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Version: 3.3-bp150.2.4
* Mon Jul 24 2017
- Add reproducible.patch to sort file list to fix build-compare (boo#1041090)
* Mon Apr 22 2013
- Drop custom sitelib/arch hacks, providing --install-lib also helps distorm3
  to find the correct installation location. It's still a workaround though.
- Drop unused pkg-config dependency
* Fri Jan 11 2013
- Update to 3.3 version:
  * The structure of a decoded instruction now contains new fields
    that let one know how the instruction affected the CPU flags (modified,
    tested, undefined). For more info see the last three fields of the
    DInst structure inside DecomposeInterface.
  * Compacted the DB of instructions much more, with another level of
    shared data among similar instructions...
  * The Python bindings now support the control flow features that
    diStorm3 itself support, thanks to Vext01.
- Remove duplicate files with fdupes
* Fri Jan 11 2013
- Update to 3.2 version:
  * Fixed many instructions, either operand accuracy problems or typos
    in mnemonics.
  * Fixed a few bugs introduced in July 2011.
  * Added new instructions such as: INVPCID, TZCNT, RDxSBASE, WRxSBASE,
    CVTPS2PH, CVTPH2PS and more. Added a new compiler directive DISTORM_LIGHT
    to compile only distorm_decompose (no text formatting) to make diStorm
    smaller in size (should save around 20kb), thanks to Marius Negrutiu of BullGuard.
  * Fixed the Java wrapper to support latest version.
* Thu Jan 03 2013
- Fix builds for SLES 11
* Fri Jul 27 2012
- don't stutter static on BigEndian
* Mon Feb 27 2012
- Package copying
- Platform-dependent Python packages belong into %python_sitearch,
  only noarch packages may go nito %python_sitelib. Seems to be an
  upstream issue
* Mon Feb 06 2012
- initial package
  distorm is a powerful disassembler library for x86/AMD64.
  It is used by volatility for memory (RAM) forensics.