Feb 24 2015
- update to version 2.6:
  - Added support for large objects larger than 2GB. Many thanks to Blake Rouse
    and the MAAS Team for the feature development.
  - Python `time` objects with a tzinfo specified and PostgreSQL :sql:`timetz`
    data are converted into each other (:ticket:`#272`).
  - Json apapter's `!str()` returns the adapted content instead of the `!repr()`
  - Named cursors used as context manager don't swallow the exception on exit
  - `cursor.description` can be pickled (:ticket:`#265`).
  - Propagate read error messages in COPY FROM (:ticket:`#270`).
  - PostgreSQL time 24:00 is converted to Python 00:00 (:ticket:`#278`).
  - Added :sql:`jsonb` support for PostgreSQL 9.4 (:ticket:`#226`).
  - Fixed segfault if COPY statements are passed to `~cursor.execute()` instead
    of using the proper methods (:ticket:`#219`).
  - Force conversion of pool arguments to integer to avoid potentially unbounded
    pools (:ticket:`#220`).
  - Cursors :sql:`WITH HOLD` don't begin a new transaction upon move/fetch/close
  - Cursors :sql:`WITH HOLD` can be used in autocommit (:ticket:`#229`).
  - `~cursor.callproc()` doesn't silently ignore an argument without a length.
  - Fixed memory leak with large objects (:ticket:`#256`).
  - Make sure the internal ```` module can be imported stand-alone (to
    allow modules juggling such as the one described in :ticket:`#201`).
  - Work around `pip issue #1630 <>`__
    making installation via ``pip -e git+url`` impossible (:ticket:`#18`).
  - Copy operations correctly set the `cursor.rowcount` attribute
  - It is now possible to call `get_transaction_status()` on closed connections.
  - Fixed unsafe access to object names causing assertion failures in
    Python 3 debug builds (:ticket:`#188`).
  - Mark the connection closed if found broken on `poll()` (from :ticket:`#192`
  - Fixed handling of dsn and closed attributes in connection subclasses
    failing to connect (from :ticket:`#192` discussion).
  - Added arbitrary but stable order to `Range` objects, thanks to
    Chris Withers (:ticket:`#193`).
  - Avoid blocking async connections on connect (:ticket:`#194`). Thanks to
    Adam Petrovich for the bug report and diagnosis.
  - Don't segfault using poorly defined cursor subclasses which forgot to call
    the superclass init (:ticket:`#195`).
  - Mark the connection closed when a Socket connection is broken, as it
    happens for TCP connections instead (:ticket:`#196`).
  - Fixed overflow opening a lobject with an oid not fitting in a signed int
  - Fixed handling of explicit default ``cursor_factory=None`` in
    `connection.cursor()` (:ticket:`#210`).
  - Fixed possible segfault in named cursors creation.
  - Fixed debug build on Windows, thanks to James Emerton.
- Add python-Sphinx as BuilrRequires to build documenation. Also adjust
  the build process for html docs.