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Change Logs

Version: 6.0.0-bp152.4.1
* Thu May 28 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Add patch to fix build with new pytest-mock:
  * pytest-mock.patch
Version: 6.0.0-bp151.1.3
* Sun Feb 10 2019 Arun Persaud <>
- specfile:
  * update copyright year
- update to version 6.0.0:
  * Drop support for Python 2.6 and 3.3 (thanks @jdufresne) (issue
  * Remove deprecated APIs (kwargs number_type, signed, exp, as_path,
    py3_safe; enums ns.TYPESAFE, ns.DIGIT, ns.VERSION; functions
    versorted, index_versorted) (issue #81)
  * Remove pipenv as a dependency for building (issue #86)
  * Simply Travis-CI configuration (thanks @jdufresne) (issue #88)
  * Fix README rendering in PyPI (thanks @altendky) (issue #89)
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- specfile:
  * added CHANGELOG.rst
- update to version 5.5.0:
  * Formally deprecated old or misleading APIs (issue #83)
  * Documentation, packaging, and CI cleanup (thanks @jdufresne)
    (issues #69, #71-#80)
  * Consolidate API documentation into a single page (issue #82)
  * Add a CHANGELOG.rst to the top-level of the repository (issue #85)
  * Add back support for very old versions of setuptools (issue #84)
* Sun Sep 16 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 5.4.1:
  * Fix error in a newly added test.
  * Changed code format and quality checking infrastructure.
* Sat Sep 08 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- specfile:
  * be more specific in %files section
- update to version 5.4.0:
  * Re-expose natsort_key as "public" and remove the associated
  * Add better developer documentation.
  * Refactor tests.
  * Bump allowed fastnumbers version.
* Wed Aug 29 2018
- Make sure tests pass in python 3.7
* Sun Jul 08 2018
- update to version 5.3.3:
  * Update docs with a FAQ and quick how-it-works.
  * Fix a StopIteration error in the testing code.
  * Enable Python 3.7 support in Travis-CI.
* Wed May 23 2018
- Version set the requires based on
* Mon May 21 2018
- specfile:
  * added setuptools as a requirements
* Mon May 21 2018
- update to version 5.3.2:
  * Fix bug that prevented install on old versions of setuptools.
  * Revert layout from src/natsort/ back to natsort/ to make user
    testing simpler.
* Tue May 15 2018
- update to version 5.3.1:
  * No bugfixes or features, just infrastructure and installation
  * Move to defining dependencies with Pipfile.
  * Development layout is now src/natsort/ instead of natsort/.
  * Add bumpversion infrastructure.
  * Extras can be installed by "[]" notation.
* Sat Apr 21 2018
- update to version 5.3.0:
  * Fix bug in assessing fastnumbers version at import-time.
  * Add ability to consider unicode-decimal numbers as numbers.
* Thu Mar 01 2018
- specfile:
  * update copyright year
- update to version 5.2.0:
  * Add ns.NUMAFTER to cause numbers to be placed after non-numbers.
  * Add natcmp function (Python 2 only).
* Wed Oct 18 2017
- Implement single-spec version
- Update to version 5.1.0
  * See changelog at
* Tue Feb 03 2015
- Update to 3.5.2
  - Enhancement that will convert a 'pathlib.Path' object to a 'str' if
    'ns.PATH' is enabled.
- Update to 3.5.1
  - Fixed bug that caused list/tuples to fail when using 'ns.LOWECASEFIRST'
    or 'ns.IGNORECASE'.
  - Refactored modules so that only the public API was in and
  - Refactored all import statements to be absolute, not relative.
- Update to 3.5.0
  - Added the 'alg' argument to the 'natsort' functions.  This argument
    accepts an enum that is used to indicate the options the user wishes
    to use.  The 'number_type', 'signed', 'exp', 'as_path', and 'py3_safe'
    options are being depreciated and will become (undocumented)
    keyword-only options in natsort version 4.0.0.
  - The user can now modify how 'natsort' handles the case of non-numeric
  - The user can now instruct 'natsort' to use locale-aware sorting, which
    allows 'natsort' to perform true "human sorting".
  - The `humansorted` convenience function has been included to make this
  - Updated shell script with locale functionality.
- Update to 3.4.1
  - 'natsort' will now use the 'fastnumbers' module if it is installed. This
    gives up to an extra 30% boost in speed over the previous performance
  - Made documentation point to more 'natsort' resources, and also added a
    new example in the examples section.
- Update to 3.4.0
  - Fixed a bug that caused user's options to the 'natsort_key' to not be
    passed on to recursive calls of 'natsort_key'.
  - Added a 'natsort_keygen' function that will generate a wrapped version
    of 'natsort_key' that is easier to call.  'natsort_key' is now set to
    depreciate at natsort version 4.0.0.
  - Added an 'as_path' option to 'natsorted' & co. that will try to treat
    input strings as filepaths. This will help yield correct results for
    OS-generated inputs like
    ``['/p/q/o.x', '/p/q (1)/o.x', '/p/q (10)/o.x', '/p/q/o (1).x']``.
  - Massive performance enhancements for string input (1.8x-2.0x), at the expense
    of reduction in speed for numeric input (~2.0x).
  - This is a good compromise because the most common input will be strings,
    not numbers, and sorting numbers still only takes 0.6x the time of sorting
    strings.  If you are sorting only numbers, you would use 'sorted' anyway.
  - Added the 'order_by_index' function to help in using the output of
    'index_natsorted' and 'index_versorted'.
  - Added the 'reverse' option to 'natsorted' & co. to make it's API more
    similar to the builtin 'sorted'.
  - Added more unit tests.
  - Added auxillary test code that helps in profiling and stress-testing.
  - Reworked the documentation, moving most of it to PyPI's hosting platform.
  - Added support for
  - Entire codebase is now PyFlakes and PEP8 compliant.
- Implement update-alternatives for upcoming python 3 version.
* Sat Jul 12 2014
- initial packaging of 3.3.0 version