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Change Logs

* Mon Mar 16 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
- update to 2.7.0:
  * *core:**
  * run SASL Kerberos tests as part of build
  * Add create2 support
  * closed states instead of lost states (#573)
  * *recipe:**  add support for curator SharedCount recipe (#559)
  * *core:**
  * allow requests to be queued in CONNECTING state (#374) (#588)
  * when connection fails, close the ConnectionHandler (#577) (#579)
  * *tests:**
  * Disable JAAS isInitiator for Server
  * deactivate TCP port that was enabled by default.
  * capitalize the default_domain value
  * prefix with toxinidir variable with a / to ensure path to is correct
  * specify -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 when starting the ZK JVM
* Mon Apr 08 2019
- version update to 2.5.1
  * *client:**  add missing paren (#550)
  * *core:** support deprecated KazooRetry argument (#545)
  * *core:** reduce timeout for the first Connect() request (#540)
  * *handlers:**  make AsyncResult call all registered callbacks
    instantly if the handler has stopped running (#549)
  * *recipe:** No more memory leak when ChildrenWatch was stopped (#543)
  * *recipe:** No more memory leak once TreeCache was closed (#524)
* Thu Nov 01 2018 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 2.5.0:
  * Various fixes for gevent and python 3.7
- Fix homepage
Version: 2.4.0-bp150.2.4
* Tue Aug 22 2017
- update to 2.4.0:
  * add missed parens to LockingQueue function call.
  * revert PR #305 SetWatches which caused RuntimeError
  * pep8 all the things
  * drop Python 2.6/3.3 official support, add 3.5/3.6 testing
  * allow multiple endpoints in KazooClient hosts arg
  * use epoll when available to support fds > 1023
  * Add TreeCache recipe
  * update to reflect changes to filenames
  * add travis deployment and update ZK versions
  * allow having observers and different sized clusters
  * fully resolve multiple records for hosts in the zookeeper
    connection string
  * Fix the recipe examples, so they actually work by connecting to
    ZooKeeper. Without start() they just hang and can't be killed.
* Thu Sep 29 2016
- update to 2.2.1:
  * Issue #234: Add support for reconfig cluster membership operation
  * Start running tests against Zookeeper 3.5.0 alpha and explicitly configure
    the `admin.serverPort` in tests to avoid port conflicts. The Zookeeper
    alpha version is not yet officially supported.
  * Integrate eventlet *handler* support into kazoo so that along with [gevent,
    threading] handlers there can now be a dedicated eventlet handler for
    projects that need to (or want to) use eventlet (such as those working
    in the openstack community). The ``requirements_eventlet.txt`` file lists
    the optional eventlet requirement(s) that needs to be satisfied when this
    new handler is used.
  * Use ``six`` to nicely handle the cross compatibility of kazoo with
    python 2.x and 3.x (reducing/removing the need to have custom compatibility
    code that replicates what six already provides).
  * Add ``state_change_event`` to ``kazoo.recipe.partitioner.SetPartitioner``
    which is set on every state change.
  * Add a NonBlockingLease recipe.  The recipe allows e.g. cron jobs scheduled
    on multiple machines to ensure that at most N instances will run a particular
    job, with lease timeout for graceful handover in case of node failures.
* Mon Sep 15 2014
- update to version 2.0
  * Extend support to Python 3.4, deprecating Python 3.2.
  * Issue #198: Mention Zake as a sophisticated kazoo mock testing library.
  * Issue #181: Add documentation on basic logging setup.
  * Null or None data is no longer treated as "". Pull req #165, patch by
    Raul Gutierrez S. This will affect how you should treat null data in a
    znode vs. an empty string.
  * Passing acl=[] to create() now works properly instead of an InvalidACLError
    as it returned before. Patch by Raul Gutierrez S in PR #164.
  * Removed the dependency on zope.interface. The classes in the interfaces
    module are left for documentation purposes only (issue #131).
  * Logging levels have been reduced.
    + Logging previously at the ``logging.DEBUG`` level is now logged at
    the ``kazoo.loggingsupport.BLATHER`` level (5).
    + Some low-level logging previously at the ``logging.INFO`` level is
    now logged at the ``logging.DEBUG`` level.
  * Issue #133: Introduce a new environment variable `ZOOKEEPER_PORT_OFFSET`
    for the testing support, to run the testing cluster on a different range.
  * When authenticating via add_auth() the auth data will be saved to ensure that
    the authentication happens on reconnect (as is the case when feeding auth
    data via KazooClient's constructor). PR #172, patch by Raul Gutierrez S.
  * Change gevent import to remove deprecation warning when newer gevent is
    used. PR #191, patch by Hiroaki Kawai.
  * Lock recipe was failing to use the client's sleep_func causing issues with
    gevent. Issue #150.
  * Calling a DataWatch or ChildrenWatch instance twice (decorator) now throws
    an exception as only a single function can be associated with a single
    watcher. Issue #154.
  * Another fix for atexit handling so that when disposing of connections the
    atexit handler is removed. PR #190, patch by Devaev Maxim.
  * Fix atexit handling for kazoo threading handler, PR #183. Patch by
    Brian Wickman.
  * Partitioner should handle a suspended connection properly and restore
    an allocated state if it was allocated previously. Patch by Manish Tomar.
  * Issue #167: Closing a client that was never started throws a type error.
    Patch by Joshua Harlow.
  * Passing dictionaries to KazooClient.__init__() wasn't actually working
    properly. Patch by Ryan Uber.
  * Issue #119: Handler timeout takes the max of the random interval or
    the read timeout to ensure a negative number isn't used for the read
  * Fix ordering of exception catches in lock.acquire as it was capturing a
    parent exception before the child. Patch by ReneSac.
  * Fix issue with client.stop() not always setting the client state to
    KeeperState.CLOSED. Patch by Jyrki Pulliainen in PR #174.
  * Issue #169: Fixed pipes leaking into child processes.
  * Add section on contributing recipes, add maintainer/status information for
    existing recipes.
  * Add note about alternate use of DataWatch.
- Remove Require python-zope.interfaces
* Wed Apr 02 2014
- Initial version