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Change Logs

Version: 1.3.3-bp151.1.1
* Mon Mar 27 2017
- update to 1.3.3:
  Core / Protocol
  * Derive all api classes from Request / Response base classes (dpkp 1030)
  * Prefer python-lz4 if available (dpkp 1024)
  * Fix kwarg handing in kafka.protocol.struct.Struct (dpkp 1025)
  * Fixed couple of "leaks" when gc is disabled (Mephius 979)
  * Added `max_bytes` option and FetchRequest_v3 usage. (Drizzt1991 962)
  * CreateTopicsRequest / Response v1 (dpkp 1012)
  * Add MetadataRequest_v2 and MetadataResponse_v2 structures for KIP-78 (Drizzt1991 974)
  * KIP-88 / KAFKA-3853: OffsetFetch v2 structs (jeffwidman 971)
  * DRY-up the MetadataRequest_v1 struct (jeffwidman 966)
  * Add JoinGroup v1 structs (jeffwidman 965)
  * DRY-up the OffsetCommitResponse Structs (jeffwidman 970)
  * DRY-up the OffsetFetch structs (jeffwidman 964)
  * time --> timestamp to match Java API (jeffwidman 969)
  * Add support for offsetRequestV1 messages (jlafaye 951)
  * Add FetchRequest/Response_v3 structs (jeffwidman 943)
  * Add CreateTopics / DeleteTopics Structs (jeffwidman 944)
  Test Infrastructure
  * Add python3.6 to travis test suite, drop python3.3 (exponea 992)
  * Update to for integration testing (dpkp 953)
  * Update vendored berkerpeksag/selectors34 to ff61b82 (Mephius 979)
  * Remove dead code (jeffwidman 967)
  * Update pytest fixtures to new yield syntax (jeffwidman 919)
  * Avoid re-encoding message for crc check (dpkp 1027)
  * Optionally skip auto-commit during consumer.close (dpkp 1031)
  * Return copy of consumer subscription set (dpkp 1029)
  * Short-circuit group coordinator requests when NodeNotReady (dpkp 995)
  * Avoid unknown coordinator after client poll (dpkp 1023)
  * No longer configure a default consumer group (dpkp 1016)
  * Dont refresh metadata on failed group coordinator request unless needed (dpkp 1006)
  * Fail-fast on timeout constraint violations during KafkaConsumer creation (harelba 986)
  * Default max_poll_records to Java default of 500 (jeffwidman 947)
  * For 0.8.2, only attempt connection to coordinator if least_loaded_node succeeds (dpkp)
  * change default timeout of KafkaProducer.close() to threading.TIMEOUT_MAX on py3 (mmyjona 991)
  * Add optional kwarg to ready/is_ready to disable metadata-priority logic (dpkp 1017)
  * When closing a broker connection without error, fail in-flight-requests with Cancelled (dpkp 1010)
  * Catch socket errors during ssl handshake (dpkp 1007)
  * Drop old brokers when rebuilding broker metadata (dpkp 1005)
  * Drop bad disconnect test -- just use the mocked-socket test (dpkp 982)
  * Add support for Python built without ssl (minagawa-sho 954)
  * Do not re-close a disconnected connection (dpkp)
  * Drop unused last_failure time from BrokerConnection (dpkp)
  * Use connection state functions where possible (dpkp)
  * Pass error to BrokerConnection.close() (dpkp)
  * Free lz4 decompression context to avoid leak (dpkp 1024)
  * Fix sasl reconnect bug: auth future must be reset on close (dpkp 1003)
  * Fix raise exception from SubscriptionState.assign_from_subscribed (qntln 960)
  * Fix blackout calculation: mark last_attempt time during connection close (dpkp 1008)
  * Fix buffer pool reallocation after raising timeout (dpkp 999)
  Logging / Error Messages
  * Add client info logging re bootstrap; log connection attempts to balance with close (dpkp)
  * Minor additional logging for consumer coordinator (dpkp)
  * Add more debug-level connection logging (dpkp)
  * Do not need str(self) when formatting to %s (dpkp)
  * Add new broker response errors (dpkp)
  * Small style fixes in kafka.errors (dpkp)
  * Include the node id in BrokerConnection logging (dpkp 1009)
  * Replace %s with %r in producer debug log message (chekunkov 973)
  * Sphinx documentation updates (jeffwidman 1019)
  * Add sphinx formatting to hyperlink methods (jeffwidman 898)
  * Fix BrokerConnection api_version docs default (jeffwidman 909)
  * PEP-8: Spacing & removed unused imports (jeffwidman 899)
  * Move BrokerConnection docstring to class (jeffwidman 968)
  * Move docstring so it shows up in Sphinx/RTD (jeffwidman 952)
  * Remove non-pip install instructions (jeffwidman 940)
  * Spelling and grammar changes (melissacrawford396 923)
  * Fix typo: coorelation --> correlation (jeffwidman 929)
  * Make SSL warning list the correct Python versions (jeffwidman 924)
  * Fixup comment reference to _maybe_connect (dpkp)
  * Add ClusterMetadata sphinx documentation (dpkp)
  Legacy Client
  * Add send_list_offset_request for searching offset by timestamp (charsyam 1001)
  * Use select to poll sockets for read to reduce CPU usage (jianbin-wei 958)
  * Use without instance bounding (adamwen829 949)
  [#] 1.3.2 (Dec 28, 2016)
  * Add kafka.serializer interfaces (dpkp 912)
  * from kafka import ConsumerRebalanceListener, OffsetAndMetadata
  * Use for integration tests (dpkp 803)
  * KAFKA-3007: KafkaConsumer max_poll_records (dpkp 831)
  * Raise exception if given a non-str topic (ssaamm 824)
  * Immediately update metadata for pattern subscription (laz2 915)
  * Update Partitioners for use with KafkaProducer (barrotsteindev 827)
  * Sort partitions before calling partitioner (ms7s 905)
  * Added ssl_password config option to KafkaProducer class (kierkegaard13 830)
  * Always check for request timeouts (dpkp 887)
  * When hostname lookup is necessary, do every connect (benauthor 812)
  * Fix errorcode check when socket.connect_ex raises an exception (guojh 907)
  * Fix fetcher bug when processing offset out of range (sibiryakov 860)
  * Fix possible request draining in ensure_active_group (dpkp 896)
  * Fix metadata refresh handling with 0.10+ brokers when topic list is empty (sibiryakov 867)
  * KafkaProducer should set timestamp in Message if provided (Drizzt1991 875)
  * Fix murmur2 bug handling python2 bytes that do not ascii encode (dpkp 815)
  * Monkeypatch max_in_flight_requests_per_connection when checking broker version (dpkp 834)
  * Fix message timestamp_type (qix 828)
  Logging / Error Messages
  * Always include an error for logging when the coordinator is marked dead (dpkp 890)
  * Only string-ify BrokerResponseError args if provided (dpkp 889)
  * Update warning re advertised.listeners / (jeffwidman 878)
  * Fix unrecognized sasl_mechanism error message (sharego 883)
  * Add docstring for max_records (jeffwidman 897)
  * Fixup doc references to max_in_flight_requests_per_connection
  * Fix typo: passowrd --> password (jeffwidman 901)
  * Fix documentation typo 'Defualt' -> 'Default'. (rolando 895)
  * Added doc for `max_poll_records` option (Drizzt1991 881)
  * Remove old design notes from Kafka 8 era (jeffwidman 876)
  * Fix documentation typos (jeffwidman 874)
  * Fix quota violation exception message (dpkp 809)
  * Add comment for round robin partitioner with different subscriptions
  * Improve KafkaProducer docstring for retries configuration
- Switch to singlespec approach
* Tue Nov 15 2016
- update to 1.3.1:
  Incompatible Changes
  * Delete KafkaConnection class (dpkp 769)
  * Rename partition_assignment -> assignment in MemberMetadata for consistency
  * Move selectors34 and socketpair to kafka.vendor (dpkp 785)
  * Change api_version config to tuple; deprecate str with warning (dpkp 761)
  * Rename _DEFAULT_CONFIG -> DEFAULT_CONFIG in KafkaProducer (dpkp 788)
* Mon Jul 11 2016
- Install LICENSE
* Mon Jul 04 2016
- Use for Source url
* Mon Mar 14 2016
- Updated version to 1.0.1
  * Consumers:
  * Add RangePartitionAssignor (and use as default); add assignor tests
    (dpkp PR 550)
  * Make sure all consumers are in same generation before stopping
    group test
  * Verify node ready before sending offset fetch request from
  * Improve warning when offset fetch request returns unknown
    topic / partition
  * KafkaConsumer re-written to emulate the new 0.9 kafka consumer
    (java client) and support coordinated consumer groups
    (feature requires >= brokers)
  * Methods no longer available:
  * configure [initialize a new consumer instead]
  * set_topic_partitions [use subscribe() or assign()]
  * fetch_messages [use poll() or iterator interface]
  * get_partition_offsets
  * offsets [use committed(partition)]
  * task_done [handled internally by auto-commit; or commit
    offsets manually]
  * Configuration changes (consistent with updated java client):
  * lots of new configuration parameters -- see docs for details
  * auto_offset_reset: previously values were 'smallest' or 'largest',
    now values are 'earliest' or 'latest'
  * fetch_wait_max_ms is now fetch_max_wait_ms
  * max_partition_fetch_bytes is now max_partition_fetch_bytes
  * deserializer_class is now value_deserializer and key_deserializer
  * auto_commit_enable is now enable_auto_commit
  * auto_commit_interval_messages was removed
  * socket_timeout_ms was removed
  * refresh_leader_backoff_ms was removed
  * SimpleConsumer and MultiProcessConsumer are now deprecated and will be
    removed in a future release. Users are encouraged to migrate to
  * Initial support for consumer coordinator: offsets only
    (toddpalino PR 420)
  * Allow blocking until some messages are received in SimpleConsumer
    (saaros PR 457)
  * Support subclass config changes in KafkaConsumer (zackdever PR 446)
  * Support retry semantics in MultiProcessConsumer (barricadeio PR 456)
  * Support partition_info in MultiProcessConsumer (scrapinghub PR 418)
  * Enable seek() to an absolute offset in SimpleConsumer (haosdent PR 412)
  * Add KafkaConsumer.close() (ucarion PR 426)
  * Producers
  * Warn if pending batches failed during flush
  * Fix concurrency bug in RecordAccumulator.ready()
  * Fix bug in SimpleBufferPool memory condition waiting / timeout
  * Support batch_size = 0 in producer buffers (dpkp PR 558)
  * Catch duplicate batch.done() calls [e.g., maybe_expire then a response
  * new producer class: KafkaProducer. Exposes the same interface as
    official java client. Async by default; returned future.get() can be
    called for synchronous blocking
  * SimpleProducer is now deprecated and will be removed in a future
    release. Users are encouraged to migrate to KafkaProducer.
  * Catch client.reinit() exceptions in async producer (dpkp)
  * Producer.stop() now blocks until async thread completes (dpkp PR 485)
  * Catch errors during load_metadata_for_topics in async producer
    (bschopman PR 467)
  * Add compression-level support for codecs that support it (trbs PR 454)
  * Fix translation of Java murmur2 code, fix byte encoding for Python 3
    (chrischamberlin PR 439)
  * Only call stop() on not-stopped producer objects (docker-hub PR 435)
  * Allow null payload for deletion feature (scrapinghub PR 409)
  * Clients
  * synchronous KafkaClient renamed to SimpleClient. For backwards
    compatibility, you will get a SimpleClient via
    `from kafka import KafkaClient`. This will change in a future release.
  * All client calls use non-blocking IO under the hood.
  * Add probe method check_version() to infer broker versions.
  * Use non-blocking io for broker aware requests (ecanzonieri PR 473)
  * Use debug logging level for metadata request (ecanzonieri PR 415)
  * Catch KafkaUnavailableError in _send_broker_aware_request
    (mutability PR 436)
  * Lower logging level on replica not available and commit
    (ecanzonieri PR 415)
  * Documentation
  * Improve kafka.cluster docstrings
  * Migrate to KafkaProducer / KafkaConsumer
  * Updated README and sphinx documentation to address new classes.
  * Docstring improvements to make python help() easier to use.
  * Update docs and links wrt maintainer change (mumrah -> dpkp)
  * Internals
  * Dont override system rcvbuf or sndbuf unless configured explicitly
    (dpkp PR 557)
  * Some attributes may not exist in __del__ if we failed assertions
  * Break up some circular references and close client wake pipes on __del__
    (aisch PR 554)
  * Old protocol stack is deprecated. It has been moved to
    kafka.protocol.legacy and may be removed in a future release.
  * Protocol layer re-written using Type classes, Schemas and Structs
    (modeled on the java client).
  * Add support for LZ4 compression (including broken framing header
  * Add py35 to tox testing
  * Update travis config to use container infrastructure
  * Add and resources for integration tests; update default
    official releases
  * new pylint disables for pylint 1.5.1 (zackdever PR 481)
  * Fix python3 / python2 comments re queue/Queue (dpkp)
  * Add Murmur2Partitioner to kafka __all__ imports (dpkp Issue 471)
  * Include LICENSE in PyPI sdist (koobs PR 441)
* Wed Sep 16 2015
- Initial packaging (version 0.9.4)