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Change Logs

* Thu May 07 2020 Sebastian Wagner <>
- update to version 1.5.4:
  - 1.5.3 was missing a test database. This release adds the test file.
  There are no other changes. Reported by Lumír 'Frenzy' Balhar. GitHub #60.
- update to version 1.5.3:
  - Fix a segfault when decoding a database with a corrupt data section.
  Reported by Robert Scott. GitHub #58.
* Sat Mar 14 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Fix build without python2
* Wed Jan 01 2020 Sebastian Wagner <>
- update to version 1.5.2:
  - Minor performance improvements in the pure Python reader.
* Sun Oct 06 2019 Sebastian Wagner <>
- update to version 1.5.1:
  - Fix a possible segfault due to not correctly incrementing the reference
    on a returned object.
- update to version 1.5.0:
  - Python 3.3 and 3.4 are no longer supported.
  - The extension source directory was moved to prevent an ``ImportWarning``
    when importing the module on Python 2 with ``-Wdefault`` set. Reported by
    David Szotten and Craig de Stigter. GitHub #31.
  - The ``get`` method now accepts ``ipaddress.IPv4Address`` and
    ``ipaddress.IPv6Address`` objects in addition to strings.  This works with
    both the pure Python implementation as well as the extension. Based on a
    pull request #48 by Eric Pruitt. GitHub #50.
  - A new method, ``get_with_prefix_len``, was added. This method returns a
    tuple containing the record and the prefix length.
* Wed Aug 29 2018
- Update to 1.4.1:
  * Fixes for python 3.7
* Sun May 27 2018
- update to version 1.4.0:
  * IMPORTANT: Previously, the pure Python reader would allow
  `ipaddress.IPv4Address` and `ipaddress.IPv6Address` objects when calling
  `.get()`. This would fail with the C extension. The fact that these objects
  worked at all was an implementation detail and has varied with different
  releases. This release makes the pure Python implementation consistent
  with the extension. A `TypeError` will now be thrown if you attempt to
  use these types with either the pure Python implementation or the
  extension. The IP address passed to `.get()` should be a string type.
  * Fix issue where incorrect size was used when unpacking some types with the
  pure Python reader. Reported by Lee Symes. GitHub #30.
  * You may now pass in the database via a file descriptor rather than a file
  name when creating a new ``maxminddb.Reader`` object using ``MODE_FD``.
  This will read the database from the file descriptor into memory. Pull
  request by nkinkade. GitHub #33.
Version: 1.3.0-bp150.2.4
* Thu May 25 2017
- initial package