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Change Logs

* Sat Feb 02 2019 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 1.1.1:
  * Array
    + Add support for cupy.einsum (:pr:`4402`) Johnnie Gray
    + Provide byte size in chunks keyword (:pr:`4434`) Adam Beberg
    + Raise more informative error for histogram bins and range
    (:pr:`4430`) James Bourbeau
  * DataFrame
    + Lazily register more cudf functions and move to backends file
    (:pr:`4396`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Fix ORC tests for pyarrow 0.12.0 (:pr:`4413`) Jim Crist
    + rearrange_by_column: ensure that shuffle arg defaults to 'disk'
    if it's None in dask.config (:pr:`4414`) George Sakkis
    + Implement filters for _read_pyarrow (:pr:`4415`) George Sakkis
    + Avoid checking against types in is_dataframe_like (:pr:`4418`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Pass username as 'user' when using pyarrow (:pr:`4438`) Roma
  * Delayed
    + Fix DelayedAttr return value (:pr:`4440`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Documentation
    + Use SVG for pipeline graphic (:pr:`4406`) John A Kirkham
    + Add doctest-modules to py.test documentation (:pr:`4427`) Daniel
  * Core
    + Work around psutil 5.5.0 not allowing pickling Process objects
* Sun Jan 20 2019 Arun Persaud <>
- specfile:
  * update copyright year
- update to version 1.1.0:
  * Array
    + Fix the average function when there is a masked array
    (:pr:`4236`) Damien Garaud
    + Add allow_unknown_chunksizes to hstack and vstack (:pr:`4287`)
    Paul Vecchio
    + Fix tensordot for 27+ dimensions (:pr:`4304`) Johnnie Gray
    + Fixed block_info with axes. (:pr:`4301`) Tom Augspurger
    + Use safe_wraps for matmul (:pr:`4346`) Mark Harfouche
    + Use chunks="auto" in array creation routines (:pr:`4354`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Fix np.matmul in dask.array.Array.__array_ufunc__ (:pr:`4363`)
    Stephan Hoyer
    + COMPAT: Re-enable multifield copy->view change (:pr:`4357`)
    Diane Trout
    + Calling np.dtype on a delayed object works (:pr:`4387`) Jim
    + Rework normalize_array for numpy data (:pr:`4312`) Marco Neumann
  * DataFrame
    + Add fill_value support for series comparisons (:pr:`4250`) James
    + Add schema name in read_sql_table for empty tables (:pr:`4268`)
    Mina Farid
    + Adjust check for bad chunks in map_blocks (:pr:`4308`) Tom
    + Add dask.dataframe.read_fwf (:pr:`4316`) @slnguyen
    + Use atop fusion in dask dataframe (:pr:`4229`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Use parallel_types(`) in from_pandas (:pr:`4331`) Matthew
    + Change DataFrame._repr_data to method (:pr:`4330`) Matthew
    + Install pyarrow fastparquet for Appveyor (:pr:`4338`) Gábor
    + Remove explicit pandas checks and provide cudf lazy registration
    (:pr:`4359`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Replace isinstance(..., pandas`) with is_dataframe_like
    (:pr:`4375`) Matthew Rocklin
    + ENH: Support 3rd-party ExtensionArrays (:pr:`4379`) Tom
    + Pandas 0.24.0 compat (:pr:`4374`) Tom Augspurger
  * Documentation
    + Fix link to 'map_blocks' function in array api docs (:pr:`4258`)
    David Hoese
    + Add a paragraph on Dask-Yarn in the cloud docs (:pr:`4260`) Jim
    + Copy edit documentation (:pr:`4267), (:pr:`4263`), (:pr:`4262`),
    (:pr:`4277`), (:pr:`4271`), (:pr:`4279), (:pr:`4265`),
    (:pr:`4295`), (:pr:`4293`), (:pr:`4296`), (:pr:`4302`),
    (:pr:`4306`), (:pr:`4318`), (:pr:`4314`), (:pr:`4309`),
    (:pr:`4317`), (:pr:`4326`), (:pr:`4325`), (:pr:`4322`),
    (:pr:`4332`), (:pr:`4333`), Miguel Farrajota
    + Fix typo in code example (:pr:`4272`) Daniel Li
    + Doc: Update array-api.rst (:pr:`4259`) (:pr:`4282`) Prabakaran
    + Update hpc doc (:pr:`4266`) Guillaume Eynard-Bontemps
    + Doc: Replace from_avro with read_avro in documents (:pr:`4313`)
    Prabakaran Kumaresshan
    + Remove reference to "get" scheduler functions in docs
    (:pr:`4350`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Fix typo in docstring (:pr:`4376`) Daniel Saxton
    + Added documentation for dask.dataframe.merge (:pr:`4382`)
    Jendrik Jördening
  * Core
    + Avoid recursion in dask.core.get (:pr:`4219`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Remove verbose flag from pytest setup.cfg (:pr:`4281`) Matthew
    + Support Pytest 4.0 by specifying marks explicitly (:pr:`4280`)
    Takahiro Kojima
    + Add High Level Graphs (:pr:`4092`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Fix SerializableLock locked and acquire methods (:pr:`4294`)
    Stephan Hoyer
    + Pin boto3 to earlier version in tests to avoid moto conflict
    (:pr:`4276`) Martin Durant
    + Treat None as missing in config when updating (:pr:`4324`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Update Appveyor to Python 3.6 (:pr:`4337`) Gábor Lipták
    + Use parse_bytes more liberally in dask.dataframe/bytes/bag
    (:pr:`4339`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Add a better error message when cloudpickle is missing
    (:pr:`4342`) Mark Harfouche
    + Support pool= keyword argument in threaded/multiprocessing get
    functions (:pr:`4351`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Allow updates from arbitrary Mappings in config.update, not only
    dicts. (:pr:`4356`) Stuart Berg
    + Move dask/array/ code to dask/ (:pr:`4348`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Add has_parallel_type (:pr:`4395`) Matthew Rocklin
    + CI: Update Appveyor (:pr:`4381`) Tom Augspurger
    + Ignore non-readable config files (:pr:`4388`) Jim Crist
* Sat Dec 01 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 1.0.0:
  * Array
    + Add nancumsum/nancumprod unit tests (:pr:`4215`) Guido Imperiale
  * DataFrame
    + Add index to to_dask_dataframe docstring (:pr:`4232`) James
    + Text and fix when appending categoricals with fastparquet
    (:pr:`4245`) Martin Durant
    + Don't reread metadata when passing ParquetFile to read_parquet
    (:pr:`4247`) Martin Durant
  * Documentation
    + Copy edit documentation (:pr:`4222`) (:pr:`4224`) (:pr:`4228`)
    (:pr:`4231`) (:pr:`4230`) (:pr:`4234`) (:pr:`4235`) (:pr:`4254`)
    Miguel Farrajota
    + Updated doc for the new scheduler keyword (:pr:`4251`) @milesial
  * Core
    + Avoid a few warnings (:pr:`4223`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Remove module (:pr:`4221`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Remove Jim Crist
* Thu Nov 22 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 0.20.2:
  * Array
    + Avoid fusing dependencies of atop reductions (:pr:`4207`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Dataframe
    + Improve memory footprint for dataframe correlation (:pr:`4193`)
    Damien Garaud
    + Add empty DataFrame check to boundary_slice (:pr:`4212`) James
  * Documentation
    + Copy edit documentation (:pr:`4197`) (:pr:`4204`) (:pr:`4198`)
    (:pr:`4199`) (:pr:`4200`) (:pr:`4202`) (:pr:`4209`) Miguel
    + Add stats module namespace (:pr:`4206`) James Bourbeau
    + Fix link in dataframe documentation (:pr:`4208`) James Bourbeau
* Mon Nov 12 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 0.20.1:
  * Array
    + Only allocate the result space in wrapped_pad_func (:pr:`4153`)
    John A Kirkham
    + Generalize expand_pad_width to expand_pad_value (:pr:`4150`)
    John A Kirkham
    + Test da.pad with 2D linear_ramp case (:pr:`4162`) John A Kirkham
    + Fix import for broadcast_to. (:pr:`4168`) samc0de
    + Rewrite Dask Array's pad to add only new chunks (:pr:`4152`)
    John A Kirkham
    + Validate index inputs to atop (:pr:`4182`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Core
    + Dask.config set and get normalize underscores and hyphens
    (:pr:`4143`) James Bourbeau
    + Only subs on core collections, not subclasses (:pr:`4159`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Add block_size=0 option to HTTPFileSystem. (:pr:`4171`) Martin
    + Add traverse support for dataclasses (:pr:`4165`) Armin Berres
    + Avoid optimization on sharedicts without dependencies
    (:pr:`4181`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Update the pytest version for TravisCI (:pr:`4189`) Damien
    + Use key_split rather than funcname in visualize names
    (:pr:`4160`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Dataframe
    + Add fix for DataFrame.__setitem__ for index (:pr:`4151`)
    Anderson Banihirwe
    + Fix column choice when passing list of files to fastparquet
    (:pr:`4174`) Martin Durant
    + Pass engine_kwargs from read_sql_table to sqlalchemy
    (:pr:`4187`) Damien Garaud
  * Documentation
    + Fix documentation in Delayed best practices example that
    returned an empty list (:pr:`4147`) Jonathan Fraine
    + Copy edit documentation (:pr:`4164`) (:pr:`4175`) (:pr:`4185`)
    (:pr:`4192`) (:pr:`4191`) (:pr:`4190`) (:pr:`4180`) Miguel
    + Fix typo in docstring (:pr:`4183`) Carlos Valiente
* Tue Oct 30 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 0.20.0:
  * Array
    + Fuse Atop operations (:pr:`3998`), (:pr:`4081`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Support da.asanyarray on dask dataframes (:pr:`4080`) Matthew
    + Remove unnecessary endianness check in datetime test
    (:pr:`4113`) Elliott Sales de Andrade
    + Set name=False in array foo_like functions (:pr:`4116`) Matthew
    + Remove dask.array.ghost module (:pr:`4121`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Fix use of getargspec in dask array (:pr:`4125`) Stephan Hoyer
    + Adds dask.array.invert (:pr:`4127`), (:pr:`4131`) Anderson
    + Raise informative error on arg-reduction on unknown chunksize
    (:pr:`4128`), (:pr:`4135`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Normalize reversed slices in dask array (:pr:`4126`) Matthew
  * Bag
    + Add bag.to_avro (:pr:`4076`) Martin Durant
  * Core
    + Pull num_workers from config.get (:pr:`4086`), (:pr:`4093`)
    James Bourbeau
    + Fix invalid escape sequences with raw strings (:pr:`4112`)
    Elliott Sales de Andrade
    + Raise an error on the use of the get= keyword and set_options
    (:pr:`4077`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Add import for Azure DataLake storage, and add docs (:pr:`4132`)
    Martin Durant
    + Avoid collections.Mapping/Sequence (:pr:`4138`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Dataframe
    + Include index keyword in to_dask_dataframe (:pr:`4071`) Matthew
    + add support for duplicate column names (:pr:`4087`) Jan Koch
    + Implement min_count for the DataFrame methods sum and prod
    (:pr:`4090`) Bart Broere
    + Remove pandas warnings in concat (:pr:`4095`) Matthew Rocklin
    + DataFrame.to_csv header option to only output headers in the
    first chunk (:pr:`3909`) Rahul Vaidya
    + Remove Series.to_parquet (:pr:`4104`) Justin Dennison
    + Avoid warnings and deprecated pandas methods (:pr:`4115`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Swap 'old' and 'previous' when reporting append error
    (:pr:`4130`) Martin Durant
  * Documentation
    + Copy edit documentation (:pr:`4073`), (:pr:`4074`),
    (:pr:`4094`), (:pr:`4097`), (:pr:`4107`), (:pr:`4124`),
    (:pr:`4133`), (:pr:`4139`) Miguel Farrajota
    + Fix typo in code example (:pr:`4089`) Antonino Ingargiola
    + Add pycon 2018 presentation (:pr:`4102`) Javad
    + Quick description for gcsfs (:pr:`4109`) Martin Durant
    + Fixed typo in docstrings of read_sql_table method (:pr:`4114`)
    + Make target directories in redirects if they don't exist
    (:pr:`4136`) Matthew Rocklin
* Wed Oct 10 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 0.19.4:
  * Array
    + Implement apply_gufunc(..., axes=..., keepdims=...) (:pr:`3985`)
    Markus Gonser
  * Bag
    + Fix typo in datasets.make_people (:pr:`4069`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Dataframe
    + Added percentiles options for dask.dataframe.describe method
    (:pr:`4067`) Zhenqing Li
    + Add DataFrame.partitions accessor similar to Array.blocks
    (:pr:`4066`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Core
    + Pass get functions and Clients through scheduler keyword
    (:pr:`4062`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Documentation
    + Fix Typo on hpc example. (missing = in kwarg). (:pr:`4068`)
    Matthias Bussonier
    + Extensive copy-editing: (:pr:`4065`), (:pr:`4064`), (:pr:`4063`)
    Miguel Farrajota
* Mon Oct 08 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 0.19.3:
  * Array
    + Make da.RandomState extensible to other modules (:pr:`4041`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Support unknown dims in ravel no-op case (:pr:`4055`) Jim Crist
    + Add basic infrastructure for cupy (:pr:`4019`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Avoid asarray and lock arguments for from_array(getitem`)
    (:pr:`4044`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Move local imports in corrcoef to global imports (:pr:`4030`)
    John A Kirkham
    + Move local indices import to global import (:pr:`4029`) John A
    + Fix-up Dask Array's fromfunction w.r.t. dtype and kwargs
    (:pr:`4028`) John A Kirkham
    + Don't use dummy expansion for trim_internal in overlapped
    (:pr:`3964`) Mark Harfouche
    + Add unravel_index (:pr:`3958`) John A Kirkham
  * Bag
    + Sort result in Bag.frequencies (:pr:`4033`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Add support for npartitions=1 edge case in groupby (:pr:`4050`)
    James Bourbeau
    + Add new random dataset for people (:pr:`4018`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Improve performance of bag.read_text on small files (:pr:`4013`)
    Eric Wolak
    + Add bag.read_avro (:pr:`4000`) (:pr:`4007`) Martin Durant
  * Dataframe
    + Added an index parameter to
    :meth:`dask.dataframe.from_dask_array` for creating a dask
    DataFrame from a dask Array with a given index. (:pr:`3991`) Tom
    + Improve sub-classability of dask dataframe (:pr:`4015`) Matthew
    + Fix failing hdfs test [test-hdfs] (:pr:`4046`) Jim Crist
    + fuse_subgraphs works without normal fuse (:pr:`4042`) Jim Crist
    + Make path for reading many parquet files without prescan
    (:pr:`3978`) Martin Durant
    + Index in dd.from_dask_array (:pr:`3991`) Tom Augspurger
    + Making skiprows accept lists (:pr:`3975`) Julia Signell
    + Fail early in fastparquet read for nonexistent column
    (:pr:`3989`) Martin Durant
  * Core
    + Add support for npartitions=1 edge case in groupby (:pr:`4050`)
    James Bourbeau
    + Automatically wrap large arguments with dask.delayed in
    map_blocks/partitions (:pr:`4002`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Fuse linear chains of subgraphs (:pr:`3979`) Jim Crist
    + Make multiprocessing context configurable (:pr:`3763`) Itamar
  * Documentation
    + Extensive copy-editing (:pr:`4049`), (:pr:`4034`), (:pr:`4031`),
    (:pr:`4020`), (:pr:`4021`), (:pr:`4022`), (:pr:`4023`),
    (:pr:`4016`), (:pr:`4017`), (:pr:`4010`), (:pr:`3997`),
    (:pr:`3996`), Miguel Farrajota
    + Update shuffle method selection docs [skip ci] (:pr:`4048`)
    James Bourbeau
    + Remove docs/source/examples, point to
    (:pr:`4014`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Replace readthedocs links with (:pr:`4008`) Matthew
    + Updates DataFrame.to_hdf docstring for returned values [skip ci]
    (:pr:`3992`) James Bourbeau
* Mon Sep 17 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 0.19.2:
  * Array
    + apply_gufunc implements automatic infer of functions output
    dtypes (:pr:`3936`) Markus Gonser
    + Fix array histogram range error when array has nans (#3980)
    James Bourbeau
    + Issue 3937 follow up, int type checks. (#3956) Yu Feng
    + from_array: add @martindurant's explaining of how hashing is
    done for an array. (#3965) Mark Harfouche
    + Support gradient with coordinate (#3949) Keisuke Fujii
  * Core
    + Fix use of has_keyword with partial in Python 2.7 (#3966) Mark
    + Set pyarrow as default for HDFS (#3957) Matthew Rocklin
  * Documentation
    + Use dask_sphinx_theme (#3963) Matthew Rocklin
    + Use JupyterLab in Binder links from main page Matthew Rocklin
    + DOC: fixed sphinx syntax (#3960) Tom Augspurger
* Sat Sep 08 2018 Arun Persaud <>
- update to version 0.19.1:
  * Array
    + Don't enforce dtype if result has no dtype (:pr:`3928`) Matthew
    + Fix NumPy issubtype deprecation warning (:pr:`3939`) Bruce Merry
    + Fix arg reduction tokens to be unique with different arguments
    (:pr:`3955`) Tobias de Jong
    + Coerce numpy integers to ints in slicing code (:pr:`3944`) Yu
    + Linalg.norm ndim along axis partial fix (:pr:`3933`) Tobias de
  * Dataframe
    + Deterministic DataFrame.set_index (:pr:`3867`) George Sakkis
    + Fix divisions in read_parquet when dealing with filters #3831
    [#3930] (:pr:`3923`) (:pr:`3931`) @andrethrill
    + Fixing returning type in categorical.as_known (:pr:`3888`)
    Sriharsha Hatwar
    + Fix DataFrame.assign for callables (:pr:`3919`) Tom Augspurger
    + Include partitions with no width in repartition (:pr:`3941`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Don't constrict stage/k dtype in dataframe shuffle (:pr:`3942`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Documentation
    + DOC: Add hint on how to render task graphs horizontally
    (:pr:`3922`) Uwe Korn
    + Add try-now button to main landing page (:pr:`3924`) Matthew
* Sun Sep 02 2018
- specfile:
  * remove devel from noarch
- update to version 0.19.0:
  * Array
    + Fix argtopk split_every bug (:pr:`3810`) Guido Imperiale
    + Ensure result computing dask.array.isnull(`) always gives a
    numpy array (:pr:`3825`) Stephan Hoyer
    + Support concatenate for scipy.sparse in dask array (:pr:`3836`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Fix argtopk on 32-bit systems. (:pr:`3823`) Elliott Sales de
    + Normalize keys in rechunk (:pr:`3820`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Allow shape of dask.array to be a numpy array (:pr:`3844`) Mark
    + Fix numpy deprecation warning on tuple indexing (:pr:`3851`)
    Tobias de Jong
    + Rename ghost module to overlap (:pr:`3830`) `Robert Sare`_
    + Re-add the ghost import to da __init__ (:pr:`3861`) Jim Crist
    + Ensure copy preserves masked arrays (:pr:`3852`) Tobias de Jong
  * DataFrame
    + Added dtype and sparse keywords to
    :func:`dask.dataframe.get_dummies` (:pr:`3792`) Tom Augspurger
    + Added :meth:`dask.dataframe.to_dask_array` for converting a Dask
    Series or DataFrame to a Dask Array, possibly with known chunk
    sizes (:pr:`3884`) Tom Augspurger
    + Changed the behavior for :meth:`dask.array.asarray` for dask
    dataframe and series inputs. Previously, the series was eagerly
    converted to an in-memory NumPy array before creating a dask
    array with known chunks sizes. This caused unexpectedly high
    memory usage. Now, no intermediate NumPy array is created, and a
    Dask array with unknown chunk sizes is returned (:pr:`3884`) Tom
    + DataFrame.iloc (:pr:`3805`) Tom Augspurger
    + When reading multiple paths, expand globs. (:pr:`3828`) Irina
    + Added index column name after resample (:pr:`3833`) Eric
    + Add (lazy) shape property to dataframe and series (:pr:`3212`)
    Henrique Ribeiro
    + Fix failing hdfs test [test-hdfs] (:pr:`3858`) Jim Crist
    + Fixes for pyarrow 0.10.0 release (:pr:`3860`) Jim Crist
    + Rename to_csv keys for diagnostics (:pr:`3890`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Match pandas warnings for concat sort (:pr:`3897`) Tom
    + Include filename in read_csv (:pr:`3908`) Julia Signell
  * Core
    + Better error message on import when missing common dependencies
    (:pr:`3771`) Danilo Horta
    + Drop Python 3.4 support (:pr:`3840`) Jim Crist
    + Remove expired deprecation warnings (:pr:`3841`) Jim Crist
    + Add DASK_ROOT_CONFIG environment variable (:pr:`3849`) `Joe
    + Don't cull in local scheduler, do cull in delayed (:pr:`3856`)
    Jim Crist
    + Increase conda download retries (:pr:`3857`) Jim Crist
    + Add python_requires and Trove classifiers (:pr:`3855`) @hugovk
    + Fix deprecation warnings in Python 3.7.0
    (:pr:`3876`) Jan Margeta
    + Allow dot jpeg to xfail in visualize tests (:pr:`3896`) Matthew
    + Add Python 3.7 to travis.yml (:pr:`3894`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Add expand_environment_variables to dask.config (:pr:`3893`)
    `Joe Hamman`_
  * Docs
    + Fix typo in import statement of diagnostics (:pr:`3826`) John
    + Add link to YARN docs (:pr:`3838`) Jim Crist
    + fix of minor typos in landing page index.html (:pr:`3746`)
    Christoph Moehl
    + Update delayed-custom.rst (:pr:`3850`) Anderson Banihirwe
    + DOC: clarify delayed docstring (:pr:`3709`) Scott Sievert
    + Add new presentations (:pr:`3880`) @javad94
    + Add dask array normalize_chunks to documentation (:pr:`3878`)
    Daniel Rothenberg
    + Docs: Fix link to snakeviz (:pr:`3900`) Hans Moritz Günther
    + Add missing ` to docstring (:pr:`3915`) @rtobar
- changes from version 0.18.2:
  * Array
    + Reimplemented argtopk to make it release the GIL (:pr:`3610`)
    Guido Imperiale
    + Don't overlap on non-overlapped dimensions in map_overlap
    (:pr:`3653`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Fix linalg.tsqr for dimensions of uncertain length (:pr:`3662`)
    Jeremy Chen
    + Break apart uneven array-of-int slicing to separate chunks
    (:pr:`3648`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Align auto chunks to provided chunks, rather than shape
    (:pr:`3679`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Adds endpoint and retstep support for linspace (:pr:`3675`)
    James Bourbeau
    + Implement .blocks accessor (:pr:`3689`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Add block_info keyword to map_blocks functions (:pr:`3686`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Slice by dask array of ints (:pr:`3407`) Guido Imperiale
    + Support dtype in arange (:pr:`3722`) Guido Imperiale
    + Fix argtopk with uneven chunks (:pr:`3720`) Guido Imperiale
    + Raise error when replace=False in da.choice (:pr:`3765`) James
    + Update chunks in Array.__setitem__ (:pr:`3767`) Itamar
    + Add a chunksize convenience property (:pr:`3777`) Jacob
    + Fix and simplify array slicing behavior when step < 0
    (:pr:`3702`) Ziyao Wei
    + Ensure to_zarr with return_stored True returns a Dask Array
    (:pr:`3786`) John A Kirkham
  * Bag
    + Add last_endline optional parameter in to_textfiles (:pr:`3745`)
    George Sakkis
  * Dataframe
    + Add aggregate function for rolling objects (:pr:`3772`) Gerome
    + Properly tokenize cumulative groupby aggregations (:pr:`3799`)
    Cloves Almeida
  * Delayed
    + Add the @ operator to the delayed objects (:pr:`3691`) Mark
    + Add delayed best practices to documentation (:pr:`3737`) Matthew
    + Fix @delayed decorator for methods and add tests (:pr:`3757`)
    Ziyao Wei
  * Core
    + Fix extra progressbar (:pr:`3669`) Mike Neish
    + Allow tasks back onto ordering stack if they have one dependency
    (:pr:`3652`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Prefer end-tasks with low numbers of dependencies when ordering
    (:pr:`3588`) Tom Augspurger
    + Add assert_eq to top-level modules (:pr:`3726`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Test that dask collections can hold scipy.sparse arrays
    (:pr:`3738`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Fix setup of lz4 decompression functions (:pr:`3782`) Elliott
    Sales de Andrade
    + Add datasets module (:pr:`3780`) Matthew Rocklin
* Sun Jun 24 2018
- update to version 0.18.1:
  * Array
    + from_array now supports scalar types and nested lists/tuples in
    input, just like all numpy functions do. It also produces a
    simpler graph when the input is a plain ndarray (:pr:`3556`)
    Guido Imperiale
    + Fix slicing of big arrays due to cumsum dtype bug (:pr:`3620`)
    Marco Rossi
    + Add Dask Array implementation of pad (:pr:`3578`) John A Kirkham
    + Fix array random API examples (:pr:`3625`) James Bourbeau
    + Add average function to dask array (:pr:`3640`) James Bourbeau
    + Tokenize ghost_internal with axes (:pr:`3643`) Matthew Rocklin
    + from_array: special handling for ndarray, list, and scalar types
    (:pr:`3568`) Guido Imperiale
    + Add outer for Dask Arrays (:pr:`3658`) John A Kirkham
  * DataFrame
    + Add Index.to_series method (:pr:`3613`) Henrique Ribeiro
    + Fix missing partition columns in pyarrow-parquet (:pr:`3636`)
    Martin Durant
  * Core
    + Minor tweaks to CI (:pr:`3629`) Guido Imperiale
    + Add back dask.utils.effective_get (:pr:`3642`) Matthew Rocklin
    + DASK_CONFIG dictates config write location (:pr:`3621`) Jim
    + Replace 'collections' key in unpack_collections with unique key
    (:pr:`3632`) Yu Feng
    + Avoid deepcopy in dask.config.set (:pr:`3649`) Matthew Rocklin
- changes from version 0.18.0:
  * Array
    + Add to/read_zarr for Zarr-format datasets and arrays
    (:pr:`3460`) Martin Durant
    + Experimental addition of generalized ufunc support,
    apply_gufunc, gufunc, and as_gufunc (:pr:`3109`) (:pr:`3526`)
    (:pr:`3539`) Markus Gonser
    + Avoid unnecessary rechunking tasks (:pr:`3529`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Compute dtypes at runtime for fft (:pr:`3511`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Generate UUIDs for all operations (:pr:`3540`) Martin
    + Correct internal dimension of Dask's SVD (:pr:`3517`) John A
    + BUG: do not raise IndexError for identity slice in array.vindex
    (:pr:`3559`) Scott Sievert
    + Adds isneginf and isposinf (:pr:`3581`) John A Kirkham
    + Drop Dask Array's learn module (:pr:`3580`) John A Kirkham
    + added sfqr (short-and-fat) as a counterpart to tsqr…
    (:pr:`3575`) Jeremy Chen
    + Allow 0-width chunks in dask.array.rechunk (:pr:`3591`) Marc
    + Document Dask Array's nan_to_num in public API (:pr:`3599`) John
    A Kirkham
    + Show block example (:pr:`3601`) John A Kirkham
    + Replace token= keyword with name= in map_blocks (:pr:`3597`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Disable locking in to_zarr (needed for using to_zarr in a
    distributed context) (:pr:`3607`) John A Kirkham
    + Support Zarr Arrays in to_zarr/from_zarr (:pr:`3561`) John A
    + Added recursion to array/linalg/tsqr to better manage the single
    core bottleneck (:pr:`3586`) `Jeremy Chan`_
  * Dataframe
    + Add to/read_json (:pr:`3494`) Martin Durant
    + Adds index to unsupported arguments for DataFrame.rename method
    (:pr:`3522`) James Bourbeau
    + Adds support to subset Dask DataFrame columns using
    numpy.ndarray, pandas.Series, and pandas.Index objects
    (:pr:`3536`) James Bourbeau
    + Raise error if meta columns do not match dataframe (:pr:`3485`)
    Christopher Ren
    + Add index to unsupprted argument for DataFrame.rename
    (:pr:`3522`) James Bourbeau
    + Adds support for subsetting DataFrames with pandas Index/Series
    and numpy ndarrays (:pr:`3536`) James Bourbeau
    + Dataframe sample method docstring fix (:pr:`3566`) James
    + fixes dd.read_json to infer file compression (:pr:`3594`) Matt
    + Adds n to sample method (:pr:`3606`) James Bourbeau
    + Add fastparquet ParquetFile object support (:pr:`3573`)
  * Bag
    + Rename method= keyword to shuffle= in bag.groupby (:pr:`3470`)
    Matthew Rocklin
  * Core
    + Replace get= keyword with scheduler= keyword (:pr:`3448`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Add centralized dask.config module to handle configuration for
    all Dask subprojects (:pr:`3432`) (:pr:`3513`) (:pr:`3520`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Add dask-ssh CLI Options and Description. (:pr:`3476`) @beomi
    + Read whole files fix regardless of header for HTTP (:pr:`3496`)
    Martin Durant
    + Adds synchronous scheduler syntax to debugging docs (:pr:`3509`)
    James Bourbeau
    + Replace dask.set_options with dask.config.set (:pr:`3502`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Update sphinx readthedocs-theme (:pr:`3516`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Introduce "auto" value for normalize_chunks (:pr:`3507`) Matthew
    + Fix check in configuration with env=None (:pr:`3562`) Simon
    + Update sizeof definitions (:pr:`3582`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Remove --verbose flag from travis-ci (:pr:`3477`) Matthew
    + Remove "da.random" from random array keys (:pr:`3604`) Matthew
* Mon May 21 2018
- update to version 0.17.5:
  * Compatibility with pandas 0.23.0 (:pr:`3499`) Tom Augspurger
* Sun May 06 2018
- update to version 0.17.4:
  * Dataframe
    + Add support for indexing Dask DataFrames with string subclasses
    (:pr:`3461`) James Bourbeau
    + Allow using both sorted_index and chunksize in read_hdf
    (:pr:`3463`) Pierre Bartet
    + Pass filesystem to arrow piece reader (:pr:`3466`) Martin Durant
    + Switches to using dask.compat string_types (#3462) James
- changes from version 0.17.3:
  * Array
    + Add einsum for Dask Arrays (:pr:`3412`) Simon Perkins
    + Add piecewise for Dask Arrays (:pr:`3350`) John A Kirkham
    + Fix handling of nan in broadcast_shapes (:pr:`3356`) John A
    + Add isin for dask arrays (:pr:`3363`). Stephan Hoyer
    + Overhauled topk for Dask Arrays: faster algorithm, particularly
    for large k's; added support for multiple axes, recursive
    aggregation, and an option to pick the bottom k elements
    instead. (:pr:`3395`) Guido Imperiale
    + The topk API has changed from topk(k, array) to the more
    conventional topk(array, k). The legacy API still works but is
    now deprecated. (:pr:`2965`) Guido Imperiale
    + New function argtopk for Dask Arrays (:pr:`3396`) Guido
    + Fix handling partial depth and boundary in map_overlap
    (:pr:`3445`) John A Kirkham
    + Add gradient for Dask Arrays (:pr:`3434`) John A Kirkham
  * DataFrame
    + Allow t as shorthand for table in to_hdf for pandas
    compatibility (:pr:`3330`) Jörg Dietrich
    + Added top level isna method for Dask DataFrames (:pr:`3294`)
    Christopher Ren
    + Fix selection on partition column on read_parquet for
    engine="pyarrow" (:pr:`3207`) Uwe Korn
    + Added DataFrame.squeeze method (:pr:`3366`) Christopher Ren
    + Added infer_divisions option to read_parquet to specify whether
    read engines should compute divisions (:pr:`3387`) Jon Mease
    + Added support for inferring division for engine="pyarrow"
    (:pr:`3387`) Jon Mease
    + Provide more informative error message for meta= errors
    (:pr:`3343`) Matthew Rocklin
    + add orc reader (:pr:`3284`) Martin Durant
    + Default compression for parquet now always Snappy, in line with
    pandas (:pr:`3373`) Martin Durant
    + Fixed bug in Dask DataFrame and Series comparisons with NumPy
    scalars (:pr:`3436`) James Bourbeau
    + Remove outdated requirement from repartition docstring
    (:pr:`3440`) Jörg Dietrich
    + Fixed bug in aggregation when only a Series is selected
    (:pr:`3446`) Jörg Dietrich
    + Add default values to make_timeseries (:pr:`3421`) Matthew
  * Core
    + Support traversing collections in persist, visualize, and
    optimize (:pr:`3410`) Jim Crist
    + Add schedule= keyword to compute and persist. This replaces
    common use of the get= keyword (:pr:`3448`) Matthew Rocklin
* Sat Mar 24 2018
- update to version 0.17.2:
  * Array
    + Add broadcast_arrays for Dask Arrays (:pr:`3217`) John A Kirkham
    + Add bitwise_* ufuncs (:pr:`3219`) John A Kirkham
    + Add optional axis argument to squeeze (:pr:`3261`) John A
    + Validate inputs to atop (:pr:`3307`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Avoid calls to astype in concatenate if all parts have the same
    dtype (:pr:`3301`) `Martin Durant`_
  * DataFrame
    + Fixed bug in shuffle due to aggressive truncation (:pr:`3201`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Support specifying categorical columns on read_parquet with
    categories=[…] for engine="pyarrow" (:pr:`3177`) Uwe Korn
    + Add dd.tseries.Resampler.agg (:pr:`3202`) Richard Postelnik
    + Support operations that mix dataframes and arrays (:pr:`3230`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Support extra Scalar and Delayed args in
    dd.groupby._Groupby.apply (:pr:`3256`) Gabriele Lanaro
  * Bag
    + Support joining against single-partitioned bags and delayed
    objects (:pr:`3254`) Matthew Rocklin
  * Core
    + Fixed bug when using unexpected but hashable types for keys
    (:pr:`3238`) Daniel Collins
    + Fix bug in task ordering so that we break ties consistently with
    the key name (:pr:`3271`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Avoid sorting tasks in order when the number of tasks is very
    large (:pr:`3298`) Matthew Rocklin
* Fri Mar 02 2018
- correctly package bytecode
- use %license macro
* Fri Feb 23 2018
- update to version 0.17.1:
  * Array
    + Corrected dimension chunking in indices (:issue:`3166`,
    :pr:`3167`) Simon Perkins
    + Inline store_chunk calls for store's return_stored option
    (:pr:`3153`) John A Kirkham
    + Compatibility with struct dtypes for NumPy 1.14.1 release
    (:pr:`3187`) Matthew Rocklin
  * DataFrame
    + Bugfix to allow column assignment of pandas
    datetimes(:pr:`3164`) Max Epstein
  * Core
    + New file-system for HTTP(S), allowing direct loading from
    specific URLs (:pr:`3160`) `Martin Durant`_
    + Fix bug when tokenizing partials with no keywords (:pr:`3191`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Use more recent LZ4 API (:pr:`3157`) `Thrasibule`_
    + Introduce output stream parameter for progress bar (:pr:`3185`)
    `Dieter Weber`_
* Sat Feb 10 2018
- update to version 0.17.0:
  * Array
    + Added a support object-type arrays for nansum, nanmin, and
    nanmax (:issue:`3133`) Keisuke Fujii
    + Update error handling when len is called with empty chunks
    (:issue:`3058`) Xander Johnson
    + Fixes a metadata bug with store's return_stored option
    (:pr:`3064`) John A Kirkham
    + Fix a bug in optimization.fuse_slice to properly handle when
    first input is None (:pr:`3076`) James Bourbeau
    + Support arrays with unknown chunk sizes in percentile
    (:pr:`3107`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Tokenize scipy.sparse arrays and np.matrix (:pr:`3060`) Roman
  * DataFrame
    + Support month timedeltas in repartition(freq=...) (:pr:`3110`)
    Matthew Rocklin
    + Avoid mutation in dataframe groupby tests (:pr:`3118`) Matthew
    + read_csv, read_table, and read_parquet accept iterables of paths
    (:pr:`3124`) Jim Crist
    + Deprecates the dd.to_delayed function in favor of the existing
    method (:pr:`3126`) Jim Crist
    + Return dask.arrays from df.map_partitions calls when the UDF
    returns a numpy array (:pr:`3147`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Change handling of columns and index in dd.read_parquet to be
    more consistent, especially in handling of multi-indices
    (:pr:`3149`) Jim Crist
    + fastparquet append=True allowed to create new dataset
    (:pr:`3097`) `Martin Durant`_
    + dtype rationalization for sql queries (:pr:`3100`) `Martin
  * Bag
    + Document bag.map_paritions function may recieve either a list or
    generator. (:pr:`3150`) Nir
  * Core
    + Change default task ordering to prefer nodes with few dependents
    and then many downstream dependencies (:pr:`3056`) Matthew
    + Add color= option to visualize to color by task order
    (:pr:`3057`) (:pr:`3122`) Matthew Rocklin
    + Deprecate dask.bytes.open_text_files (:pr:`3077`) Jim Crist
    + Remove short-circuit hdfs reads handling due to maintenance
    costs. May be re-added in a more robust manner later
    (:pr:`3079`) Jim Crist
    + Add dask.base.optimize for optimizing multiple collections
    without computing. (:pr:`3071`) Jim Crist
    + Rename dask.optimize module to dask.optimization (:pr:`3071`)
    Jim Crist
    + Change task ordering to do a full traversal (:pr:`3066`) Matthew
    + Adds an optimize_graph keyword to all to_delayed methods to
    allow controlling whether optimizations occur on
    conversion. (:pr:`3126`) Jim Crist
    + Support using pyarrow for hdfs integration (:pr:`3123`) Jim
    + Move HDFS integration and tests into dask repo (:pr:`3083`) Jim
    + Remove write_bytes (:pr:`3116`) Jim Crist
* Thu Jan 11 2018
- specfile:
  * update copyright year
- update to version 0.16.1:
  * Array
    + Fix handling of scalar percentile values in "percentile"
    (:pr:`3021`) `James Bourbeau`_
    + Prevent "bool()" coercion from calling compute (:pr:`2958`)
    `Albert DeFusco`_
    + Add "matmul" (:pr:`2904`) `John A Kirkham`_
    + Support N-D arrays with "matmul" (:pr:`2909`) `John A Kirkham`_
    + Add "vdot" (:pr:`2910`) `John A Kirkham`_
    + Explicit "chunks" argument for "broadcast_to" (:pr:`2943`)
    `Stephan Hoyer`_
    + Add "meshgrid" (:pr:`2938`) `John A Kirkham`_ and (:pr:`3001`)
    `Markus Gonser`_
    + Preserve singleton chunks in "fftshift"/"ifftshift" (:pr:`2733`)
    `John A Kirkham`_
    + Fix handling of negative indexes in "vindex" and raise errors
    for out of bounds indexes (:pr:`2967`) `Stephan Hoyer`_
    + Add "flip", "flipud", "fliplr" (:pr:`2954`) `John A Kirkham`_
    + Add "float_power" ufunc (:pr:`2962`) (:pr:`2969`) `John A
    + Compatability for changes to structured arrays in the upcoming
    NumPy 1.14 release (:pr:`2964`) `Tom Augspurger`_
    + Add "block" (:pr:`2650`) `John A Kirkham`_
    + Add "frompyfunc" (:pr:`3030`) `Jim Crist`_
  * DataFrame
    + Fixed naming bug in cumulative aggregations (:issue:`3037`)
    `Martijn Arts`_
    + Fixed "dd.read_csv" when "names" is given but "header" is not
    set to "None" (:issue:`2976`) `Martijn Arts`_
    + Fixed "dd.read_csv" so that passing instances of
    "CategoricalDtype" in "dtype" will result in known categoricals
    (:pr:`2997`) `Tom Augspurger`_
    + Prevent "bool()" coercion from calling compute (:pr:`2958`)
    `Albert DeFusco`_
    + "DataFrame.read_sql()" (:pr:`2928`) to an empty database tables
    returns an empty dask dataframe `Apostolos Vlachopoulos`_
    + Compatability for reading Parquet files written by PyArrow 0.8.0
    (:pr:`2973`) `Tom Augspurger`_
    + Correctly handle the column name (``) when
    reading in "dd.read_parquet" (:pr:2973`) `Tom Augspurger`_
    + Fixed "dd.concat" losing the index dtype when the data contained
    a categorical (:issue:`2932`) `Tom Augspurger`_
    + Add "dd.Series.rename" (:pr:`3027`) `Jim Crist`_
    + "DataFrame.merge()" (:pr:`2960`) now supports merging on a
    combination of columns and the index `Jon Mease`_
    + Removed the deprecated "dd.rolling*" methods, in preperation for
    their removal in the next pandas release (:pr:`2995`) `Tom
    + Fix metadata inference bug in which single-partition series were
    mistakenly special cased (:pr:`3035`) `Jim Crist`_
    + Add support for "" (:pr:`3028`) `Jim Crist`_
  * Core
    + Improve 32-bit compatibility (:pr:`2937`) `Matthew Rocklin`_
    + Change task prioritization to avoid upwards branching
    (:pr:`3017`) `Matthew Rocklin`_
* Sun Nov 19 2017
- update to version 0.16.0:
  * Fix install of fastparquet on travis (#2897)
  * Fix port for bokeh dashboard (#2889)
  * fix hdfs3 version
  * Modify hdfs import to point to hdfs3 (#2894)
  * Explicitly pass in pyarrow filesystem for parquet (#2881)
  * COMPAT: Ensure lists for multiple groupby keys (#2892)
  * Avoid list index error in repartition_freq (#2873)
  * Finish moving `infer_storage_options` (#2886)
  * Support arrow in `to_parquet`. Several other parquet
    cleanups. (#2868)
  * Bugfix: Filesystem object not passed to pyarrow reader (#2527)
  * Fix py34 build
  * Fixup s3 tests (#2875)
  * Close resource profiler process on __exit__ (#2871)
  * Add changelog for to_parquet changes. [ci skip]
  * A few parquet cleanups (#2867)
  * Fixed fillna with Series (#2810)
  * Error nicely on parse dates failure in read_csv (#2863)
  * Fix empty dataframe partitioning for numpy 1.10.4 (#2862)
  * Test `unique`'s inverse mapping's shape (#2857)
  * Move `thread_state` out of the top namespace (#2858)
  * Explain unique's steps (#2856)
  * fix and test for issue #2811 (#2818)
  * Minor tweaks to `_unique_internal` optional result handling
  * Update dask interface during XArray integration (#2847)
  * Remove unnecessary map_partitions in aggregate (#2712)
  * Simplify `_unique_internal` (#2850)
  * Add more tests for read_parquet(engine='pyarrow') (#2822)
  * Do not raise exception when calling set_index on empty dataframe
    [#2819] (#2827)
  * Test unique on more data (#2846)
  * Do not except on set_index on text column with empty partitions
    [#2820] (#2831)
  * Compat for bokeh 0.12.10 (#2844)
  * Support `return_*` arguments with `unique` (#2779)
  * Fix installing of pandas dev (#2838)
  * Squash a few warnings in dask.array (#2833)
  * Array optimizations don't elide some getter calls (#2826)
  * test against pandas rc (#2814)
  * df.astype(categorical_dtype) -> known categoricals (#2835)
  * Fix cloudpickle test (#2836)
  * BUG: Quantile with missing data (#2791)
  * API: remove dask.async (#2828)
  * Adds comma to flake8 section in setup.cfg (#2817)
  * Adds asarray and asanyarray to the dask.array public API (#2787)
  * flake8 now checks bare excepts (#2816)
  * CI: Update for new flake8 / pycodestyle (#2808)
  * Fix concat series bug (#2800)
  * Typo in the docstring of read_parquet's filters param (#2806)
  * Docs update (#2803)
  * minor doc changes in bag.core (#2797)
  * da.random.choice works with array args (#2781)
  * Support broadcasting 0-length dimensions (#2784)
  * ResourceProfiler plot works with single point (#2778)
  * Implement Dask Array's unique to be lazy (#2775)
  * Dask Collection Interface
  * Reduce test memory usage (#2782)
  * Deprecate vnorm (#2773)
  * add auto-import of gcsfs (#2776)
  * Add allclose (#2771)
  * Remove `random.different_seeds` from API docs (#2772)
  * Follow-up for atleast_nd (#2765)
  * Use get_worker().client.get if available (#2762)
  * Link PR for "Allow tuples as sharedict keys" (#2766)
  * Allow tuples as sharedict keys (#2763)
  * update docs to use flatten vs concat (#2764)
  * Add atleast_nd functions (#2760)
  * Consolidate changelog for 0.15.4 (#2759)
  * Add changelog template for future date (#2758)