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Version: 1.2.2-bp150.2.5
* Mon May 07 2018
- Update to version 1.2.2:
  + Fix folder string comparison to prevent duplicate extension
    loading (bgo##792427).
* Mon Jan 08 2018
- Update to version 1.2.1:
  + Fix syntax error when building docs using python3 (bgo#792348).
- Changes from version 1.2:
  + Added capability to compile with python 3 support using PYTHON
    environment variable.
  + Improve extension path loading semantics to follow XDG
    recommendations (bgo#781232).
  + Require Nautilus 3.0 before importing extensions to prevent
    warnings (bgo#791208).
- Turn the package into singlespec.
- Update URL tag to
  currently the Nautilus Python project's web page.
- Drop:
  + libtool BuildRequires and autoreconf call: the last is no
    longer needed and the former is automatically being pulled.
  + Standard BuilRoot setting tag: RPM already handles this itself.
- Pass --docdir=%{_docdir}/%{name} to configure for the use of the
  right documentation's directory.
- Unconditionalize gtk-doc BuildRequires as the documentation is
  building without further problems again.
- Remove unneeded %clean section once RPM does this work itself
- Correct out of order sentence in package descriptions.
* Wed May 09 2012
- Explicitly add missing typelib(Nautilus) Requires: we can't use
  the automatic typelib() Requires generator since this python
  module is written in C.
* Fri Dec 02 2011
- add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Mon Oct 17 2011
- Update to version 1.1:
  + Added pygobject3 compatibility, and retained pygobject 2.28.x
  + Bugs fixed: bgo#660290, bgo#660288, bgo#660287, bgo#660286,
    bgo#660283, bgo#653169.
- Drop patches that have been merged upstream:
  + python-nautilus-fix-path-in-pc.patch
  + python-nautilus-fix-warnings.patch
  + python-nautilus-no-extension-on-failure.patch
  + python-nautilus-pygobject-3.0.patch
* Wed Sep 28 2011
- Port to pygobject 3.0:
  + Add nautilus-python-pygobject-3.0.patch: do the port :-)
  + Change pkgconfig(pygobject-2.0) BuildRequires to
  + Add call to autoreconf, needed for the patch.
- Use a build_doc macro to decide whether to build the
  documentation. It controls the following:
  + Use of gtk-doc BuildRequires.
  + Use of --disable-gtk-doc or --enable-gtk-doc option passed to
- Set build_doc macro to 0 as the documentation build currently
  requires the old pygobject.
- Add python-nautilus-fix-warnings.patch: fix various warnings in
  the build.
- Add python-nautilus-no-extension-on-failure.patch: do not load
  extensions on initialization failures.
* Wed Jun 22 2011
- Fix /usr/share/nautilus-python directories not owned by a
- Update spec file Licence field from GPLv2+ to GPL-2.0+ to
  conform with identifier.
* Fri Jun 17 2011
- Add python-nautilus-fix-path-in-pc.patch to fix the pkg-config
  file to refer to the right extension directory, now that it
* Fri May 27 2011
- Update dependencies after move to gobject introspection:
  + Remove python-gnome-devel, python-gtk-devel BuildRequires,
    python-gtk Requires from main package, and python-gtk-devel
    Requires from devel subpackage.
  + Add pkgconfig(pygobject-2.0) BuildRequires and python-gobject
- Change nautilus-devel BuildRequires to
- Drop unneeded python-gobject2-doc BuildRequires.
- Fix license tag: the code is GPLv2+ (and not LGPLv2+).
- Stop creating %{_libdir}/nautilus/extensions-2.0/python directory
  as extensions there are not considered anymore.
* Sun May 22 2011
- Update to version 1.0:
  + Use the gobject instrospection dynamic bindings, breaks
    compatibility for existing extensions.
  + For Nautilus3, the get_toolbar_items methods have been removed.
  + No longer look in the old ~/.nautilus/python-extensions or
    /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions2.0/python folders for extensions.
    Now look in ~/.local/share/nautilus-python/extensions or
  + Updated the gtk-doc documentation and examples to work with new
    dynamic bindings.
* Mon May 02 2011
- Update to version 0.7.3:
  + Use PyCapsule_Import for pygobject as well as pygtk
  + bgo#644399: in the property page example plugin, get the md5sum
    of the file contents, not the file name
  + Removed extraneous .cvsignore files
  + Fixed the update-file-info-async example plugin.
* Mon Mar 21 2011
- Update to version 0.7.2:
  + Fix to get the PyCapsule patch to work even if there is no
    PyCapsule object set up for pygtk
- Changes from version 0.7.1:
  + bgo#619440: Fixed AM_CHECK_PYTHON_LIBS usage of test
  + Cleaned up the docs to make it more consistent
  + Fix some python3 syntax issues in the python.m4 script
  + bgo#633171: Add python 2.7 support.
* Fri Jan 07 2011
- Create and own %{_datadir}/nautilus-python/extensions since
  extensions can be installed there now.
* Sun Aug 08 2010
- Pass --enable-gtk-doc to configure, and add gtk-doc and
  python-gobject2-doc BuildRequires to build the API docs.
* Mon Jun 21 2010
- Update to version 0.7.0:
  + Added methods:
  - nautilus.InfoProvider.update_file_info_full
  - nautilus.InfoProvider.update_complete_invoke
  - nautilus.InfoProvider.cancel_update
  - nautilus.MenuProvider.get_file_items_full
  - nautilus.MenuProvider.get_background_items_full
  - nautilus.MenuProvider.get_toolbar_items_full
  - nautilus.MenuProvider.emit_items_updated_signal
  + Added complete gtk-doc documentation: tutorial and reference.
    Enable by adding the --enable-gtk-doc argument to ./configure
    or ./
  + Updated the file so it is not a copied-over obsolete
    version of, but a shell that calls the user's
  + Removed obsolete .spec file
  + Removed obsolete examples/ file
  + Added an example plugin for the LocationWidgetProvider
  + Look for python plugins in
    This includes ~/.local/share and /usr/share (or whatever
    $XDG_DATA_DIR is set to).
* Tue Jan 19 2010
- Update to version 0.6.1:
  + Look for instead of, the
    latter is general available from -devel packages only.
  + Re-added the missing spec and pc files
  + Free pygobject data directly after using file objects. Stops
    seg faults from occurring when nautilus wants to free pygobject
    data after Py_Finalize() is called.
* Fri Jan 15 2010
- Update to version 0.6.0:
  + Remove eel dependency
  + Sanitize python search path
  + Remove gnomevfs dependency and unused code
  + Load python from lib64 in 64 bit multilib distributions
  + Fix segfault when a plugin doesn't implement the __init__
  + Added the can_write, get_mount, get_file_type, get_location,
    and get_parent_location methods to the NautilusFileInfo object
  + Added the NautilusMenu.get_items method
  + Updated some example plugins
  + Bug fix for some PyThreadState_New segmentation faults
  + Use the nautilus prefix by default for distfiles, rather than
  + Require nautilus-2.22 and pygobject-2.16 now that we support
- Drop python-nautilus-no-libeel.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop python-nautilus-no-gnomevfs.patch: fixed upstream.
- Drop python-nautilus-autoreconf-m4.patch: not needed anymore,
  since we can remove the autoreconf call now.
* Sun Jun 14 2009
- Clean up package for Contrib.