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Change Logs

* Tue Jun 07 2022 Matej Cepl <>
- Add CVE-2022-21699-unnecessary-privs.patch confining
  executed process to have limited privileges. (CVE-2022-21699
Version: 7.13.0-bp153.2.3.1
* Mon Mar 07 2022 Matej Cepl <>
- Skip failing test_nest_embed on aarch64.
Version: 7.13.0-bp152.2.5
* Thu Mar 19 2020 Benjamin Greiner <>
- update dep version of python-prompt_toolkit
* Tue Mar 03 2020 Todd R <>
- Run tests using multibuild instead of running them in a separate
  subpackage.  This greatly simplifies the spec file and makes
  updating the package much easier.
- Drop doc subpackage due to rapid changes in readthedocs download
  urls.  This was only around to let the tests be run in a
  separate subpackage to avoid dependency loops.
* Sun Mar 01 2020 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 7.13.0:
  * Fix inability to run PDB when inside an event loop :ghpull:`12141`
  * Fix ability to interrupt some processes on windows :ghpull:`12137`
  * Fix debugger shortcuts :ghpull:`12132`
  * improve tab completion when inside a string by removing irrelevant
    elements :ghpull:`12128`
  * Fix display of filename tab completion when the path is long
  * Many removal of Python 2 specific code path :ghpull:`12110`
  * displaying wav files do not require NumPy anymore, and is 5x to
    30x faster :ghpull:`12113`
* Sat Feb 08 2020 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 7.12.0:
  * Exit non-zero when ipython is given a file path to run that
    doesn't exist :ghpull:`12074`
  * Test PR on ARM64 with Travis-CI :ghpull:`12073`
  * Update CI to work with latest Pytest :ghpull:`12086`
  * Add infrastructure to run ipykernel eventloop via trio
  * Support git blame ignore revs :ghpull:`12091`
  * Start multi-line __repr__ s on their own line :ghpull:`12099`
* Wed Jan 15 2020 Todd R <>
- Update to 7.11.1
  * A couple of deprecated functions (no-op) have been reintroduces in py3compat as
  Cython was still relying on them, and will be removed in a couple of versions.
- Update to 7.11.0
  * A number of function in the ``py3compat`` have been removed; a number of types
    in the IPython code base are now non-ambiguous and now always ``unicode``
    instead of ``Union[Unicode,bytes]``; many of the relevant code path have thus
    been simplified/cleaned and types annotation added.
  * IPython support several verbosity level from exceptions. ``xmode plain`` now
    support chained exceptions.
  * We are starting to remove ``shell=True`` in some usages of subprocess. While not directly
    a security issue (as IPython is made to run arbitrary code anyway) it is not good
    practice and we'd like to show the example.
  * Work around some bugs in Python 3.9 tokenizer
  * IPython will now print its version after a crash.
- Update to 7.10.2
  * IPython 7.10.2 fix a couple of extra incompatibility between IPython, ipdb,
    asyncio and Prompt Toolkit 3.
- Update to IPython 7.10.1
  * IPython 7.10.1 fix a couple of incompatibilities with Prompt toolkit 3 (please
    update Prompt toolkit to 3.0.2 at least), and fixes some interaction with
    headless IPython.
- Update to IPython 7.10.0
  * Stop Support for Python 3.5 – Adopt NEP 29
  * Support for Prompt Toolkit 3.0
  * Prompt Rendering Performance improvements
  * Code autoformatting
  * Arbitrary Mimetypes Handing in Terminal (Aka inline images in terminal)
  * Completions can define their own ordering
  * Enable Plotting in the same cell than the one that import matplotlib
  * Allow to store and restore multiple variables at once
* Tue Nov 12 2019 Todd R <>
- update to version 7.9.0:
  * Update trio and curio dependencies eagerly.
  * restore terminal title on exit (xterm)
  * Easier empty, updatable display
  * %env: hide likely secrets by default
  * Prevent caching outputs in _, __, ___ when cache_size isn't positive
  * switching update_instance() to gc.get_referrers()
  * Fix for Python 4
  * Autoreload slow
* Sat Sep 14 2019 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 7.8.0:
  * Enable changing the font color for LaTeX rendering
  * and Re-Expose some PDB API
* Sat Jul 27 2019 Todd R <>
- Update to 7.7.0
  * Fix a bug introduced in 7.6 where the ``%matplotlib`` magic would fail on
    previously acceptable arguments
  * Fix the manage location on freebsd
  * Fix error message about aliases after ``%reset`` call in ipykernel
  * Fix Duplication completions in emacs
* Wed Jul 03 2019 Todd R <>
- Update to 7.6.0
  IPython 7.6.0 contains a couple of bug fixes and number of small features
  additions as well as some compatibility with the current development version of
  Python 3.8.
  * Add a ``-l`` option to :magic:`psearch` to list the available search
  * Support ``PathLike`` for ``DisplayObject`` and ``Image``.
  * Configurability of timeout in the test suite for slow platforms.
  * Accept any casing for matplotlib backend.
  * Properly skip test that requires numpy to be installed
  * More support for Python 3.8 and positional only arguments (pep570)
  * Unicode names for the completion are loaded lazily on first use which
    should decrease startup time.
  * Autoreload now update the types of reloaded objects; this for example allow
    pickling of reloaded objects.
  * Fix a big where ``%%time`` magic would suppress cell output.
* Thu Apr 25 2019 Todd R <>
- Update to 7.5.0
  * IPython 7.5.0 consist mostly of bug-fixes, and documentation updates,
    with one minor new feature. The Audio display element can now be
    assigned an element id when displayed in browser.
  * The major outstanding bug fix correct a change of behavior that was
    introduce in 7.4.0 where some cell magics would not be able to access
    or modify global scope when using the @needs_local_scope decorator.
    This was typically encountered with the %%time and %%timeit magics.
* Thu Apr 25 2019 Todd R <>
- Rename package to follow python package guidelines.
* Sun Mar 24 2019 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 7.4.0:
  * Previously, we provided completion for a unicode name with its
    relative symbol.With this, now IPython provides complete
    suggestions to unicode name symbols.
  * Make audio normalization optional
  * Miscelanious
    + Fix improper acceptation of "return" outside of
    functions. :ghpull:`11641`.
    + Fixed PyQt 5.11 backwards incompatibility causing sip import
    failure.  :ghpull:`11613`.
    + Fix Bug where "type?" woudl crash IPython. :ghpull:`1608`.
    + Allow to apply "@needs_local_scope" to cell magics for
    convenience.  :ghpull:`11542`.
* Fri Mar 01 2019 Arun Persaud <>
- specfile:
  * update copyright year
- update to version 7.3.0:
  * The biggest change to this release is the implementation of the
    "%conda" and "%pip" magics, that will attempt to install packages
    in the **current environment**. You may still need to restart your
    interpreter or kernel for the change to be taken into account, but
    it should simplify installation of packages into remote
    environment. Installing using pip/conda from the command line is
    still the prefer method.
  * The "%pip" magic was already present, but was only printing a
    warning; now it will actually forward commands to pip.
  * Misc bug fixes and improvements:
    + Compatibility with Python 3.8.
    + Do not expand shell variable in execution magics, and added the
    "no_var_expand" decorator for magic requiring a similar
    functionality :ghpull:`11516`
    + Add "%pip" and "%conda" magic :ghpull:`11524`
    + Re-initialize posix aliases after a "%reset" :ghpull:`11528`
    + Allow the IPython command line to run "*.ipynb" files
* Sat Dec 22 2018 Todd R <>
- Update to version 7.2.0
  * Fix a bug preventing PySide2 GUI integration from working :ghpull:`11464`
  * Run CI on Mac OS ! :ghpull:`11471`
  * Fix IPython "Demo" mode. :ghpull:`11498`
  * Fix ``%run`` magic  with path in name :ghpull:`11499`
  * Fix: add CWD to sys.path *after* stdlib :ghpull:`11502`
  * Better rendering of signatures, especially long ones. :ghpull:`11505`
  * Re-enable jedi by default if it's installed :ghpull:`11506`
  * Add New ``minimal`` exception reporting mode (useful for educational purpose). See :ghpull:`11509`
- Update to version 7.1.0
  + Notable Changes
  * Major update of "latex to unicode" tab completion map (see below)
  + Notable New Features:
  * Restore functionality and documentation of the **sphinx directive**, which
    is now stricter (fail on error by daefault), has new configuration options,
    has a brand new documentation page :ref:`ipython_directive` (which needs
    some cleanup). It is also now *tested* so we hope to have less regressions.
  * ``IPython.display.Video`` now supports ``width`` and ``height`` arguments,
    allowing a custom width and height to be set instead of using the video's
    width and height. :ghpull:`11353`
  * Warn when using ``HTML('<iframe>')`` instead of ``IFrame`` :ghpull:`11350`
  * Allow Dynamic switching of editing mode between vi/emacs and show
    normal/input mode in prompt when using vi. :ghpull:`11390`. Use ``%config
    TerminalInteractiveShell.editing_mode = 'vi'`` or ``%config
    TerminalInteractiveShell.editing_mode = 'emacs'`` to dynamically switch
    between modes.
  + Notable Fixes:
  * Fix entering of **multi-line blocks in terminal** IPython, and various
    crashes in the new input transformation machinery :ghpull:`11354`,
    :ghpull:`11356`, :ghpull:`11358`. These also fix a **Compatibility bug
    with Python 3.7.1**.
  * Fix moving through generator stack in ipdb :ghpull:`11266`
  * %Magic command arguments now support quoting. :ghpull:`11330`
  * Re-add ``rprint`` and ``rprinte`` aliases. :ghpull:`11331`
  * Remove implicit dependency on ``ipython_genutils`` :ghpull:`11317`
  * Make ``nonlocal`` raise ``SyntaxError`` instead of silently failing in async
    mode. :ghpull:`11382`
  * Fix mishandling of magics and ``= !`` assignment just after a dedent in
    nested code blocks :ghpull:`11418`
  * Fix instructions for custom shortcuts :ghpull:`11426`
  + Notable Internals improvements:
  * Use of ``os.scandir`` (Python 3 only) to speed up some file system operations.
  * use ``perf_counter`` instead of ``clock`` for more precise
    timing results with ``%time`` :ghpull:`11376`
- Remove upstream-included fix_test_history.patch
* Tue Oct 16 2018 Todd R <>
- Update to version 7.0.1
  * IPython 7.0+ now uses prompt_toolkit 2.0
  * IPython can automatically await code at top level, you should
    not need to access an event loop or runner yourself.
  * The magic %autoreload 2 now captures new methods added to
    classes. Earlier, only methods existing as of the initial
    import were being tracked and updated.
  * The autoindent feature that was deprecated in 5.x was
    re-enabled and un-deprecated.
  * Make %run -n -i ... work correctly. Earlier, if %run was
    passed both arguments, -n would be silently ignored.
  * The %%script (as well as %%bash, %%ruby, ... ) cell magics
    now raise by default if the return code of the given code is
    non-zero (thus halting execution of further cells in a
    notebook). The behavior can be disable by passing the
  - -no-raise-error flag.
- Add fix_test_history.patch
  Fixes failure in for sqlite >= 3.25
  Should be fixed in next release
* Tue Oct 09 2018 Todd R <>
- Fix prompt_toolkit dependency.
* Fri Sep 07 2018
- Update to version 6.5.0
  * Autocompletion fix for modules with out :ghpull:`11227`
  * update the %pastebin magic to use instead og GitHub Gist which now requires authentication :ghpull:`11182`
  * Fix crash with multiprocessing :ghpull:`11185`
- Switch to using upstream documentation builds
* Sun Jul 22 2018
- Not compatible with prompt_toolkit 2.x
* Fri May 18 2018
- Update to version 6.4.0
  * Fix display object not emitting metadata :ghpull:`11106`
  * Comments failing Jedi test :ghpull:`11110`
- Remove upstream-included disable_jedi_in_tests.patch
* Thu May 03 2018
- Add disable_jedi_in_tests.patch
  Upstream bug:
  Should be in next release