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Change Logs

* Wed Mar 31 2021 Guillaume GARDET <>
- Add upstream patch to fix test on Backports:SLE-15-SP3:
  * 983.patch
* Fri Feb 12 2021 Dirk Müller <>
- skip python 36
* Fri Jul 10 2020 Marketa Calabkova <>
- Update to 3.1.1
  * Conformation function (``processing.conform``) and CLI tool
    (``nib-conform``) to apply shape, orientation and zooms (pr/853) (Jakub
    Kaczmarzyk, reviewed by CM, YOH)
  * Affine rescaling function (``affines.rescale_affine``) to update
    dimensions and voxel sizes (pr/853) (CM, reviewed by Jakub Kaczmarzyk)
  * ``kw_only_meth``/``kw_only_func`` decorators are deprecated (pr/848)
    (RM, reviewed by CM)
- Add patch purge-nose.patch
Version: 3.0.1-bp152.2.1
* Thu May 21 2020 Petr Gajdos <>
- %python3_only -> %python_alternative
* Fri Mar 06 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 3.0.1:
  * Test failed by using array method on tuple. (pr/860) (Ben Darwin, reviewed by CM)
  * Validate ExpiredDeprecationErrors, promoted by 3.0 release from DeprecationWarnings. (pr/857) (CM)
  * Improve testing of data scaling in ArrayProxy API (pr/847) (CM, reviewed by Alejandro de la Vega)
  * Document SpatialImage.slicer interface (pr/846) (CM)
  * get_fdata(dtype=np.float32) will attempt to avoid casting data to np.float64 when scaling parameters would otherwise promote the data type unnecessarily. (pr/833) (CM, reviewed by Ross Markello)
  * ArraySequence now supports a large set of Python operators to combine or update in-place. (pr/811) (MC, reviewed by Serge Koudoro, Philippe Poulin, CM, MB)
  * Warn, rather than fail, on DICOMs with unreadable Siemens CSA tags (pr/818) (Henry Braun, reviewed by CM)
  * Improve clarity of coordinate system tutorial (pr/823) (Egor Panfilov, reviewed by MB)
Version: 2.5.1-bp152.1.2
* Tue Nov 19 2019 Todd R <>
- Update to version 2.5.1
  + Enhancements
  * Ignore endianness in ``nib-diff`` if values match
  + Bug fixes
  * Correctly handle Philips DICOMs w/ derived volume
  * Raise CSA tag limit to 1000, parametrize for future relaxing
  * Coerce data types to match NIfTI intent codes when writing GIFTI data
  + Maintenance
  * Require h5py 2.10 for Windows + Python < 3.6 to resolve unexpected dtypes
    in Minc2 data
  + API changes and deprecations
  * Deprecate ``nicom.dicomwrappers.Wrapper.get_affine()`` in favor of ``affine``
    property; final removal in nibabel 4.0
- Update to version 2.5.0
  + Enhancements
  * Add SerializableImage class with to/from_bytes methods
  * Check CIFTI-2 data shape matches shape described by header
  + Bug fixes
  * Handle stricter numpy casting rules in tests
  * TRK header fields flipped in files written on big-endian systems
  * Load multiframe ECAT images with Python 3
  + Maintenance
  * Fix CodeCov paths on Appveyor for more accurate coverage
  * Move to setuptools and reduce use ``nisext`` functions
  * Better handle test setup/teardown
  + API changes and deprecations
  * Effect threatened warnings and set some deprecation timelines
  * Trackvis methods now default to v2 formats
  * ``nibabel.trackvis`` scheduled for removal in nibabel 4.0
  * ``nibabel.minc`` and ``nibabel.MincImage`` will be removed in nibabel 3.0
- Drop upstream-included fix_numpy_1_17.patch
* Mon Jul 29 2019 Todd R <>
- Add fix_numpy_1_17.patch to fix building with numpy 1.17.0
  From: gh#/nipy/nibabel#768
* Fri Jul 26 2019 Todd R <>
- Initial version