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Change Logs

* Sat Jan 07 2023 Petr Tesařík <>
- Update to drgn-0.0.22:
  * License changed to LGPLv2.1+.
  * Linux kernel support was tested up to Linux 6.2-rc2.
  * Oldest kernel version officially supported is now 4.9.
  * The StackFrame.locals() method was added.
  * The StackFrame.sp attribute was added.
  * Helpers for XArrays were added.
  * The drgn.helpers.linux.slab.get_slab_aliases() helper was added.
  * The drgn.helpers.linux.slab.slab_object_info() helper was added.
  * The drgn.helpers.common.memory.identify_address() helper now
    provide the offset from the beginning of the slab object and
    whether it is allocated or free.
  * The drgn.helpers.common.stack.print_annotated_stack() helper was
  * Support for Linux kernel modules and stack unwinding on s390x.
  * Partial support for looking up types with C++ template
  * Parsing debug info for C++ template parameter packs.
* Fri Oct 14 2022 Petr Tesařík <>
- Update to drgn-0.0.21:
  * Linux kernel support up to Linux 6.0.
  * Helpers for lockless linked lists in the Linux kernel.
  * A helper to find the slab cache that a virtual address came.
  * A drgn.helpers.common package for helpers that can be used with
    any program (which may have program-specific additional
  * A helper to identify an arbitrary address (e.g., as a symbol or
    slab object).
  * PageFoo() helpers to check various struct page flags.
  * Helpers for working with compound pages.
  * A helper to get the CPU that a task last ran on.
  * Automatic pretty-printing in IPython/Jupyter.
  * drgn.StackTrace.prog was added as a way to get the program that a stack trace came from.
  * Bug fixes, documentation, minor API changes.
* Sun Aug 14 2022 Petr Tesařík <>
- Initial packaging for openSUSE.