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A pure-python version of lalLIGOTimeGPS


This module provides a pure-python version of the LIGOTimeGPS class, used to represent GPS times (number of seconds elapsed since GPS epoch) with nanoseconds precision.

This module is primarily for use as a drop-in replacement for the 'official' lal.LIGOTimeGPS class (provided by the SWIG-python bindings of LAL) for use on those environments where LAL is not available, or building LAL is unnecessary for the application (e.g. testing).

The code provided here is much slower than the C-implementation provided by LAL, so if you really care about performance, don't use this module.

License: GPL-3.0-only



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2.0.1-bp155.1.9 info GA Release 2023-05-22 15 SP5
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