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Change Logs

Version: 14.3.0-bp150.2.4
* Thu Aug 24 2017
- singlespec auto-conversion
* Thu Mar 26 2015
- update to version 14.3.0:
  * All decorators now gracefully accept empty attribute lists. [22].
- changes from version 14.2.0:
  * Attributes set by :func:`characteristic.attributes` are now stored
    on the class as well. [20]
  * __init__ methods that are created by
    :func:`characteristic.with_init` are now generated on the fly and
    optimized for each class. [9]
- changes from version 14.1.0:
  * Fix stray deprecation warnings.
  * Don't rely on warnings being switched on by command line. [17]
- changes from version 14.0.0:
  * Deprecations:
    + The defaults argument of :func:`~characteristic.with_init` and
    :func:`~characteristic.attributes` has been deprecated in favor
    of the new explicit :class:`~characteristic.Attribute` class and
    it's superior default_value and default_factory arguments.
    + The create_init argument of :func:`~characteristic.attributes`
    has been deprecated in favor of the new apply_with_init argument
    for the sake of consistency.
  * Changes:
    +  Switch to a year-based version scheme.
    + Add :func:`~characteristic.immutable` to make certain attributes
    of classes immutable. Also add apply_immutable argument to
    :func:`~characteristic.attributes`. [14]
    + Add explicit :class:`~characteristic.Attribute` class and use it
    for default factories. [8]
    + Add aliasing of private attributes for
    :func:`~characteristic.with_init`?s initializer when used
    together with :class:`~characteristic.Attribute`. Allow for
    custom aliasing via a callable. [6, 13]
    + Add type checks to :func:`~characteristic.with_init`?s
    initializer. [12]
    + Add possibility to hand-pick which decorators are applied from
    within :func:`~characteristic.attributes`.
    + Add possibility to exclude single attributes from certain
* Wed Jul 30 2014
- Initial version