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Change Logs

Version: 2.0.6-1.21
* Sat Oct 21 2017
- update to version 2.0.6:
  * 2.0.5 contains breaking changes.
* Fri Oct 20 2017
- update to version 2.0.5:
  * Fix OAuth2Error.response_mode for #463.
  * Documentation improvement.
* Mon Sep 25 2017
- update to version 2.0.4:
  * Fixed typo that caused OAuthlib to crash because of the fix in
    "Address missing OIDC errors and fix a typo in the
    AccountSelectionRequired exception".
- changes from version 2.0.3:
  * Address missing OIDC errors and fix a typo in the
    AccountSelectionRequired exception.
  * Update proxy keys on CaseInsensitiveDict.update().
  * Redirect errors according to OIDC's response_mode.
  * Added universal wheel support.
  * Added log statements to except clauses.
  * According to RC7009 Section 2.1, a client should include
    authentication credentials when revoking its tokens. As discussed
    in #339, this is not make sense for public clients. However, in
    that case, the public client should still be checked that is
    infact a public client (authenticate_client_id).
  * Improved prompt parameter validation.
  * Added two error codes from RFC 6750.
  * Hybrid response types are now be fragment-encoded.
  * Added Python 3.6 to Travis CI testing and trove classifiers.
  * Fixed BytesWarning issued when using a string placeholder for
    bytes object.
  * Documented PyJWT dependency and improved logging and exception
  * Documentation improvements and fixes.
* Mon Aug 21 2017
- update to 2.0.2:
  * Dropped support for Python 2.6, 3.2 & 3.3.
  * (FIX) `OpenIDConnector` will no longer raise an AttributeError when calling
    `openid_authorization_validator()` twice.
* Sun May 07 2017
- Convert to singlespec
* Mon Jan 02 2017
- Use and htttps as Source
* Sun Jan 01 2017
- update to 2.0.1:
  too many changes to be listed herein
  (see /usr/share/doc/packages/python-oauthlib/CHANGELOG.rst)
- removed obsolete pycrypto.patch because changes were made upstream
* Thu Sep 15 2016
- Include in SLES 12 (FATE#321371, bsc#998103)
* Wed Apr 22 2015
- Update to 0.7.2:
  * (Quick fix) Unpushed locally modified files got included in the PyPI 0.7.1
    release. Doing a new clean release to address this. Please upgrade quickly
    and report any issues you are running into.
  * (Quick fix) Add oauthlib.common.log object back in for libraries using it.
  * (Change) OAuth2 clients will not raise a Warning on scope change if
    the environment variable ``OAUTHLIB_RELAX_TOKEN_SCOPE`` is set. The token
    will now be available as an attribute on the error, ``error.token``.
    Token changes will now also be announced using blinker.
  * (Fix/Feature) Automatic fixes of non-compliant OAuth2 provider responses (e.g. Facebook).
  * (Fix) Logging is now tiered (per file) as opposed to logging all under ``oauthlib``.
  * (Fix) Error messages should now include a description in their message.
  * (Fix/Feature) Optional support for jsonp callbacks after token revocation.
  * (Feature) Client side preparation of OAuth 2 token revocation requests.
  * (Feature) New OAuth2 client API methods for preparing full requests.
  * (Feature) OAuth1 SignatureOnlyEndpoint that only verifies signatures and client IDs.
  * (Fix/Feature) Refresh token grant now allow optional refresh tokens.
  * (Fix) add missing state param to OAuth2 errors.
  * (Fix) add_params_to_uri now properly parse fragment.
  * (Fix/Feature) All OAuth1 errors can now be imported from oauthlib.oauth1.
  * (Fix/Security) OAuth2 logs will now strip client provided password, if present.
  * Allow unescaped @ in urlencoded parameters.
- New dependency on python-blinker
- Add pycrypto.patch to be compatible with latest PyJWT
* Wed Jul 23 2014
- Update to version 0.6.3:
  + 0.6.3:
  * Quick fix. OAuth 1 client repr in 0.6.2 overwrote secrets when
    scrubbing for print.
  + 0.6.2:
  * Numerous OAuth2 provider errors now suggest a status code of 401 instead
    of 400 (#247.
  * Added support for JSON web tokens with oauthlib.common.generate_signed_token.
    Install extra dependency with oauthlib[signedtoken] (#237).
  * OAuth2 scopes can be arbitrary objects with __str__ defined (#240).
  * OAuth 1 Clients can now register custom signature methods (#239).
  * Exposed new method oauthlib.oauth2.is_secure_transport that checks whether
    the given URL is HTTPS. Checks using this method can be disabled by setting
    the environment variable OAUTHLIB_INSECURE_TRANSPORT (#249).
  * OAuth1 clients now has __repr__ and will be printed with secrets scrubbed.
  * OAuth1 Client.get_oauth_params now takes an oauthlib.Request as an argument.
  * urldecode will now raise a much more informative error message on
    incorrectly encoded strings.
  * Plenty of typo and other doc fixes.
- new dependency on PyJWT