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Change Logs

* Mon Jul 10 2017
- Ensure neutrality of description.
* Thu Jun 29 2017
- update to 19.7.1:
  - fix: continue if SO_REUSEPORT seems to be available but fails (:issue:`1480`)
  - fix: support non-decimal values for the umask command line option (:issue:`1325`)
  - The previously deprecated ``gunicorn_django`` command has been removed.
    Use the :ref:`gunicorn-cmd` command-line interface instead.
  - The previously deprecated ``django_settings`` setting has been removed.
    Use the :ref:`raw-env` setting instead.
  - The default value of :ref:`ssl-version` has been changed from
    ``ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1`` to ``ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv23``.
  - fix: initialize the group access list when initgroups is set (:issue:`1297`)
  - add environment variables to gunicorn access log format (:issue:`1291`)
  - add --paste-global-conf option (:issue:`1304`)
  - fix: print access logs to STDOUT (:issue:`1184`)
  - remove upper limit on max header size config (:issue:`1313`)
  - fix: print original exception on AppImportError (:issue:`1334`)
  - use SO_REUSEPORT if available (:issue:`1344`)
  - `fix leak <\
    b4c41481e2d5ef127199a4601417a6819053c3fd>`_ of duplicate file descriptor
    for bound sockets.
  - add --reload-engine option, support inotify and other backends (:issue:`1368`, :issue:`1459`)
  - fix: reject request with invalid HTTP versions
  - add ``child_exit`` callback (:issue:`1394`)
  - add support for eventlets _AlreadyHandled object (:issue:`1406`)
  - format boot tracebacks properly with reloader (:issue:`1408`)
  - refactor socket activation and fd inheritance for better support of SystemD (:issue:`1310`)
  - fix: o fds are given by default in gunicorn (:issue:`1423`)
  - add ability to pass settings to GUNICORN_CMD_ARGS environnement variable which helps in container world (:issue:`1385`)
  - fix:  catch access denied to pid file (:issue:`1091`)
  - many additions and improvements to the documentation
  - improvement of the binary upgrade behaviour using USR2: remove file locking (:issue:`1270`)
  - add the ``--capture-output`` setting to capture stdout/stderr tot the log
    file (:issue:`1271`)
  - Allow disabling ``sendfile()`` via the ``SENDFILE`` environment variable
  - fix reload under pycharm (:issue:`1129`)
  - fix: make sure to remove the signal from the worker pipe (:issue:`1269`)
  - fix: **gthread** worker, handle removed socket in the select loop
  - fix: Ensure response to HEAD request won't have message body
  - fix: lock domain socket and remove on last arbiter exit (:issue:`1220`)
  - improvement: use EnvironmentError instead of socket.error (:issue:`939`)
  - add: new ``FORWARDDED_ALLOW_IPS`` environment variable (:issue:`1205`)
  - fix: infinite recursion when destroying sockets (:issue:`1219`)
  - fix: close sockets on shutdown (:issue:`922`)
  - fix: clean up sys.exc_info calls to drop circular refs (:issue:`1228`)
  - fix: do post_worker_init after load_wsgi (:issue:`1248`)
  - fix access logging in gaiohttp worker (:issue:`1193`)
  - eventlet: handle QUIT in a new coroutine (:issue:`1217`)
  - gevent: remove obsolete exception clauses in run (:issue:`1218`)
  - tornado: fix extra "Server" response header (:issue:`1246`)
  - fix: unblock the wait loop under python 3.5 in sync worker (:issue:`1256`)
  - fix: log message for listener reloading (:issue:`1181`)
  - Let logging module handle traceback printing (:issue:`1201`)
  - improvement: Allow configuring logger_class with statsd_host (:issue:`1188`)
  - fix: traceback formatting (:issue:`1235`)
  - fix: print error logs on stderr and access logs on stdout (:issue:`1184`)
  - Simplify installation instructions in (:issue:`1072`)
  - Fix URL and default worker type in example_config (:issue:`1209`)
  - update django doc url to 1.8 lts (:issue:`1213`)
  - fix: miscellaneous wording corrections (:issue:`1216`)
  - Add PSF License Agreement of to NOTICE (:issue: `1226`)
  - document LOGGING overriding (:issue:`1051`)
  - put a note that error logs are only errors from Gunicorn (:issue:`1124`)
  - add a note about the requirements of the threads workers under python 2.x (:issue:`1200`)
  - add access_log_format to config example (:issue:`1251`)
  - Use more pytest.raises() in
  - fix: NameError fileno in gunicorn.http.wsgi (:issue:`1178`)
  - fix: check if a fileobject can be used with sendfile(2) (:issue:`1174`)
  - doc: be more descriptive in errorlog option (:issue:`1173`)
  - fix: don't check if a file is writable using os.stat with SELINUX (:issue:`1171`)
  - improvement: handle HaltServer in manage_workers (:issue:`1095`)
  - fix: Do not rely on sendfile sending requested count (:issue:`1155`)
  - fix: claridy --no-sendfile default (:issue:`1156`)
  - fix: LoggingCatch sendfile failure from no file descriptor (:issue:`1160`)
  - fix: Always send access log to syslog if syslog is on
  - fix: check auth before trying to own a file (:issue:`1157`)
  - fix: Fix Slowloris broken link. (:issue:`1142`)
  - Tweak markup in faq.rst
  - fix: gaiohttp test (:issue:`1164`)
  - fix tornado worker (:issue:`1154`)
  - fix: make sure that a user is able to access to the logs after dropping a
    privilege (:issue:`1116`)
  - improvement: inherit the `Exception` class where it needs to be (:issue:`997`)
  - fix: make sure headers are always encoded as latin1 RFC 2616 (:issue:`1102`)
  - improvement: reduce arbiter noise (:issue:`1078`)
  - fix: don't close the unix socket when the worker exit (:issue:`1088`)
  - improvement: Make last logged worker count an explicit instance var (:issue:`1078`)
  - improvement: prefix config file with its type (:issue:`836`)
  - improvement: pidfile handing (:issue:`1042`)
  - fix: catch OSError as well as ValueError on race condition (:issue:`1052`)
  - improve support of ipv6 by backporting urlparse.urlsplit from Python 2.7 to
    Python 2.6.
  - fix: raise InvalidRequestLine when the line contains malicious data
  - fix: fix argument to disable sendfile
  - fix: add gthread to the list of supported workers (:issue:`1011`)
  - improvement: retry socket binding up to five times upon EADDRNOTAVAIL
  - **breaking change**: only honor headers that can be encoded in ascii to comply to
    the RFC 7230 (See :issue:`1151`).
  - add new parameters to access log (:issue:`1132`)
  - fix: make sure that files handles are correctly reopened on HUP
  - include request URL in error message (:issue:`1071`)
  - get username in access logs (:issue:`1069`)
  - fix statsd logging support on Python 3 (:issue:`1010`)
  - use last version of mock.
  - many fixes in Travis CI support
  - miscellaneous improvements in tests
  - fix: Fix usage in ThreadedWorker so that auto restart works as
    expected (:issue:`1031`)
  - fix quit signal handling (:issue:`1128`)
  - add support for Python 3 (:issue:`1066`)
  - fix: make graceful shutdown thread-safe (:issue:`1032`)
  - fix ssl options (:issue:`1146`, :issue:`1135`)
  - don't check timeout when stopping gracefully (:issue:`1106`)
  - add SSL support (:issue:`1105`)
  - fix link to proc name setting (:issue:`1144`)
  - fix worker class documentation (:issue:`1141`, :issue:`1104`)
  - clarify graceful timeout documentation (:issue:`1137`)
  - don't duplicate NGINX config files examples (:issue:`1050`, :issue:`1048`)
  - add `` framework example (:issue:`1117`)
  - update Debian/Ubuntu installations instructions (:issue:`1112`)
  - clarify `pythonpath` setting description (:issue:`1080`)
  - tweak some example for python3
  - clarify `sendfile` documentation
  - miscellaneous typos in source code comments (thanks!)
  - clarify why REMOTE_ADD may not be the user's IP address (:issue:`1037`)
  - fix: reloader should survive SyntaxError (:issue:`994`)
  - fix: expose the reloader class to the worker.
- convert to singlespec
- fix Sourc url
* Wed May 06 2015
- update to version 19.3.0:
  * fix: issue 978 make sure a listener is inheritable
  * add check_config class method to workers
  * fix: issue 983 fix select timeout in sync worker with multiple
  * allows workers to access to the reloader. close issue 984
  * raise TypeError instead of AssertionError
  * make Logger.loglevel a classs attribute
  * fix: issue 988 fix syntax errors in examples/gunicorn_rc
- additional changes from version 19.2.1:
  * expose loglevel in the Logger class
  * fix issue 977 fix initial crash
  * document security mailing-list in the contributing page
- additional changes from version 19.2:
  * optimize the sync workers when listening on a single interface
  * add ?sendfile settings to enable/disable sendfile. fix issue 856
  * add the selectors module to the code base. issue 886
  * add ?max-requests-jitter setting to set the maximum jitter to
    add to the max-requests setting
  * fix issue 899 propagate proxy_protocol_info to keep-alive
  * fix issue 863 worker timeout: dynamic timeout has been removed
  * fix: Avoid world writable file
  * fix issue 941 set logconfig default to paster more trivially
  * add statsd-prefix config setting: set the prefix to use when
    emitting statsd metrics
  * issue 832 log to console by default
  * fix issue 908 make sure the worker can continue to accept
  * fix issue 867 Fix eventlet shutdown to actively shut down the
- remove python-nose from BuildRequires: unneeded
- add python-mock and python-pytest-cov as test dependencies
- add python-unittest2 as test dependencies for SLE11
- remove version pinning for test requirements with sed
- reenable the tests
- move documentation files under the main package docdir
* Thu Dec 11 2014
- update to version 19.1.1
    fix #835: display correct pid of already running instance
    fix : fix PyTest class in
    fix #838: statsd logegr, send statsd timing metrics in milliseconds
    fix #839: statsd logger, allows for empty log message while pushing metrics and restore worker number in DEBUG logs
    fix #850: add timezonw to logging
    fix #853: Respect logger_class setting unless statsd is on
    fix #830 make sure gaiohttp worker is shipped with gunicorn.
    fix #785: handle binary type address given to a client socket address
    fix graceful shutdown. make sure QUIT and TERMS signals are switched everywhere.
    support loading config from module (#799)
    fix check for file-like objects (#805)
    fix #815 args validation in WSGIApplication.init
    fix #787 check if we load a pyc file or not.
    fix #771: support tornado 4.0
    fix #783: x_headers error. The x-forwarded-headers option has been removed in c4873681299212d6082cd9902740eef18c2f14f1. The discussion is available on #633.
    fix: fetch all body in input. fix #803
    fix: don?t install the worker if python < 3.3
    fix #822: Support UNIX sockets in gaiohttp worker
    fix #790 StopIteration shouldn?t be catched at this level.
    add statsd logging handler fix #748
    fix #809 Set global logging configuration from a Paste config.
    fix RuntimeError in gunicorn.reloader (#807)
    update faq: put a note on how watch logs in the console since many people asked for it.
    details see
- remove test
* Tue Dec 10 2013
- Update to version 18.0
  + new: add -e/--env command line argument to pass an environment
    variables to gunicorn
  + new: add --chdir command line argument to specified directory
    before apps loading. - new: add wsgi.file_wrapper support in
    async workers
  + new: add --paste command line argument to set the paster config file
  + deprecated: the command gunicorn_django is now deprecated. You
    should now run your application with the WSGI interface installed
    with your project
    for more infos.
  + deprecated: the command gunicorn_paste is deprecated. You now should
    use the new --paste argument to set the configuration file of your
    paster application.
  + fix: Removes unmatched leading quote from the beginning of the
    default access log format string
  + fix: null timeout
  + fix: gevent worker
  + fix: don?t reload the paster app when using pserve
  + fix: after closing for error do not keep alive the connection
  + fix: responses 1xx, 204 and 304 should not force the connection
    to be closed
- Changes from 17.5
  + new: add signals documentation
  + new: add post_worker_init hook for workers
  + new: try to use in current folder as the default
    config file.
  + fix graceful timeout with the Eventlet worker
  + fix: don?t raise an error when closing the socket if already closed
  + fix: fix ?settings parameter for django application and try to find
    the django settings when using the gunicorn command.
  + fix: give the initial global_conf to paster application
  + New versionning: With this release, the versionning of Gunicorn is
    changing. Gunicorn is stable since a long time and there is no point
    to release a ?1.0? now. It should have been done since a long time.
    0.17 really meant it was the 17th stable version. From the beginning
    we have only 2 kind of releases:
  - major release: releases with major changes or huge features added
    services releases: fixes and minor features added So from now we
    will apply the following versionning <major>.<service>.
    For example 17.5 is a service release.
- Changes from 0.17.4
  + fix unix socket address parsing
- Changes from 0.17.3
  + add systemd sockets support
  + add python -m support
  + improve logger class inheritance
  + exit when the config file isn?t found
  + add the -R option to enable stdio inheritance in daemon mode
  + don?t close file descriptors > 3 in daemon mode
  + improve STDOUT/STDERR logging
  + fix pythonpath option
  + fix pidfile creation on Python 3
  + fix gevent worker exit
  + fix ipv6 detection when the platform isn?t supporting it
* Thu Oct 24 2013
- Require python-setuptools instead of distribute (upstreams merged)
* Mon Jan 14 2013
- Initial python3 support
* Mon Jan 14 2013
- Update to 0.17.2:
  * optimize readline()
  * make import errors more visible
  * don't pass ssl_options if there are any
  * don't accept str or unicode in the body
- Build documentation from source with python-Sphinx
- Remove duplicate files with fdupes
* Tue May 15 2012
- update to version 0.14.3
  - improvement: performance of http.body.Body.readline()
  - improvement: log HTTP errors in access log like Apache
  - improvment: display traceback when the worker fails to boot
  - improvement: makes gunicorn work with gevent 1.0
  - examples: websocket example now supports hybi13
  - fix: reopen log files after initialization
  - fix: websockets support
  - fix: django1.4 support
  - fix: only load the paster application 1 time
* Thu Mar 22 2012
- Update to version 0.14.2
  - add validate_class validator: allows to use a class or a method
    to initialize the app during in-code configuration
  - add support for max_requests in tornado worker
  - add support for disabling x_forwarded_for_header in tornado worker
  - gevent_wsgi is now an alias of gevent_pywsgi
  - Fix gevent_pywsgi worker
* Sat Mar 10 2012
- Fix doc package summary
* Sat Mar 10 2012
- Update to version 0.14.1
* Fri Sep 23 2011
- Update to version 0.13.4:
- Run testsuite
- BuildRequire python-distribute instead of python-setuptools
- Package examples, LICENSE, NOTICE, README.rst, THANKS
* Fri Sep 23 2011
- upstream update 0.13.3
  * fix util.closerange function used to prevent leaking fds on
    python 2.5 (typo)
- update to 0.13.2
  * refactor gevent worker
  * prevent leaking fds on reexec
  * fix inverted request_time computation
* Thu Aug 25 2011
- upstream update 0.13.1
  * Fix unix socket. log argument was missing.
- update to 0.13.0
  * Improve logging: allows file-reopening and add access log file
    compatible with the apache combined log format
  * Add the possibility to set custom SSL headers.
    X-Forwarded-Protocol and X-Forwarded-SSL are still the default
  * New on_reload hook to customize how gunicorn spawn new workers on SIGHUP
  * Handle projects with relative path in django_gunicorn command
  * Preserve path parameters in PATH_INFO
  * post_request hook now accepts the environ as argument.
  * When stopping the arbiter, close the listener asap.
  * Fix Django command run_gunicorn in settings reloading
  * Fix Tornado worker exiting
  * Fix the use of sendfile in wsgi.file_wrapper
* Fri Jul 08 2011
- spec header
- dropped _service
- support for SLE_11
* Sat Jul 02 2011
- initial package of version 0.12.2