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Change Logs

* Tue Jan 23 2018
- Disable building of the documentation: the make html call fails
  already, and with rpm 4.14, this aborts the entire build.
- Drop python-Sphinx buildrequires: not needed when not building
  the docs.
* Wed Nov 22 2017
- add greenlet dependency to Python 3 as well (bsc#1055386)
* Sun Nov 12 2017
- specfile:
  * added CHANGES.rst CONTRIBUTING.rst to %doc
- update to version 1.2.2:
  * Testing on Python 3.5 now uses Python 3.5.3 due to SSL
    changes. See :issue:`943`.
  * Linux CI has been updated from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 14.04 since
    the former has reached EOL.
  * Linux CI now tests on PyPy2 5.7.1, updated from PyPy2 5.6.0.
  * Linux CI now tests on PyPy3 3.5-5.7.1-beta, updated from PyPy3
  * Python 2 sockets are compatible with the SOCK_CLOEXEC flag found
    on Linux. They no longer pass the socket type or protocol to
    getaddrinfo when connect is called. Reported in :issue:`944` by
    Bernie Hackett.
  * Replace optparse module with argparse. See :issue:`947`.
  * Update to version 1.3.1 of tblib to fix :issue:`954`, reported by
  * Fix the name of the type parameter to
    :func:`gevent.socket.getaddrinfo` to be correct on Python 3. This
    would cause callers using keyword arguments to raise a
    :exc:`TypeError`. Reported in :issue:`960` by js6626069. Likewise,
    correct the argument names for fromfd and socketpair on Python 2,
    although they cannot be called with keyword arguments under
    The gethost* functions take different argument names under CPython
    and PyPy. gevent follows the CPython convention, although these
    functions cannot be called with keyword arguments on CPython.
  * The previously-singleton exception objects FileObjectClosed and
    cancel_wait_ex were converted to classes. On Python 3, an
    exception object is stateful, including references to its context
    and possibly traceback, which could lead to objects remaining
    alive longer than intended.
  * Make sure that python -m gevent.monkey <script> runs code in the
    global scope, not the scope of the main function. Fixed in
    :pr:`975` by Shawn Bohrer.
* Wed May 31 2017
- adjust buildrequirements for singlespec building on SLE_12
* Wed Apr 19 2017
- Update to version 1.2.1
  * CI services now test on 3.6.0.
  * Windows: Provide ``socket.socketpair`` for all Python 3 versions.
    This was added to Python 3.5, but tests were only added in 3.6.
    (For versions older than 3.4 this is a gevent extension.) Previously
    this was not supported on any Python 3 version.
  * Windows: List ``subprocess.STARTUPINFO`` in ``subprocess.__all__``
    for 3.6 compatibility.
  * The ``_DummyThread`` objects created by calling
    :func:`threading.current_thread` from inside a raw
    :class:`greenlet.greenlet` in a system with monkey-patched
    ``threading`` now clean up after themselves when the
    greenlet dies (:class:`gevent.Greenlet`-based ``_DummyThreads`` have
    always cleaned up). This requires the use of a :class:`weakref.ref`
    (and may not be timely on PyPy).
    Reported in :issue:`918` by frozenoctobeer.
  * Build OS X wheels with ``-D_DARWIN_FEATURE_CLOCK_GETTIME=0`` for
    compatibility with OS X releases before 10.12 Sierra. Reported by
    Ned Batchelder in :issue:`916`.
- Update to version 1.2.0
  * The c-ares DNS resolver ignores bad flags to getnameinfo, like the
    system resolver does. Discovered when cleaning up the DNS resolver
    tests to produce more reliable results. See :issue:`774`.
- Update to version 1.2a2
  * Update libev to version 4.23.
  * Allow the ``MAKE`` environment variable to specify the make command
    on non-Windows systems for ease of development on BSD systems where
    ``make`` is BSD make and ``gmake`` is GNU make (gevent requires GNU
    make). See :issue:`888`.
  * Let :class:`gevent.server.StreamServer` accept an ``SSLContext`` on
    Python versions that support it. Added in :pr:`904` by Arcadiy Ivanov.
- Update to version 1.2a1
  + Incompatible Changes
  * Support for Python 2.6 has been removed. See :pr:`766`.
  * Remove module ``gevent.coros`` which was replaced by ``gevent.lock``
    and has been deprecated since 1.0b2.
  * The internal implementation modules ``gevent.corecext`` and
    ``gevent.corecffi`` have been moved. Please import from
    ``gevent.core`` instead; this has always been the only documented place to
    import from.
  + Libraries and Installation
  * Update libev to version 4.22 (was 4.20).
  * Update tblib to 1.3.0.
  * Update Cython to 0.25 (was 0.23.5).
  * Update c-ares to version 1.12.0 (was 1.10.0) (`release notes <>`_).
  * For the benefit of downstream package maintainers, gevent is now
    tested with c-ares and libev linked dynamically and not embedded
    (i.e., using the system libraries). However, only the versions
    shipped with gevent are tested and known to work.
  * The repository directory layout has been changed to make it easier
    to include third-party dependencies. Likewise, the script
    has been split to make it easier to build third-party dependencies.
  * PyPy/CFFI: The corecffi native extension is now only built at
    installation time. Previously, if it wasn't available, a build was
    attempted at every import. This could lead to scattered "gevent"
    directories and undependable results.
  * setuptools is now required at build time on all platforms.
    Previously it was only required for Windows and PyPy.
  * POSIX: Don't hardcode ``/bin/sh`` into the configuration command
    line, instead relying on ``sh`` being on the ``PATH``, as
    recommended by `the standard <>`_.
    Fixed in :pr:`809` by Fredrix Fornwall.
  + Security
  * :mod:`gevent.pywsgi` now checks that the values passed to
    ``start_response`` do not contain a carriage return or newline in
    order to prevent HTTP response splitting (header injection), raising
    a :exc:`ValueError` if they do. See :issue:`775`.
  * Incoming headers containing an underscore are no longer placed in
    the WSGI environ. See :issue:`819`.
  * Errors logged by :class:`~gevent.pywsgi.WSGIHandler` no
    longer print the entire WSGI environment by default. This avoids
    possible information disclosure vulnerabilities. Applications can
    also opt-in to a higher security level for the WSGI environment if they
    choose and their frameworks support it. Originally reported
    in :pr:`779` by sean-peters-au and changed in :pr:`781`.
  + Platforms
  * As mentioned above, Python 2.6 is no longer supported.
  * Python 3.6 is now tested on POSIX platforms. This includes a few
    notable changes:
  * SSLContext.wrap_socket accepts the ``session`` parameter, though
    this parameter isn't useful prior to 3.6.
  * SSLSocket.recv(0) or read(0) returns an empty byte string. This is
    a fix for `Python bug #23804 <>`_
    which has also been merged into Python 2.7 and Python 3.5.
  * PyPy3 5.5.0 *alpha* (supporting Python 3.3.5) is now tested and passes the
    test suite. Thanks to btegs for :issue:`866`, and Fabio Utzig for :pr:`826`.
    Note that PyPy3 is not optimized for performance either by the PyPy
    developers or under gevent, so it may be significantly slower than PyPy2.
  + Stdlib Compatibility
  * The modules :mod:`gevent.os`, :mod:`gevent.signal` and
    :mod:`` export all the attributes from their
    corresponding standard library counterpart.
  * Python 2: ``reload(site)`` no longer fails with a ``TypeError`` if
    gevent has been imported. Reported in :issue:`805` by Jake Hilton.
  * Python 2: ``sendall`` on a non-blocking socket could spuriously fail
    with a timeout.
  + select/poll
  * If :func:`` is given a negative *timeout*
    argument, raise an exception like the standard library does.
  * If :func:`` is given closed or invalid
    file descriptors in any of its lists, raise the appropriate
    ``EBADF`` exception like the standard library does. Previously,
    libev would tend to return the descriptor as ready. In the worst
    case, this adds an extra system call, but may also reduce latency if
    descriptors are ready at the time of entry.
  * :class:`selectors.SelectSelector` is properly monkey-patched
    regardless of the order of imports. Reported in :issue:`835` by
    Przemys?aw W?grzyn.
  * :meth:`` raises an exception if *fd* is not
    registered, like the standard library.
  * :meth:`` returns an event with
    ``POLLNVAL`` for registered fds that are invalid. Previously it
    would tend to report both read and write events.
  + File objects
  * ``FileObjectPosix`` exposes the ``read1`` method when in read mode,
    and generally only exposes methods appropriate to the mode it is in.
  * ``FileObjectPosix`` supports a *bufsize* of 0 in binary write modes.
    Reported in :issue:`840` by Mike Lang.
  * Python 3: :meth:`gevent.socket.connect_ex` was letting
    ``BlockingIOError`` (and possibly others) get raised instead of
    returning the errno due to the refactoring of the exception
    hierarchy in Python 3.3. Now the errno is returned. Reported in
    :issue:`841` by Dana Powers.
  + Other Changes
  * :class:`~.Group` and :class:`~.Pool` now return whether
    :meth:`~.Group.join` returned with an empty group. Suggested by Filippo Sironi in
  * Unhandled exception reports that kill a greenlet now include a
    timestamp. See :issue:`137`.
  * :class:`~.PriorityQueue` now ensures that an initial items list is a
    valid heap. Fixed in :pr:`793` by X.C.Dong.
  * :class:`gevent.hub.signal` (aka :func:`gevent.signal`) now verifies
    that its `handler` argument is callable, raising a :exc:`TypeError`
    if it isn't. Reported in :issue:`818` by Peter Renström.
  * If ``sys.stderr`` has been monkey-patched (not recommended),
    exceptions that the hub reports aren't lost and can still be caught.
    Reported in :issue:`825` by Jelle Smet.
  * The :func:`gevent.os.waitpid` function is cooperative in more
    circumstances. Reported in :issue:`878` by Heungsub Lee.
  * The various ``FileObject`` implementations are more consistent with
    each other. **Note:** Writing to the *io* property of a FileObject should be
    considered deprecated.
  * Timeout exceptions (and other asynchronous exceptions) could cause
    the BackdoorServer to fail to properly manage the
    stdout/stderr/stdin values. Reported with a patch in :pr:`874` by
  * The BackDoorServer now tracks spawned greenlets (connections) and
    kills them in its ``stop`` method.
  + Servers
  * Default to AF_INET6 when binding to all addresses (e.g.,
    ""). This supports both IPv4 and IPv6 connections (except on
    Windows). Original change in :pr:`495` by Felix Kaiser.
  * pywsgi/performance: Chunks of data the application returns are no longer copied
    before being sent to the socket when the transfer-encoding is
    chunked, potentially reducing overhead for large responses.
  + Threads
  * Add :class:`gevent.threadpool.ThreadPoolExecutor` (a
    :class:`concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor` variant that always
    uses native threads even when the system has been monkey-patched)
    on platforms that have ``concurrent.futures``
    available (Python 3 and Python 2 with the ``futures`` backport
    installed). This is helpful for, e.g., grpc. Reported in
    :issue:`786` by Markus Padourek.
  * Native threads created before monkey-patching threading can now be
    joined. Previously on Python < 3.4, doing so would raise a
    ``LoopExit`` error. Reported in :issue:`747` by Sergey Vasilyev.
  + SSL
  * On Python 2.7.9 and above (more generally, when the SSL backport is
    present in Python 2), :func:`gevent.ssl.get_server_certificate`
    would raise a :exc:`ValueError` if the system wasn't monkey-patched.
    Reported in :issue:`801` by Gleb Dubovik.
  * On Python 2.7.9 and Python 3, closing an SSL socket in one greenlet
    while it's being read from or written to in a different greenlet is
    less likely to raise a :exc:`TypeError` instead of a
    :exc:`ValueError`. Reported in :issue:`800` by Kevin Chen.
  + subprocess module
  * Setting SIGCHLD to SIG_IGN or SIG_DFL after :mod:`gevent.subprocess`
    had been used previously could not be reversed, causing
    ``Popen.wait`` and other calls to hang. Now, if SIGCHLD has been
    ignored, the next time :mod:`gevent.subprocess` is used this will be
    detected and corrected automatically. (This potentially leads to
    issues with :func:`os.popen` on Python 2, but the signal can always
    be reset again. Mixing the low-level process handling calls,
    low-level signal management and high-level use of
    :mod:`gevent.subprocess` is tricky.) Reported in :issue:`857` by
    Chris Utz.
  * ``Popen.kill`` and ``send_signal`` no longer attempt to send signals
    to processes that are known to be exited.
  + Several backwards compatible updates to the subprocess module have
    been backported from Python 3 to Python 2, making
    :mod:`gevent.subprocess` smaller, easier to maintain and in some cases
  * Popen objects can be used as context managers even on Python 2. The
    high-level API functions (``call``, etc) use this for added safety.
  * The :mod:`gevent.subprocess` module now provides the
    :func:`` function in a cooperative way even
    when the system is not monkey patched, on all supported versions of
    Python. (It was added officially in Python 3.5.)
  * Popen objects save their *args* attribute even on Python 2.
  * :exc:`gevent.subprocess.TimeoutExpired` is defined even on Python 2,
    where it is a subclass of the :exc:`gevent.timeout.Timeout`
    exception; all instances where a ``Timeout`` exception would
    previously be thrown under Python 2 will now throw a
    ``TimeoutExpired`` exception.
  * :func:`` (and ``check_call``) accepts the
  * timeout* keyword argument on Python 2. This is standard on Python
    3, but a gevent extension on Python 2.
  * :func:`gevent.subprocess.check_output` accepts the *timeout* and
  * input* arguments on Python 2. This is standard on Python 3, but a
    gevent extension on Python 2.
- Implement single-spec version
- Add rpmlintrc to deal with source files used by cffi.
* Tue Dec 13 2016
- update to 1.1.2:
  * Python 2: ``sendall`` on a non-blocking socket could spuriously fail
    with a timeout.
  * If ``sys.stderr`` has been monkey-patched (not recommended),
    exceptions that the hub reports aren't lost and can still be caught.
    Reported in :issue:`825` by Jelle Smet.
  * :class:`selectors.SelectSelector` is properly monkey-patched
    regardless of the order of imports. Reported in :issue:`835` by
    Przemys?aw W?grzyn.
  * Python 2: ``reload(site)`` no longer fails with a ``TypeError`` if
    gevent has been imported. Reported in :issue:`805` by Jake Hilton.
  * Nested callbacks that set and clear an Event no longer cause
    ``wait`` to return prematurely. Reported in :issue:`771` by Sergey
  * Fix build on Solaris 10. Reported in :issue:`777` by wiggin15.
  * The ``ref`` parameter to :func:`gevent.os.fork_and_watch` was being ignored.
  * Python 3: :class:`gevent.queue.Channel` is now correctly iterable, instead of
    raising a :exc:`TypeError`.
  * Python 3: Add support for :meth:`socket.socket.sendmsg`,
    :meth:`socket.socket.recvmsg` and :meth:`socket.socket.recvmsg_into`
    on platforms where they are defined. Initial :pr:`773` by Jakub
* Thu Mar 10 2016
- Update to 1.1.0 (final):
  * See changelog.rst for detailed informations
* Fri Jan 29 2016
- Update to 1.1rc3:
  * See changelog.rst for detailed informations
* Wed Jul 01 2015
- Bump once more to 1.1a1:
  * See changelog.rst for detailed informations
  * The py2.7 compat in 1.0.2 behaves weirdly on openSUSE,
    this release seems way nicer on that front
* Tue Jun 30 2015
- Version bump to 1.0.2:
  - Fix LifoQueue.peek() to return correct element. PR #456. Patch by Christine
  - Upgrade to libev 4.19
  - Remove SSL3 entirely as default TLS protocol
  - Import socket on Windows (closes #459)
  - Fix C90 syntax error (PR #449)
  - Add compatibility with Python 2.7.9's SSL changes. Issue #477.
* Tue Nov 18 2014
- Update to 1.0.1
  - Upgrade libev to 4.15. This fixes #361: installation on armv5.
  - Better support for win64. Patch by Alexey Borzenkov.
  - Fix #423: Pool's imap/imap_unordered could hang forever. Based on patch and test by Jianfei Wang.
  - Enable libev's check watchers.
  - Add dummy Event._reset_internal_locks() method. Only relevant if patch_all(Event=True) is enabled (non-default).
  - Backport new from master branch.
- Removed upstream included libev.patch
* Thu Jun 12 2014
- libev.patch: fix syntax error in preprocessor conditional
* Sun Dec 15 2013
- Update to version 1.0
  + pywsgi: Pass copy of error list instead of direct reference
  + Ignore the autogenerated doc/gevent.*.rst files.
  + Fix on Windows.
  + Remove (use gevent.wait).
* Fri Oct 26 2012
- Update to version 0.13.8:
  * Fixed issue #80: gevent.httplib failed with RequestFailed errors because timeout was reset to 1s. Patch by Tomasz Prus.
  * core: fix compilation with the latest Cython: remove emit_ifdef/emit_else/emit_endif.
  * Fixed issue #132: gevent.socket.gethostbyname(<unicode>) now does ascii encoding and uses gevent's resolver rather than
    calling built-in resolver. Patch by Alexey Borzenkov.
* Mon Jun 25 2012
- Update to version 0.13.7:
  + Fixed #94: fallback to buffer if memoryview fails in _get_memory on
    python 2.7.
  + Fixed #103: ``Queue(None).full()`` returns ``False`` now (previously
    it returned ``True``).
  + Fixed #112: threading._sleep is not patched.
  + Fixed #115: _dummy gets unexpected Timeout arg.
* Tue Mar 27 2012
- Run testsuite
- Require python-greenlet
- Simplify macro usage
* Fri Nov 18 2011
- Cython should not be needed, gevent is build as a binary module
* Tue Jul 19 2011
- Initial version