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Do you write code to run experiments? If so, you've probably had the experience of sitting down to code an experiment but getting side-tracked by all the logistics: crossing your independent variables to form conditions, repeating your conditions, randomization, storing intermediate data, etc. It's frustrating to put all that effort in before even getting to what's really unique about your experiment. Worse, it encourages bad coding practices like copy-pasting boilerplate from someone else's experiment code without understanding it.

The purpose of experimentator is to handle all the boring logistics of running experiments and allow you to get straight to what really interests you, whatever that may be. This package was originally intended for behavioral experiments in which human participants are interacting with a graphical interface, but there is nothing domain-specific about it--it should be useful for anyone running experiments with a computer. You might say that experimentator*is a library for 'repeatedly calling a function while systematically varying its inputs and saving the data' (although that doesn't do it full justice).

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