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* Tue Mar 27 2018
- update to 5.0.0:
  - Update to Kubernetes 1.9 cluster
  - Label selector for pods is now required and must match the pod template's
    labels for v1beta2 StatefulSetSpec, ReplicaSetSpec, DaemonSetSpec and
    DeploymentSpec kubernetes/kubernetes#55357
  - The dynamic admission webhook is split into two kinds, mutating and
    validating. The kinds have changed completely and old code must be ported to - MutatingWebhookConfiguration and
    ValidatingWebhookConfiguration kubernetes/kubernetes#55282
  - DaemonSet, Deployment, ReplicaSet, and StatefulSet have been promoted to GA
    and are available in the apps/v1 group version kubernetes/kubernetes#53679
  - Introduce new VolumeAttachment object
  - Introduce core/v1 RBDPersistentVolumeSource kubernetes/kubernetes#54302
  - StatefulSet status now has support for conditions
  - DaemonSet status now has support for conditions kubernetes/kubernetes#55272
* Tue Feb 13 2018
- update to 4.0.0:
  - api change V1PersistentVolumeSpec to V1ScaleIOPersistentVolumeSource #397.
  - Make sure PyPI source distribution is complete with all files from the
    root directory
  - Update to Kubernetes 1.8 cluster
  - IntOrString is now object thus it can be int or string. #18 #359
  - Adding stream package to support calls like exec. The old way of calling
    them is deprecated. See
  - config.http_proxy_url is deprecated. use configuration.proxy instead.
  - Configuration is not a singleton object anymore. Please use
    Configuraion.set_default to change default configuration.
  - Configuration class does not support `ws_streaming_protocol` anymore. In
    ApiClient.set_default_header set `sec-websocket-protocol` to the preferred
    websocket protocol.
  - Fix Operation names for subresources kubernetes/kubernetes#49357
  - Add proper GCP config loader and refresher kubernetes-client/python-base#22
  - Add ws_streaming_protocol and use v4 by default
  - Respect the KUBECONFIG environment variable if set
  - Allow setting maxsize for PoolManager kubernetes-client/python-base#18
  - Restricting the websocket-client to <=0.40 #299
  - Update client to kubernetes 1.7
  - Support ThirdPartyResources (TPR) and CustomResourceDefinitions (CRD).
    Note that TPR is deprecated in kubernetes #251 #201
  - Better dependency management #136
  - Add support for python3.6 #244
- Adjust Requires and BuildRequires
- Fix Source url
* Thu Aug 17 2017
- small buildrequires cleanup
* Wed Jun 28 2017
- initial release 2.0.0