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Change Logs

* Thu Feb 21 2019 John Vandenberg <>
- Replace no-async.patch with three Python 3.7 patches merged upstream
  python37-1.patch, python37-2.patch & python37-3.patch
- Replace sed invocation with unpin-pytest.patch for clarity
* Thu Feb 21 2019 John Vandenberg <>
- Add missing dependency on pytz, needed by celery.utils
- Remove unused build dependency on cl
* Fri Feb 15 2019 John Vandenberg <>
- Add relax-billiard-pin.patch to allow billiard
* Thu Jan 31 2019
- Add no-async.patch renaming async package to async_tools to
  make package 3.7 compatible.
* Thu Dec 06 2018 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Fix fdupes call
* Tue Dec 04 2018 Matej Cepl <>
- Remove superfluous devel dependency for noarch package
* Thu Aug 16 2018
- Update to 4.2.1:
  * Fix to build with newest kombu
  * Many bugfixes around
- Add patch to skip test that should not be run:
  * celery-no-redis.patch
* Wed May 02 2018
- Add patch to fix testrun with new pytest:
  * disable-pytest-log-capturing.patch
* Thu Nov 30 2017
- Add missing runtime deps (mostly same as build time ones...)
* Sat Sep 30 2017
- update to version 4.1.0:
  * Configuration: CELERY_SEND_EVENTS instead of CELERYD_SEND_EVENTS
    for 3.1.x compatibility (#3997)
  * App: Restore behavior so Broadcast queues work. (#3934)
  * Sphinx: Make appstr use standard format (#4134) (#4139)
  * App: Make id, name always accessible from logging.Formatter via
    extra (#3994)
  * Worker: Add worker_shutting_down signal (#3998)
  * PyPy: Support PyPy version 5.8.0 (#4128)
  * Results: Elasticsearch: Fix serializing keys (#3924)
  * Canvas: Deserialize all tasks in a chain (#4015)
  * Systemd: Recover loglevel for ExecStart in systemd config (#4023)
  * Sphinx: Use the Sphinx add_directive_to_domain API. (#4037)
  * App: Pass properties to before_task_publish signal (#4035)
  * Results: Add SSL option for Redis backends (#3831)
  * Beat: celery.schedule.crontab: fix reduce (#3826) (#3827)
  * State: Fix celery issues when using flower REST API
  * Results: Elasticsearch: Fix serializing document id.
  * Beat: Make shallow copy of schedules dictionary
  * Beat: Populate heap when periodic tasks are changed
  * Task: Allow class methods to define tasks (#3952)
  * Platforms: Always return boolean value when checking if signal is
    supported (#3962).
  * Canvas: Avoid duplicating chains in chords (#3779)
  * Canvas: Lookup task only if list has items (#3847)
  * Results: Allow unicode message for exception raised in task
  * Python3: Support for Python 3.6 (#3904, #3903, #3736)
  * App: Fix retried tasks with expirations (#3790)
  * * Fixes items format route in docs (#3875)
  * Utils: Fix maybe_make_aware (#3850)
  * Task: Fix task ETA issues when timezone is defined in
    configuration (#3867)
  * Concurrency: Consumer does not shutdown properly when embedded in
    gevent application (#3746)
  * Canvas: Fix #3725: Task replaced with group does not complete
  * Task: Correct order in chains with replaced tasks (#3730)
  * Result: Enable synchronous execution of sub-tasks (#3696)
  * Task: Fix request context for blocking task apply (added hostname)
  * Utils: Fix task argument handling (#3678) (#3693)
  * Beat: Provide a transparent method to update the Scheduler heap
  * Beat: Specify default value for pidfile option of celery
    beat. (#3722)
  * Results: Elasticsearch: Stop generating a new field every time
    when a new result is being put (#3708)
  * Requirements
    + Now depends on :ref:`Kombu 4.1.0 <kombu:version-4.1.0>`.
  * Results: Elasticsearch now reuses fields when new results are
  * Results: Fixed MongoDB integration when using binary encodings
    (Issue #3575).
  * Worker: Making missing "*args" and "kwargs" in Task protocol 1
    return empty value in protocol 2 (Issue #3687).
  * App: Fixed :exc:`TypeError` in AMQP when using deprecated signal
    (Issue #3707).
  * Beat: Added a transparent method to update the scheduler heap.
  * Task: Fixed handling of tasks with keyword arguments on Python 3
    (Issue #3657).
  * Task: Fixed request context for blocking task apply by adding
    missing hostname attribute.
  * Task: Added option to run subtasks synchronously with
    "disable_sync_subtasks" argument.
  * App: Fixed chaining of replaced tasks (Issue #3726).
  * Canvas: Fixed bug where replaced tasks with groups were not
    completing (Issue #3725).
  * Worker: Fixed problem where consumer does not shutdown properly
    when embedded in a gevent application (Issue #3745).
  * Results: Added support for using AWS DynamoDB as a result backend
  * Testing: Added caching on pip installs.
  * Worker: Prevent consuming queue before ready on startup (Issue
  * App: Fixed task ETA issues when timezone is defined in
    configuration (Issue #3753).
  * Utils: "maybe_make_aware" should not modify datetime when it is
    already timezone-aware (Issue #3849).
  * App: Fixed retrying tasks with expirations (Issue #3734).
  * Results: Allow unicode message for exceptions raised in task
    (Issue #3858).
  * Canvas: Fixed :exc:`IndexError` raised when chord has an empty
  * Canvas: Avoid duplicating chains in chords (Issue #3771).
  * Utils: Allow class methods to define tasks (Issue #3863).
  * Beat: Populate heap when periodic tasks are changed.
  * Results: Added support for Elasticsearch backend options settings.
  * Events: Ensure "Task.as_dict()" works when not all information
    about task is available.
  * Schedules: Fixed pickled crontab schedules to restore properly
    (Issue #3826).
  * Results: Added SSL option for redis backends (Issue #3830).
  * Documentation and examples improvements
* Thu Aug 24 2017
- singlespec auto-conversion
* Mon Jul 10 2017
- Drop redundant wording from description.
* Tue Jun 27 2017
- update to version 4.0.2:
  * Requirements: Now depends on Kombu 4.0.2.
  * Tasks: Fixed problem with JSON serialization of group (``keys
    must be string`` error, Issue #3688).
  * Worker: Fixed JSON serialization issue when using inspect
    active and friends (Issue #3667).
  * App: Fixed saferef errors when using signals (Issue #3670).
  * Prefork: Fixed bug with pack requiring bytes argument on Python
    2.7.5 and earlier (Issue #3674).
  * Tasks: Saferepr did not handle unicode in bytestrings on Python
    2 (Issue #3676).
  * Testing: Added new celery_worker_paremeters fixture.
  * Tasks: Added new app argument to GroupResult.restore
    (Issue #3669).
  * Tasks: Fixed type checking crash when task takes *args on
    Python 3 (Issue #3678).
  * Documentation and examples improvements
- additional changes from version 4.0.1:
  * [Security: CELERYSA-0003] Fix Insecure default configuration
  * Tasks: Added new method to register class-based tasks
    (Issue #3615).
  * Tasks: Argument checking now supports keyword-only arguments on
    Python3 (Issue #3658).
  * Tasks: The task-sent event was not being sent even if
    configured to do so (Issue #3646).
  * Worker: Fixed AMQP heartbeat support for eventlet/gevent pools
    (Issue #3649).
  * App: app.conf.humanize() would not work if configuration not
    finalized (Issue #3652).
  * Utils: saferepr attempted to show iterables as lists and
    mappings as dicts.
  * Utils: saferepr did not handle unicode-errors when attempting
    to format bytes on Python 3 (Issue #3610).
  * Utils: saferepr should now properly represent byte strings with
    non-ascii characters (Issue #3600).
  * Results: Fixed bug in elasticsearch where _index method missed
    the body argument (Issue #3606).
  * Canvas: Fixed ValueError in chord with single task header
    (Issue #3608).
  * Task: Ensure class-based task has name prior to registration
    (Issue #3616).
  * Beat: Fixed problem with strings in shelve (Issue #3644).
  * Worker: Fixed KeyError in inspect stats when -O argument set to
    something other than fast or fair (Issue #3621).
  * Task: Retried tasks were no longer sent to the original queue
    (Issue #3622).
  * Worker: Python 3: Fixed None/int type comparison in
    apps/ (Issue #3631).
  * Results: Redis has a new redis_socket_connect_timeout setting.
  * Results: Redis result backend passed the socket_connect_timeout
    argument to UNIX socket based connections by mistake, causing a
  * Worker: Fixed missing logo in worker splash screen when running
    on Python 3.x (Issue #3627).
  * Deps: Fixed celery[redis] bundle installation (Issue #3643).
  * Deps: Bundle celery[sqs] now also requires pycurl
    (Issue #3619).
  * Worker: Hard time limits were no longer being respected
    (Issue #3618).
  * Worker: Soft time limit log showed Trues instead of the number
    of seconds.
  * App: registry_cls argument no longer had any effect
    (Issue #3613).
  * Worker: Event producer now uses connection_for_Write
    (Issue #3525).
  * Results: Redis/memcache backends now uses result_expires to
    expire chord counter (Issue #3573).
  * Django: Fixed command for upgrading settings with Django
    (Issue #3563).
  * Testing: Added a celery_parameters test fixture to be able to
    use customized Celery init parameters. (#3626)
  * Documentation improvements
- additional changes from version 4.0:
- change source url to
- update the BuildRequires for test:
  * remove mock, nose and unittest2
  * add case, pytest and netcfg
- remove specfile reference to openSUSE 11.1 / SLE11
- update kombu and billiard required versions
- remove anyjson Requires, not needed anymore
- call fdupes to fix duplicate files
* Wed Jan 13 2016
- Update to 3.1.19:
  * Requirements: Now depends on Kombu 3.0.29.
  * Requirements: Now depends on billiard
  * Results: Fixed MongoDB result backend URL parsing problem
    (Issue celery/kombu#375).
  * Worker: Task request now properly sets priority in
  * Beat: PyPy shelve may raise KeyError when setting keys (Issue
  * Programs: celery beat --deatched now working on PyPy.
  * Results: Redis result backend now ensures all pipelines are
    cleaned up.
  * Results: Redis result backend now allows for timeout to be set
    in the query portion of the result backend URL.
  * Results: result.get now properly handles failures where the
    exception value is set to None (Issue #2560).
  * Prefork pool: Fixed attribute error proc.dead.
  * Worker: Fixed worker hanging when gossip/heartbeat disabled
    (Issue #1847).
  * Results: MongoDB result backend now supports pymongo 3.x (Issue
  * Results: RPC/amqp backends did not deserialize exceptions
    properly (Issue #2691).
  * Programs: Fixed problem with celery amqp?s basic_publish (Issue
  * Worker: Embedded beat now properly sets app for thread/process
    (Issue #2594).
  * Documentation: Many improvements and typos fixed.
* Wed Apr 29 2015
- update to version 3.1.18:
  * Requirements: Now depends on Kombu 3.0.25.
  * Requirements: Now depends on billiard
  * Django: Now supports Django 1.8 (Issue #2536).
  * Results: MongoDB result backend now compatible with pymongo 3.0
  * Tasks: Fixed bug only happening when a task has multiple
    callbacks (Issue #2515).
  * Commands: Preload options now support --arg value syntax.
  * Compat: A typo caused celery.log.setup_logging_subsystem to be
  * init scripts: The celerybeat generic init script now uses
    /bin/sh instead of bash (Issue #2496).
  * Django: Fixed a :exc:`TypeError` sometimes occurring in logging
    when validating models.
  * Commands: Worker now supports new --executable argument that
    can be used with --detach.
  * Canvas: Fixed crash in chord unlock fallback task (Issue #2404)
  * Worker: Fixed rare crash occurring with --autoscale enabled
    (Issue #2411).
  * Django: Properly recycle worker Django database connections
    when the Django CONN_MAX_AGE setting is enabled (Issue #2453).
- additional changes from version 3.1.17:
  * Admonition: Do not enable the CELERYD_FORCE_EXECV setting!
  * Requirements: Now depends on Kombu 3.0.24.
  * Requirements: Now depends on billiard
  * Requirements: celery[librabbitmq] now depends on librabbitmq
  * Task: The timing of ETA/countdown tasks were off after the
    example LocalTimezone implementation in the Python
    documentation no longer works in Python 3.4. (Issue #2306).
  * Task: Raising celery.exceptions.Ignore no longer sends
    task-failed event (Issue #2365).
  * Redis result backend: Fixed unbound local errors.
  * Task: Callbacks was not called properly if link was a list of
    signatures (Issuse #2350).
  * Canvas: chain and group now handles json serialized signatures
    (Issue #2076).
  * Results: .join_native() would accidentally treat the STARTED
    state as being ready (Issue #2326).
  * Canvas: The chord_size attribute is now set for all canvas
    primitives, making sure more combinations will work with the
    new_join optimization for Redis (Issue #2339).
  * Task: Fixed problem with app not being properly propagated to
    trace_task in all cases.
  * Worker: Expires from task message now associated with a
  * Cassandra result backend: Fixed problems when using detailed
  * Mongodb Result backend: Pickling the backend instance will now
    include the original url (Issue #2347).
  * Task: Exception info was not properly set for tasks raising
    celery.exceptions.Reject (Issue #2043).
  * Worker: Duplicates are now removed when loading the set of
    revoked tasks from the worker state database (Issue #2336).
  * celery.contrib.rdb: Fixed problems with rdb.set_trace calling
    stop from the wrong frame.
  * Canvas: chain and chord can now be immutable.
  * Canvas: chord.apply_async will now keep partial args set in
    self.args (Issue #2299).
  * Results: Small refactoring so that results are decoded the same
    way in all result backends.
  * Logging: The processName format was introduced in Py2.6.2 so
    for compatibility this format is now excluded when using
    earlier versions (Issue #1644).
- increase required version of python-kombu to 3.0.25
- increase required version of python-billiard to
- reenable the tests, expect for SLE11. And add -q to avoid
  spamming the build log
- add the license to package documentation
* Wed Nov 12 2014
- Update to version 3.1.16
  + Worker: 3.1.15 broke -Ofair behavior (Issue #2286).
  + Canvas: celery.signature now properly forwards app argument in all cases.
  + Task: .retry() did not raise the exception correctly when called without a current exception.
  + Worker: The enable_events remote control command disabled worker-related events by mistake (Issue #2272).
  + Django: Adds support for Django 1.7 class names in INSTALLED_APPS when using app.autodiscover_tasks() (Issue #2248).
  + Redis/Cache Backends: Chords will now run at most once if one or more tasks in the chord are executed multiple times for some reason.
* Sun Dec 01 2013
- Update to version 3.1.1
  + Now depends Kombu 3.0.6
  + Now depends on billiard
  + App: ``config_from_object`` is now lazy
  + App: ``autodiscover_tasks`` is now lazy
    Django users should now wrap access to the settings object in
    a lambda:
    app.autodiscover_tasks(lambda: settings.INSTALLED_APPS)
    this ensures that the settings object is not prepared
  + Fixed regression for ``--app`` argument experienced by
    some users
  + Worker: Now respects the ``--uid`` and ``--gid`` arguments
    even if ``--detach`` is not enabled
  + Beat: Now respects the ``--uid`` and ``--gid`` arguments
    even if ``--detach`` is not enabled
  + Python 3: Fixed unorderable error occuring with the worker ``-B``
    argument enabled
  + ``celery.VERSION`` is now a named tuple
  + ``maybe_signature(list)`` is now applied recursively
  + ``celery shell`` command: Fixed ``IPython.frontend`` deprecation warning
  + The default app no longer includes the builtin fixups
    This fixes a bug where ``celery multi`` would attempt
    to load the Django settings module before entering
    the target working directory
  + The Django daemonization tutorial was changed
    Users no longer have to explicitly export ``DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE``
    in :file:`/etc/default/celeryd` when the new project layout is used
  + Redis result backend: expiry value can now be 0
  + Censoring settings now accounts for non-string keys
  + App: New ``autofinalize`` option
    Apps are automatically finalized when the task registry is accessed.
    You can now disable this behavior so that an exception is raised
  + The worker did not send monitoring events during shutdown
  + Worker: Mingle and gossip is now automatically disabled when
    used with an unsupported transport
  + ``celery`` command: Preload options now supports
    the rare ``--opt value`` format
  + ``celery`` command: Accidentally removed options
    appearing before the subcommand, these are now moved to the end
  + Worker now properly responds to ``inspect stats`` commands
    even if received before startup is complete
  + :signal:`task_postrun` is now sent within a finally block, to make
    sure the signal is always sent
  + Beat: Fixed syntax error in string formatting
  + Fixed typos in the documentation
  + Nested chains now works properly when constructed using the
    ``chain`` type instead of the ``|`` operator
* Thu Oct 24 2013
- Require python-setuptools instead of distribute (upstreams merged)
* Wed Sep 25 2013
- Update to version 3.0.23
  + Now depends on :ref:`Kombu 2.5.14 <kombu:version-2.5.14>`.
  + ``send_task`` did not honor ``link`` and ``link_error`` arguments.
    This had the side effect of chains not calling unregistered tasks,
    silently discarding them.
  + :mod:`celery.state`: Optimized precedence lookup.
  + Posix: Daemonization did not redirect ``sys.stdin`` to ``/dev/null``.
  + Canvas: group bug caused fallback to default app when ``.apply_async`` used
    (Issue #1516)
  + Canvas: generator arguments was not always pickleable
- Use source url as source
* Tue Apr 30 2013
- Update to 3.0.19:
  - Now depends on billiard
  - A Python 3 related fix managed to disable the deadlock fix
    announced in 3.0.18.
    Tests have been added to make sure this does not happen again.
  - Task retry policy: Default max_retries is now 3.
    This ensures clients will not be hanging while the broker is down.
    You can set a longer retry for the worker by
    using the celeryd_after_setup signal:
    from celery.signals import celeryd_after_setup
    def configure_worker(instance, conf, **kwargs):
    'max_retries': 100,
    'interval_start': 0,
    'interval_max': 1,
    'interval_step': 0.2,
  - Worker: Will now properly display message body in error messages
    even if the body is a buffer instance.
  - 3.0.18 broke the MongoDB result backend (Issue #1303).