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Change Logs

Version: 0.3.0-bp152.1.7
* Fri Mar 13 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 0.3.0:
  * small bugfixes
- Remove patch merged upstream:
  * correct_large_version_number.patch
* Fri Oct 25 2019 Matej Cepl <>
- Add correct_large_version_number.patch fixing bt#pypa/distlib#129
* Thu Oct 24 2019 Matej Cepl <>
- Skip test_abi tests. bt#pypa/distlib#129
* Fri Sep 13 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 0.2.9.post0:
  * updated pypi urls
  * various small bugfixes
- Remove merged patches:
  * pypi-url-update.patch
* Thu Apr 04 2019 John Vandenberg <>
- Remove Windows executables
* Mon Mar 25 2019 John Vandenberg <>
- Add upstream merged pypi-url-update.patch to replace
* Wed Mar 06 2019 John Vandenberg <>
- Convert to single spec
- Activate test suite
- Change license to Python-2.0 to match sdist
- Update URL to
- Remove unnecessary build dependency on python-devel
- Add fdupes
- Remove unnecessary backports with remove-backports.patch
- Update to v0.2.8
  * database
    + Fixed #108: Updated metadata scan to look for the METADATA file as well
    as the JSON formats.
  * locators
    + Handled wheel tags and platform-dependent downloads correctly
    in SimpleScrapingLocator.
  * metadata
    + Updated documentation on testing to include information on
  * scripts
    + Avoided unnecessary newlines in script preambles, which caused
    problems with detecting encoding declarations.
  * util
    + Removed existing files (which might have been symlinks) before
- from v0.2.7
  * compat
    + cache_from_source is now imported from importlib.util where
  * database
    + InstalledDistributions now have a modules attribute which
    is a list of top-level modules as read from top_level.txt, if that is in
    the distribution info.
  * locators
    + Fixed #103: Thanks to Saulius Žemaitaitis for the patch.
  * metadata
    + Added support for PEP 566 / Metadata 1.3.
  * scripts
    + Updated launcher binaries.
- from v0.2.6
  * compat
    + Updated to handle a case where sys.getfilesystemencoding()
    returns None.
  * database
    + Eliminated a crash in EggInfoDistribution.list_distinfo_files()
    which was caused by trying to open a non-existent file.
    + Handled a case where an installed distribution didn't have 'Provides:'
  * locators
    + SimpleScrapingLocator no longer fails prematurely when scraping
    links due to invalid versions.
  * markers
    + Improved error messages issued when interpreting markers
  * scripts
    + Improved the shebangs written into installed scripts when the interpreter
    path is very long or contains spaces (to cater for a limitation in shebang
    line parsing on Linux)
    + Updated launcher binaries.
  * Numerous test refinements
- from v0.2.5
  * general
    + Changed regular expressions to be compatible with 3.6 as regards escape
    + Closed some resource leaks related to XML-RPC proxies.
    + Removed Python 2.6 from the support list.
  * locators
    + Made downloadability a factor in scoring URLs for preferences.
  * markers
    + Replaced the implementation with code which parses requirements in
    accordance with PEP 508 and evaluates marker expressions according to
    PEP 508.
  * util
    + Changed _csv_open to use utf-8 across all platforms on Python 3.x.
  * wheel
    + Changed to look for metadata in metadata.json as well as pydist.json.
  * version
    + Updated requirement parsing in version matchers to use the new
    PEP 508-compliant code.
  * Numerous test refinements
- from v0.2.4
  * compat
    + Updated to not fail on import if SSL is unavailable.
  * index
    + Switch from using gpg in preference to gpg2 for signing. This is
    to avoid gpg2's behaviour of prompting for passwords, which interferes
    with the tests on some machines.
  * locators
    + Changed project name comparisons to follow PEP 503.
    + Added errors queue to Locator.
  * manifest
    + Changed match logic to work under Python 3.6, due to differences in
    how fnmatch.translate behaves.
  * resources
    + Updated finder registry logic to reflect changes in Python 3.6.
  * scripts
    + Fixed regular expression in generated script boilerplate.
  * util
    + Updated to not fail on import if SSL is unavailable.
    + Added normalize_name for project name comparisons using PEP 503.
  * tests
    + Updated to skip certain tests if SSL is unavailable.
    + Numerous other test refinements.
- from v0.2.3
  * util
    + Changed get_executable to return Unicode rather than bytes.
    + Fixed #84: Allow + character in output script names.
    + Relaxed too-stringent test looking for application/json in headers.
  * wheel
    + sorted the entries in RECORD before writing to file.
  * Numerous test refinements.
- from v0.2.2
  * database
    + Added support for detecting distributions installed by wheel
    versions >= 0.23 (which use metadata.json rather than pydist.json).
  * locators
    + Updated default PyPI URL to
  * metadata
    + Updated to use different formatting for description field for V1.1
    + Corrected "classifier" to "classifiers" in the mapping for V1.0
  * scripts
    + Improved support for Jython when quoting executables in output scripts.
  * util
    + Made the internal URL used for extended metadata fetches
    configurable via a module attribute.
    + Improved entry point parsing to handle leading spaces in
    ini-format files.
  * docs
    + Numerous documentation updates, not detailed further here.
  * tests
    + renamed environment variable SKIP_SLOW to SKIP_ONLINE in tests and
    applied to some more tests.
    + Numerous other test refinements.
- from v0.2.1
  * locators
    + Return a Distribution instance or None from ``locate()``.
    + Skipped special keys when looking for versions.
    + Improved behaviour of PyPIJSONLocator to be analogous to that of other
  * resource
    + Added resource iterator functionality.
  * scripts
    + Updated launchers to decode shebangs using UTF-8. This allows
    non-ASCII pathnames to be correctly handled.
    + Ensured that the executable written to shebangs is normcased.
    + Changed ScriptMaker to work better under Jython.
  * util
    + Changed the mode setting method to work better under Jython.
    + Changed get_executable() to return a normcased value.
  * wheel
    + Handled multiple-architecture wheel filenames correctly.
  * docs
    + Numerous documentation updates, not detailed further here.
  * Numerous test refinements.
* Sun Jul 05 2015
- Initial packaging of v0.2.0