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Change Logs

* Sat Feb 02 2019 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 1.25.3:
  * Fix excess threading on missing connections (:pr:`2403`) Daniel
  * Fix typo in doc (:pr:`2457`) Loïc Estève
  * Start fewer but larger workers with LocalCluster (:pr:`2452`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Check for non-zero length first in read loop (:pr:`2465`) John
  * DOC: Use of local cluster in script (:pr:`2462`) Peter Killick
  * DOC/API: Signature for base class write / read (:pr:`2472`) Tom
  * Support Pytest 4 in Tests (:pr:`2478`) Adam Beberg
  * Ensure async behavior in event loop with LocalCluster (:pr:`2484`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Fix spurious CancelledError (:pr:`2485`) Loïc Estève
  * Properly reset dask.config scheduler and shuffle when closing the
    client (:pr:`2475`) George Sakkis
  * Make it more explict that resources are per worker. (:pr:`2470`)
    Loïc Estève
  * Remove references to center (:pr:`2488`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Expand client clearing timeout to 10s in testing (:pr:`2493`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Propagate key keyword in progressbar (:pr:`2492`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use provided cluster's IOLoop if present in Client (:pr:`2494`)
    Matthew Rocklin
* Sun Jan 06 2019 Arun Persaud <>
- specfile:
  * update copyright year
- update to version 1.25.2:
  * Clean up LocalCluster logging better in async mode (:pr:`2448`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add short error message if bokeh cannot be imported (:pr:`2444`)
    Dirk Petersen
  * Add optional environment variables to Nanny (:pr:`2431`) Matthew
  * Make the direct keyword docstring entries uniform (:pr:`2441`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Make LocalCluster.close async friendly (:pr:`2437`) Matthew
  * gather_dep: don't request dependencies we already found out we
    don't want (:pr:`2428`) tjb900
  * Add parameters to docstring (:pr:`2429`) Matthew
  * Support coroutines and async-def functions in run/run_scheduler
    (:pr:`2427`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Name threads in ThreadPoolExecutors (:pr:`2408`) Matthew Rocklin
* Sat Dec 22 2018 Todd R <>
- Update to version 1.25.1
  * Serialize objects properly (:pr:`2384`) `Jim Crist`_
  * Turn off bokeh property validation in dashboard (:pr:`2387`) `Jim Crist`_
  * Fully initialize WorkerState objects (:pr:`2388`) `Jim Crist`_
  * Fix typo in scheduler docstring (:pr:`2393`) `Russ Bubley`_
  * DOC: fix typo in distributed.worker.Worker docstring (:pr:`2395`) `Loïc Estève`_
  * Remove clients and workers from event log after removal (:pr:`2394`) `tjb900`_
  * Support msgpack 0.6.0 by providing length keywords (:pr:`2399`) `tjb900`_
  * Use async-await on large messages test (:pr:`2404`) `Matthew Rocklin`_
  * Fix race condition in normalize_collection (:pr:`2386`) `Jim Crist`_
  * Fix redict collection after HighLevelGraph fix upstream (:pr:`2413`) `Matthew Rocklin`_
  * Add a blocking argument to Lock.acquire(`) (:pr:`2412`) `Stephan Hoyer`_
  * Fix long traceback test (:pr:`2417`) `Matthew Rocklin`_
  * Update x509 certificates to current OpenSSL standards. (:pr:`2418`) `Diane Trout`_
* Sat Dec 01 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 1.25.0:
  * Fixed the 404 error on the Scheduler Dashboard homepage (GH#2361)
    Michael Wheeler
  * Consolidate two Worker classes into one (GH#2363) Matthew Rocklin
  * Avoid warnings in pyarrow and msgpack (GH#2364) Matthew Rocklin
  * Avoid race condition in Actor’s Future (GH#2374) Matthew Rocklin
  * Support missing packages keyword in Client.get_versions (GH#2379)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Fixup serializing masked arrays (GH#2373) Jim Crist
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 1.24.2:
  * Add support for Bokeh 1.0 (GH#2348) (GH#2356) Matthew Rocklin
  * Fix regression that dropped support for Tornado 4 (GH#2353) Roy
  * Avoid deprecation warnings (GH#2355) (GH#2357) Matthew Rocklin
  * Fix typo in worker documentation (GH#2349) Tom Rochette
* Mon Nov 12 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 1.24.1:
  * Use tornado’s builtin AnyThreadLoopEventPolicy (GH#2326) Matthew
  * Adjust TLS tests for openssl 1.1 (GH#2331) Marius van Niekerk
  * Avoid setting event loop policy if within Jupyter notebook server
    (GH#2343) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add preload script to conf (GH#2325) Guillaume Eynard-Bontemps
  * Add serializer for Numpy masked arrays (GH#2335) Peter Killick
  * Use psutil.Process.oneshot (GH#2339) NotSqrt
  * Use worker SSL context when getting client from worker. (GH#2301)
* Tue Oct 30 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 1.24.0:
  * Remove Joblib Dask Backend from codebase (GH#2298) Matthew Rocklin
  * Include worker tls protocol in Scheduler.restart (GH#2295) Matthew
  * Adapt to new Bokeh selection for 1.0 (GH#2292) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add explicit retry method to Future and Client (GH#2299) Matthew
  * Point to main worker page in bokeh links (GH#2300) Matthew Rocklin
  * Limit concurrency when gathering many times (GH#2303) Matthew
  * Add tls_cluster pytest fixture (GH#2302) Matthew Rocklin
  * Convert and active to properties (GH#2304)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * change export_tb to format_tb (GH#2306) Eric Ma
  * Redirect joblib page to dask-ml (GH#2307) Matthew Rocklin
  * Include unserializable object in error message (GH#2310) Matthew
  * Import Mapping, Iterator, Set from in Python 3
    (GH#2315) Gaurav Sheni
  * Extend Client.scatter docstring (GH#2320) Eric Ma
  * Update for new flake8 (GH#2321) Matthew Rocklin
* Mon Oct 08 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 1.23.3:
  * Err in dask serialization if not a NotImplementedError (GH#2251)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Protect against key missing from priority in GraphLayout (GH#2259)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Do not pull data twice in Client.gather (GH#2263) Adam Klein
  * Add pytest fixture for cluster tests (GH#2262) Matthew Rocklin
  * Cleanup bokeh callbacks (GH#2261) (GH#2278) Matthew Rocklin
  * Fix bokeh error for memory_limit=None (GH#2255) Brett Naul
  * Place large keywords into task graph in (GH#2281)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Remove redundant blosc threading code from protocol.numpy
    (GH#2284) Mike Gevaert
  * Add ncores to workertable (GH#2289) Matthew Rocklin
  * Support upload_file on files with no extension (GH#2290) Matthew
* Mon Sep 17 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 1.23.2:
  * Discard dependent rather than remove (#2250) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use dask_sphinx_theme Matthew Rocklin
  * Drop the Bokeh index page (#2241) John Kirkham
  * Revert change to keep link relative (#2242) Matthew Rocklin
  * docs: Fix broken AWS link in setup.rst file (#2240) Vladyslav
  * Return cancelled futures in as_completed (#2233) Chris White
* Sat Sep 08 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 1.23.1:
  * Raise informative error when mixing futures between clients
    (#2227) Matthew Rocklin
  * add byte_keys to unpack_remotedata call (#2232) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add documentation for gist/rawgit for get_task_stream (#2236)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Quiet Client.close by waiting for scheduler stop signal (#2237)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Display system graphs nicely on different screen sizes (#2239)
    Derek Ludwig
  * Mutate passed in workers dict in TaskStreamPlugin.rectangles
    (#2238) Matthew Rocklin
* Sun Sep 02 2018
- specfile:
  * remove devel from noarch
  * be more specific in %files section
- update to version 1.23.0:
  * Add direct_to_workers to Client Matthew Rocklin
  * Add Scheduler.proxy to workers Matthew Rocklin
  * Implement Actors Matthew Rocklin
  * Fix tooltip (#2168) Loïc Estève
  * Fix scale / avoid returning coroutines (#2171) Joe Hamman
  * Clarify dask-worker –nprocs (#2173) Yu Feng
  * Concatenate all bytes of small messages in TCP comms (#2172)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add dashboard_link property (#2176) Jacob Tomlinson
  * Always offload to_frames (#2170) Matthew Rocklin
  * Warn if desired port is already in use (#2191) (#2199) Matthew
  * Add profile page for event loop thread (#2144) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use dispatch for dask serialization, also add sklearn, pytorch
    (#2175) Matthew Rocklin
  * Handle corner cases with busy signal (#2182) Matthew Rocklin
  * Check self.dependencies when looking at tasks in memory (#2196)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add ability to log additional custom metrics from each worker
    (#2169) Loïc Estève
  * Fix formatting when port is a tuple (#2204) Loïc Estève
  * Describe what ZeroMQ is (#2211) Mike DePalatis
  * Tiny typo fix (#2214) Anderson Banihirwe
  * Add Python 3.7 to travis.yml (#2203) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add plot= keyword to get_task_stream (#2198) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add support for optional versions in Client.get_versions (#2216)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add routes for solo bokeh figures in dashboard (#2185) Matthew
  * Be resilient to missing dep after busy signal (#2217) Matthew
  * Use CSS Grid to layout status page on the dashboard (#2213) Derek
    Ludwig and Luke Canavan
  * Fix deserialization of queues on main ioloop thread (#2221)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add a worker initialization function (#2201) Guillaume EB
  * Collapse navbar in dashboard (#2223) Luke Canavan
- changes from version 1.22.1:
  * Add worker_class= keyword to Nanny to support different worker
    types (GH#2147) Martin Durant
  * Cleanup intermittent worker failures (GH#2152) (GH#2146) Matthew
  * Fix msgpack PendingDeprecationWarning for encoding=’utf-8’
    (GH#2153) Olivier Grisel
  * Make bokeh coloring deterministic using hash function (GH#2143)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Allow client to query the task stream plot (GH#2122) Matthew
  * Use PID and counter in thread names (GH#2084) (GH#2128) Dror
  * Test that worker restrictions are cleared after cancellation
    (GH#2107) Matthew Rocklin
  * Expand resources in graph_to_futures (GH#2131) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add custom serialization support for pyarrow (GH#2115) Dave
  * Update dask-scheduler cli help text for preload (GH#2120) Matt
  * Added another nested parallelism test (GH#1710) Tom Augspurger
  * insert newline by default after TextProgressBar (GH#1976) Phil
  * Retire workers from scale (GH#2104) Matthew Rocklin
  * Allow worker to refuse data requests with busy signal (GH#2092)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Don’t forget released keys (GH#2098) Matthew Rocklin
  * Update example for stopping a worker (GH#2088) `John A Kirkham`_
  * removed hardcoded value of memory terminate fraction from a log
    message (GH#2096) Bartosz Marcinkowski
  * Adjust worker doc after change in config file location and
    treatment (GH#2094) Aurélien Ponte
  * Prefer gathering data from same host (GH#2090) Matthew Rocklin
  * Handle exceptions on deserialized comm with text error (GH#2093)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Fix typo in docstring (GH#2087) Loïc Estève
  * Provide communication context to serialization functions (GH#2054)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Allow name to be explicitly passed in publish_dataset (GH#1995)
    Marius van Niekerk
  * Avoid accessing Worker.scheduler_delay around yield point
    (GH#2074) Matthew Rocklin
  * Support TB and PB in format bytes (GH#2072) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add test for as_completed for loops in Python 2 (GH#2071) Matthew
  * Allow adaptive to exist without a cluster (GH#2064) Matthew
  * Have worker data transfer wait until recipient acknowledges
    (GH#2052) Matthew Rocklin
  * Support async def functions in Client.sync (GH#2070) Matthew
  * Add asynchronous parameter to docstring of LocalCluster Matthew
  * Normalize address before comparison (GH#2066) Tom Augspurger
  * Use ConnectionPool for Worker.scheduler Matthew Rocklin
  * Avoid reference cycle in str_graph Matthew Rocklin
  * Pull data outside of while loop in gather (GH#2059) Matthew
* Mon Jul 02 2018
- Fix the PyYAML dependency
* Sun Jul 01 2018
- specfile:
  * updated dask requirement, added pyyaml
* Sun Jun 24 2018
- update to version 1.22.0:
  * Overhaul configuration (GH#1948) Matthew Rocklin
  * Replace get= keyword with scheduler= (GH#1959) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use tuples in msgpack (GH#2000) Matthew Rocklin and Marius van
  * Unify handling of high-volume connections (GH#1970) Matthew
  * Automatically scatter large arguments in joblib connector
    (GH#2020) (GH#2030) Olivier Grisel
  * Turn click Python 3 locales failure into a warning (GH#2001)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Rely on dask implementation of sizeof (GH#2042) Matthew Rocklin
  * Replace deprecated workers.iloc with workers.values() (GH#2013)
    Grant Jenks
  * Introduce serialization families (GH#1912) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add PubSub (GH#1999) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add Dask stylesheet to documentation Matthew Rocklin
  * Avoid recomputation on partially-complete results (GH#1840)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Use sys.prefix in popen for testing (GH#1954) Matthew Rocklin
  * Include yaml files in manifest Matthew Rocklin
  * Use self.sync so Client.processing works in asynchronous context
    (GH#1962) Henry Doupe
  * Fix bug with bad repr on closed client (GH#1965) Matthew Rocklin
  * Parse –death-timeout keyword in dask-worker (GH#1967) Matthew
  * Support serializers in BatchedSend (GH#1964) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use normal serialization mechanisms to serialize published
    datasets (GH#1972) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add security support to LocalCluster. (GH#1855) Marius van Niekerk
  * add ConnectionPool.remove method (GH#1977) Tony Lorenzo
  * Cleanly close workers when scheduler closes (GH#1981) Matthew
  * Add .pyz support in upload_file (GH#1781) @bmaisson
  * add comm to packages (GH#1980) Matthew Rocklin
  * Replace dask.set_options with dask.config.set Matthew Rocklin
  * Exclude versions of sortedcontainers which do not have
    .iloc. (GH#1993) Russ Bubley
  * Exclude gc statistics under PyPy (GH#1997) Marius van Niekerk
  * Manage recent config and dataframe changes in dask (GH#2009)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Cleanup lingering clients in tests (GH#2012) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use timeouts during Client._ensure_connected (GH#2011) Martin
  * Avoid reference cycle in joblib backend (GH#2014) Matthew Rocklin,
    also Olivier Grisel
  * DOC: fixed test example (GH#2017) Tom Augspurger
  * Add worker_key parameter to Adaptive (GH#1992) Matthew Rocklin
  * Prioritize tasks with their true keys, before stringifying
    (GH#2006) Matthew Rocklin
  * Serialize worker exceptions through normal channels (GH#2016)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Include exception in progress bar (GH#2028) Matthew Rocklin
  * Avoid logging orphaned futures in All (GH#2008) Matthew Rocklin
  * Don’t use spill-to-disk dictionary if we’re not spilling to disk
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Only avoid recomputation if key exists (GH#2036) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use client connection and serialization arguments in progress
    (GH#2035) Matthew Rocklin
  * Rejoin worker client on closing context manager (GH#2041) Matthew
  * Avoid forgetting erred tasks when losing dependencies (GH#2047)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Avoid collisions in graph_layout (GH#2050) Matthew Rocklin
  * Avoid recursively calling bokeh callback in profile plot (GH#2048)
    Matthew Rocklin
* Sun May 06 2018
- specfile:
  * Replace msgpack-python by msgpack
  * updated required versions according to requirement.txt
- update to version 1.21.8:
  * Remove errant print statement (GH#1957) Matthew Rocklin
  * Only add reevaluate_occupancy callback once (GH#1953) Tony Lorenzo
- changes from version 1.21.7:
  * Newline needed for doctest rendering (GH#1917) Loïc Estève
  * Support Client._repr_html_ when in async mode (GH#1909) Matthew
  * Add parameters to dask-ssh command (GH#1910) Irene Rodriguez
  * Santize get_dataset trace (GH#1888) John Kirkham
  * Fix bug where queues would not clean up cleanly (GH#1922) Matthew
  * Delete cached file safely in upload file (GH#1921) Matthew Rocklin
  * Accept KeyError when closing tornado IOLoop in tests (GH#1937)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Quiet the client and scheduler when gather(…, errors=’skip’)
    (:pr:`1936) Matthew Rocklin
  * Clarify couldn’t gather keys warning (GH#1942) Kenneth Koski
  * Support submit keywords in joblib (GH#1947) Matthew Rocklin
  * Avoid use of external resources in bokeh server (GH#1934) Matthew
  * Drop __contains__ from Datasets (GH#1889) John Kirkham
  * Fix bug with queue timeouts (GH#1950) Matthew Rocklin
  * Replace msgpack-python by msgpack (GH#1927) Loïc Estève
* Sat Apr 07 2018
- update to version 1.21.6:
  * Fix numeric environment variable configuration (GH#1885) Joseph
  * support bytearrays in older lz4 library (GH#1886) Matthew Rocklin
  * Remove started timeout in nanny (GH#1852) Matthew Rocklin
  * Don’t log errors in sync (GH#1894) Matthew Rocklin
  * downgrade stale lock warning to info logging level (GH#1890)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Fix UnboundLocalError for key (GH#1900) John Kirkham
  * Resolve deployment issues in Python 2 (GH#1905) Matthew Rocklin
  * Support retries and priority in Client.get method (GH#1902)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add additional attributes to task page if applicable (GH#1901)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add count method to as_completed (GH#1897) Matthew Rocklin
  * Extend default timeout to 10s (GH#1904) Matthew Rocklin
- changes from version 1.21.5:
  * Increase default allowable tick time to 3s (GH#1854) Matthew
  * Handle errant workers when another worker has data (GH#1853)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Close multiprocessing queue in Nanny to reduce open file
    descriptors (GH#1862) Matthew Rocklin
  * Extend nanny started timeout to 30s, make configurable (GH#1865)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Comment out the default config file (GH#1871) Matthew Rocklin
  * Update to fix bokeh 0.12.15 update errors (GH#1872) Matthew
  * Downgrade Event Loop unresponsive warning to INFO level (GH#1870)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add fifo timeout to control priority generation (GH#1828) Matthew
  * Add retire_workers API to Client (GH#1876) Matthew Rocklin
  * Catch NoSuchProcess error in Nanny.memory_monitor (GH#1877)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add uid to nanny queue communitcations (GH#1880) Matthew Rocklin
- changes from version 1.21.4:
  * Avoid passing bytearrays to snappy decompression (GH#1831) Matthew
  * Specify IOLoop in Adaptive (GH#1841) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use connect-timeout config value throughout client (GH#1839)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Support direct= keyword argument in Client.get (GH#1845) Matthew
- changes from version 1.21.3:
  * Add cluster superclass and improve adaptivity (GH#1813) Matthew
  * Fixup tests and support Python 2 for Tornado 5.0 (GH#1818) Matthew
  * Fix bug in recreate_error when dependencies are dropped (GH#1815)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add worker time to live in Scheduler (GH#1811) Matthew Rocklin
  * Scale adaptive based on total_occupancy (GH#1807) Matthew Rocklin
  * Support calling compute within worker_client (GH#1814) Matthew
  * Add percentage to profile plot (GH#1817) Brett Naul
  * Overwrite option for remote python in dask-ssh (GH#1812) Sven
- changes from version 1.21.2:
  * Fix bug where we didn’t check idle/saturated when stealing
    (GH#1801) Matthew Rocklin
  * Fix bug where client was noisy when scheduler closed unexpectedly
    (GH#1806) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use string-based timedeltas (like '500 ms') everywhere (GH#1804)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Keep logs in scheduler and worker even if silenced (GH#1803)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Support minimum, maximum, wait_count keywords in Adaptive
    (GH#1797) Jacob Tomlinson and Matthew Rocklin
  * Support async protocols for LocalCluster, replace start= with
    asynchronous= (GH#1798) Matthew Rocklin
  * Avoid restarting workers when nanny waits on scheduler (GH#1793)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Use IOStream.read_into() when available (GH#1477) Antoine Pitrou
  * Reduce LocalCluster logging threshold from CRITICAL to WARN
    (GH#1785) Andy Jones
  * Add futures_of to API docs (GH#1783) John Kirkham
  * Make diagnostics link in client configurable (GH#1810) Matthew
- changes from version 1.21.1:
  * Fixed an uncaught exception in distributed.joblib with a
    LocalCluster using only threads (GH#1775) Tom Augspurger
  * Format bytes in info worker page (GH#1752) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add pass-through arguments for scheduler/worker –preload
    modules. (GH#1634) Alexander Ford
  * Use new LZ4 API (GH#1757) Thrasibule
  * Replace dask.optimize with dask.optimization (GH#1754) Matthew
  * Add graph layout engine and bokeh plot (GH#1756) Matthew Rocklin
  * Only expand name with –nprocs if name exists (GH#1776) Matthew
  * specify IOLoop for stealing PeriodicCallback (GH#1777) Matthew
  * Fixed distributed.joblib with no processes Tom Augspurger
  * Use set.discard to avoid KeyErrors in stealing (GH#1766) Matthew
  * Avoid KeyError when task has been released during steal (GH#1765)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Add versions routes to avoid the use of run in Client.get_versions
    (GH#1773) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add write_scheduler_file to Client (GH#1778) Joe Hamman
  * Default host to tls:// if tls information provided (GH#1780)
    Matthew Rocklin
* Tue Mar 20 2018
- Update descriptions.
* Sun Mar 11 2018
- Use %license macro for license.
* Sat Feb 10 2018
- specfile:
  * update copyright year
- update to version 1.21.0:
  * Refactor scheduler to use TaskState objects rather than
    dictionaries (:pr:`1594`) Antoine Pitrou
  * Plot CPU fraction of total in workers page (:pr:`1624`) Matthew
  * Use thread CPU time in Throttled GC (:pr:`1625`) Antoine Pitrou
  * Fix bug with memory_limit=None (:pr:`1639`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add futures_of to top level api (:pr:`1646`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Warn on serializing large data in Client (:pr:`1636`) Matthew
  * Fix intermittent windows failure when removing lock file
    (:pr:`1652`) Antoine Pitrou
  * Add diagnosis and logging of poor GC Behavior (:pr:`1635`) Antoine
  * Add client-scheduler heartbeats (:pr:`1657`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Return dictionary of worker info in retire_workers (:pr:`1659`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Ensure dumps_function works with unhashable functions (:pr:`1662`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Collect client name ids rom client-name config variable
    (:pr:`1664`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Allow simultaneous use of --name and --nprocs in dask-worker
    (:pr:`1665`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add support for grouped adaptive scaling and adaptive behavior
    overrides (:pr:`1632`) Alexander Ford
  * Share scheduler RPC between worker and client (:pr:`1673`) Matthew
  * Allow retries= in ClientExecutor (:pr:`1672`) @rqx
  * Improve documentation for get_client and dask.compute examples
    (:pr:`1638`) Scott Sievert
  * Support DASK_SCHEDULER_ADDRESS environment variable in worker
    (:pr:`1680`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Support tuple-keys in retries (:pr:`1681`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use relative links in bokeh dashboard (:pr:`1682`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Make message log length configurable, default to zero (:pr:`1691`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Deprecate Client.shutdown (:pr:`1699`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add warning in configuration docs to install pyyaml (:pr:`1701`)
    Cornelius Riemenschneider
  * Handle nested parallelism in distributed.joblib (:pr:`1705`) `Tom
  * Don't wait for Worker.executor to shutdown cleanly when restarting
    process (:pr:`1708`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Add support for user defined priorities (:pr:`1651`) Matthew
  * Catch and log OSErrors around worker lock files (:pr:`1714`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Remove worker prioritization. Coincides with changes to dask.order
    (:pr:`1730`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Use process-measured memory rather than nbytes in Bokeh dashboard
    (:pr:`1737`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Enable serialization of Locks (:pr:`1738`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Support Tornado 5 beta (:pr:`1735`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Cleanup remote_magic client cache after tests (:pr:`1743`) Min RK
  * Allow service ports to be specified as (host, port) (:pr:`1744`)
    Bruce Merry
* Thu Jan 11 2018
- Fix futures dependency handling