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* Wed Oct 18 2017
- Version 2.4
    PR 157 unwrap dictionary comprehensions to allow for python 2.6 to work - Issue #156
    PR #153 Fix/day of week offsets
    PR #146 Test failure: eom is correct, but expectation is wrong
    PR #142 Fixed all PyICU test failure
    PR #138 bug(date3): rely on comparison of hour and year strings but not strict char position
    PR #135 update manifest, clean up and move historical text files
    PR #130 Refactoring of pdt_locales
    PR #134 Uses `codecov` to generate coverage report
    PR #128 Master
    PR #127 Issue #126 - removed inheritance from object and removed return value…
    PR #118 ADD: improve russian locale
    PR #117 ADD: Russian Locale
    PR #116 Fix spelling of "separator".
    PR #115 Update README.rst
    PR #113 Add datetime example to readme.
    PR #111 Allowed real number appear in text like "5.5 days ago"
    Issue #219 - remove 'setup_requires' from
    Issue #215 - tests fail in March
    Issue #156 parsedatetime 2.0 doesn't work on py26
    Issue #155 Relative times containing years fail when computed from a leap day
    Issue #145 cal.parse('2015-11-18') returns November 19th 2015
    Issue #143 What is the second value returned by `parse`?
    Issue #141 Bad test case in TestComplexDateTimes
    Issue #123 update supporting files for v2.0 release
    Issue #124 Put locales into config-files (yaml)
    Issue #125 Remove extra files
    Issue #137 Year is parsed wrongly if the date is of format MMM DD, YYxx xx:SS bug
    Issue #136 Why I see 2016 instead of 2015?
    Issue #133 Bug: "2015-01-01" is parsed as the current date.
    Issue #126 "Unresolved attribute reference 'parse' for class 'object'... " in Pycharm IDE. bug
    Issue #120 the pdt_locales/ file uses en_A for the localID instead of en_AU
    Issue #114 Dates in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM' give the incorrect month and day
    Issue #112 Document getting a time from parsedatetime into a standard Python structure
    Issue #110 AttributeError when running in the context of an HTTP request
    Issue #109 YearParseStyle is ignored for dates in MM/DD style
    Issue #107 yyyy/mm/dd date format
    Issue #105 "this week" is not parsed
    Issue #103 get UTC times from parseDT - trouble with at 9:30 clock times being interpreted directly in UTC
    Issue #100 Fractional deltas result in incoherent results.
* Thu Aug 24 2017
- singlespec auto-conversion
* Fri Oct 16 2015
- Version 1.5 (25 Jun 2015)
    Issue #99 Which year is implied when given just a month and day? Next and last? question
    Issue #96 Word boundary issues for specials (on, at, in) in nlp
    Issue #94 inconsistent application of sourceTime in Calendar.parseDT
    Issue #87 nlp() doesn't recognize some "next ..." expressions
    Issue #84 Afternoon? bug
    Issue #82 'last week' and 'next week' are broken
    Issue #81 parse returns default time of 0900 with dates like 'next friday' despite passed struct_time bug
    Issue #78 Link for Travis in README is wrong
    Issue #72 Enable travis
    Issue #71 Calendar() class can not be initialized 1.4 (it's fine)
    Issue #66 Unexpected struct_time flag with Calendar.parse on HTML <a href> string
    Issue #65 NLP false positives
    Issue #63 Supporting multiple shortweekday abbreviations
    Issue #61 Short weekday abbreviations bug
    Issue #56 Parse words to numbers (thirteen => 13)
    Issue #54 testMonths fails
    commit 107c7e4655 fix for issue 95 - parsing 'next june 15'
    commit 2c0c8ec778 Fixed faulty test, "730am" parses as "73:0 am" which is a bug for a later day.
    commit 6f244e891d Fix "ones" parsing as "1s." Require a word boundary between spelled numbers and units.
    commit 035818edef Fix "1 day ago" parsing like "1d 1y ago" where "a" within the word "day" is interpreted as 1.
    commit 45002e6eec Fixes "next week" and similar modifier + unit pairs in nlp()
    commit 47d2e1d527 Fixed "last week"
* Mon Jul 13 2015
- Fix building on SLES 11
* Fri Jul 10 2015
- Fix service file
* Tue Jun 09 2015
- Fix source url
* Tue Jun 09 2015
- Initial package