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Change Logs

* Wed Jan 01 2020 Ismail Dönmez <>
- Update to 4.8.2
  * Added Python docstrings to all public methods of the most commonly
    used classes.
  * Fixed two deprecation warnings. Patches by Colin
    Watson and Nicholas Neumann. [bug=1847592] [bug=1855301]
  * The html.parser tree builder now correctly handles DOCTYPEs that are
    not uppercase. [bug=1848401]
  * now returns a ResultSet rather than a regular
    list, making it consistent with methods like find_all().
* Fri Nov 01 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Update to 4.8.1:
  * When the html.parser or html5lib parsers are in use, Beautiful Soup
    will, by default, record the position in the original document where
    each tag was encountered.
  * Fixed the definition of the default XML namespace when using
    lxml 4.4.
  * Avoid a crash when unpickling certain parse trees generated
    using html5lib on Python 3.
  * Avoid a crash when trying to detect the declared encoding of a
    Unicode document.
- Drop patch beautifulsoup4-lxml-fixes.patch as it seems not needed
* Mon Oct 14 2019 Matej Cepl <>
- Replace %fdupes -s with plain %fdupes; hardlinks are better.
* Mon Jul 22 2019 Todd R <>
- Update to 4.8.0
  * It's now possible to customize the TreeBuilder object by passing
    keyword arguments into the BeautifulSoup constructor. The main
    reason to do this right now is to change how which attributes are
    treated as multi-valued attributes (the way 'class' is treated by
    default). You can do this with the `multi_valued_attributes` argument.
  * The role of Formatter objects has been greatly expanded. The Formatter
    class now controls the following:
    > The function to call to perform entity substitution. (This was
    previously Formatter's only job.)
    > Which tags should be treated as containing CDATA and have their
    contents exempt from entity substitution.
    > The order in which a tag's attributes are output.
    > Whether or not to put a '/' inside a void element, e.g. '<br/>' vs '<br>'
    All preexisting code should work as before.
  * Added a new method to the API, Tag.smooth(), which consolidates
    multiple adjacent NavigableString elements.
  * &apos; (which is valid in XML, XHTML, and HTML 5, but not HTML 4) is now
    recognized as a named entity and converted to a single quote.
* Fri Mar 01 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Do not generate doc for py2 and py3 variant they are the same
  so keep just one around
- Update to 4.7.1:
  * Fixed a significant performance problem introduced in 4.7.0. [bug=1810617]
  * Fixed an incorrectly raised exception when inserting a tag before or
    after an identical tag. [bug=1810692]
  * Beautiful Soup will no longer try to keep track of namespaces that
    are not defined with a prefix; this can confuse soupselect. [bug=1810680]
  * Tried even harder to avoid the deprecation warning originally fixed in
    4.6.1. [bug=1778909]
  * Beautiful Soup's CSS Selector implementation has been replaced by a
    dependency on Isaac Muse's SoupSieve project (the soupsieve package
    on PyPI). The good news is that SoupSieve has a much more robust and
    complete implementation of CSS selectors, resolving a large number
    of longstanding issues. The bad news is that from this point onward,
    SoupSieve must be installed if you want to use the select() method.
  * Added the PageElement.extend() method, which works like list.append().
  * PageElement.insert_before() and insert_after() now take a variable
    number of arguments. [bug=1514970]
  * Fix a number of problems with the tree builder that caused
    trees that were superficially okay, but which fell apart when bits
    were extracted. Patch by Isaac Muse. [bug=1782928,1809910]
  * Fixed a problem with the tree builder in which elements that
    contained no content (such as empty comments and all-whitespace
    elements) were not being treated as part of the tree. Patch by Isaac
    Muse. [bug=1798699]
  * Fixed a problem with multi-valued attributes where the value
    contained whitespace. Thanks to Jens Svalgaard for the
    fix. [bug=1787453]
  * Clarified ambiguous license statements in the source code. Beautiful
    Soup is released under the MIT license, and has been since 4.4.0.
* Thu Dec 06 2018 Ond?ej Súkup <>
- update to 4.6.3
  * Fix an exception when a custom formatter was asked to format
    a void element
* Sun Aug 05 2018
- update to 4.6.1:
  * Stop data loss when encountering an empty numeric entity, and
    possibly in other cases.  Thanks to tos.kamiya for the fix. [bug=1698503]
  * Preserve XML namespaces introduced inside an XML document, not just
    the ones introduced at the top level. [bug=1718787]
  * Added a new formatter, "html5", which represents void elements
    as "<element>" rather than "<element/>".  [bug=1716272]
  * Fixed a problem where the html.parser tree builder interpreted
    a string like "&foo " as the character entity "&foo;"  [bug=1728706]
  * Correctly handle invalid HTML numeric character entities like &#147;
    which reference code points that are not Unicode code points. Note
    that this is only fixed when Beautiful Soup is used with the
    html.parser parser -- html5lib already worked and I couldn't fix it
    with lxml.  [bug=1782933]
  * Improved the warning given when no parser is specified. [bug=1780571]
  * When markup contains duplicate elements, a select() call that
    includes multiple match clauses will match all relevant
    elements. [bug=1770596]
  * Fixed code that was causing deprecation warnings in recent Python 3
    versions. Includes a patch from Ville Skyttä. [bug=1778909] [bug=1689496]
  * Fixed a Windows crash in diagnose() when checking whether a long
    markup string is a filename. [bug=1737121]
  * Stopped HTMLParser from raising an exception in very rare cases of
    bad markup. [bug=1708831]
  * Fixed a bug where find_all() was not working when asked to find a
    tag with a namespaced name in an XML document that was parsed as
    HTML. [bug=1723783]
  * You can get finer control over formatting by subclassing
    bs4.element.Formatter and passing a Formatter instance into (e.g.)
    encode(). [bug=1716272]
  * You can pass a dictionary of `attrs` into
    BeautifulSoup.new_tag. This makes it possible to create a tag with
    an attribute like 'name' that would otherwise be masked by another
    argument of new_tag. [bug=1779276]
  * Clarified the deprecation warning when accessing tag.fooTag, to cover
    the possibility that you might really have been looking for a tag
    called 'fooTag'.
* Mon Jul 16 2018
- Clean SPEC file
  Use py.test for running the tests instead of nosetests, which
  breaks with python 3.7.
* Tue Mar 06 2018
- Allows Recommends and Suggest in Fedora
* Tue Feb 27 2018
- Recommends and Suggest are for SUSE
* Thu Aug 10 2017
- Only Suggests python-html5lib and python-lxml (instead of Requires
  them). Both are not striclty needed. See
* Wed Jul 05 2017
- update to 4.6.0:
  * Added the `Tag.get_attribute_list` method, which acts like `Tag.get` for
    getting the value of an attribute, but which always returns a list,
    whether or not the attribute is a multi-value attribute. [bug=1678589]
  * Improved the handling of empty-element tags like <br> when using the
    html.parser parser. [bug=1676935]
  * HTML parsers treat all HTML4 and HTML5 empty element tags (aka void
    element tags) correctly. [bug=1656909]
  * Namespace prefix is preserved when an XML tag is copied. Thanks
    to Vikas for a patch and test. [bug=1685172]
* Mon May 22 2017
- Fixed failing tests in python3
* Sat Apr 08 2017
- update to version 4.5.3:
  * Fixed foster parenting when html5lib is the tree builder. Thanks
    to Geoffrey Sneddon for a patch and test.
  * Fixed yet another problem that caused the html5lib tree builder to
    create a disconnected parse tree. [bug=1629825]
  changes from version 4.5.2:
  * Apart from the version number, this release is identical to
    4.5.3. Due to user error, it could not be completely uploaded to
    PyPI. Use 4.5.3 instead.
- Converted to single-spec
* Thu Sep 01 2016
- Relax BuildRequires for python-Sphinx
* Thu Sep 01 2016
- update to 4.5.1:
  * Fixed a crash when passing Unicode markup that contained a
    processing instruction into the lxml HTML parser on Python
    3. [bug=1608048]
  * Beautiful Soup is no longer compatible with Python 2.6. This
    actually happened a few releases ago, but it's now official.
  * Beautiful Soup will now work with versions of html5lib greater than
    0.99999999. [bug=1603299]
  * If a search against each individual value of a multi-valued
    attribute fails, the search will be run one final time against the
    complete attribute value considered as a single string. That is, if
    a tag has class="foo bar" and neither "foo" nor "bar" matches, but
    "foo bar" does, the tag is now considered a match.
    This happened in previous versions, but only when the value being
    searched for was a string. Now it also works when that value is
    a regular expression, a list of strings, etc. [bug=1476868]
  * Fixed a bug that deranged the tree when a whitespace element was
    reparented into a tag that contained an identical whitespace
    element. [bug=1505351]
  * Added support for CSS selector values that contain quoted spaces,
    such as tag[style="display: foo"]. [bug=1540588]
  * Corrected handling of XML processing instructions. [bug=1504393]
  * Corrected an encoding error that happened when a BeautifulSoup
    object was copied. [bug=1554439]
  * The contents of <textarea> tags will no longer be modified when the
    tree is prettified. [bug=1555829]
  * When a BeautifulSoup object is pickled but its tree builder cannot
    be pickled, its .builder attribute is set to None instead of being
    destroyed. This avoids a performance problem once the object is
    unpickled. [bug=1523629]
  * Specify the file and line number when warning about a
    BeautifulSoup object being instantiated without a parser being
    specified. [bug=1574647]
  * The `limit` argument to `select()` now works correctly, though it's
    not implemented very efficiently. [bug=1520530]
  * Fixed a Python 3 ByteWarning when a URL was passed in as though it
    were markup. Thanks to James Salter for a patch and
    test. [bug=1533762]
  * We don't run the check for a filename passed in as markup if the
    'filename' contains a less-than character; the less-than character
    indicates it's most likely a very small document. [bug=1577864]
* Sun Nov 15 2015
- Update to version 4.4.1
  * Fixed a bug that deranged the tree when part of it was
    removed. Thanks to Eric Weiser for the patch and John Wiseman for a
    test. lp#1481520
  * Fixed a parse bug with the html5lib tree-builder. Thanks to Roel
    Kramer for the patch. lp#1483781
  * Improved the implementation of CSS selector grouping. Thanks to
    Orangain for the patch. lp#1484543
  * Fixed the test_detect_utf8 test so that it works when chardet is
    installed. lp#1471359
  * Corrected the output of Declaration objects. lp#1477847
* Mon Jul 27 2015
- update to 4.4.0
  Especially important changes:
  * Added a warning when you instantiate a BeautifulSoup object without
    explicitly naming a parser. [bug=1398866]
  * __repr__ now returns an ASCII bytestring in Python 2, and a Unicode
    string in Python 3, instead of a UTF8-encoded bytestring in both
    versions. In Python 3, __str__ now returns a Unicode string instead
    of a bytestring. [bug=1420131]
  * The `text` argument to the find_* methods is now called `string`,
    which is more accurate. `text` still works, but `string` is the
    argument described in the documentation. `text` may eventually
    change its meaning, but not for a very long time. [bug=1366856]
  * Changed the way soup objects work under copy.copy(). Copying a
    NavigableString or a Tag will give you a new NavigableString that's
    equal to the old one but not connected to the parse tree. Patch by
    Martijn Peters. [bug=1307490]
  * Started using a standard MIT license. [bug=1294662]
  * Added a Chinese translation of the documentation by Delong .w.
  New features:
  * Introduced the select_one() method, which uses a CSS selector but
    only returns the first match, instead of a list of
    matches. [bug=1349367]
  * You can now create a Tag object without specifying a
    TreeBuilder. Patch by Martijn Pieters. [bug=1307471]
  * You can now create a NavigableString or a subclass just by invoking
    the constructor. [bug=1294315]
  * Added an `exclude_encodings` argument to UnicodeDammit and to the
    Beautiful Soup constructor, which lets you prohibit the detection of
    an encoding that you know is wrong. [bug=1469408]
  * The select() method now supports selector grouping. Patch by
    Francisco Canas [bug=1191917]
  Bug fixes:
  * Fixed yet another problem that caused the html5lib tree builder to
    create a disconnected parse tree. [bug=1237763]
  * Force object_was_parsed() to keep the tree intact even when an element
    from later in the document is moved into place. [bug=1430633]
  * Fixed yet another bug that caused a disconnected tree when html5lib
    copied an element from one part of the tree to another. [bug=1270611]
  * Fixed a bug where Element.extract() could create an infinite loop in
    the remaining tree.
  * The select() method can now find tags whose names contain
    dashes. Patch by Francisco Canas. [bug=1276211]
  * The select() method can now find tags with attributes whose names
    contain dashes. Patch by Marek Kapolka. [bug=1304007]
  * Improved the lxml tree builder's handling of processing
    instructions. [bug=1294645]
  * Restored the helpful syntax error that happens when you try to
    import the Python 2 edition of Beautiful Soup under Python 3.
  * In Python 3.4 and above, set the new convert_charrefs argument to
    the html.parser constructor to avoid a warning and future
    failures. Patch by Stefano Revera. [bug=1375721]
  * The warning when you pass in a filename or URL as markup will now be
    displayed correctly even if the filename or URL is a Unicode
    string. [bug=1268888]
  * If the initial <html> tag contains a CDATA list attribute such as
    'class', the html5lib tree builder will now turn its value into a
    list, as it would with any other tag. [bug=1296481]
  * Fixed an import error in Python 3.5 caused by the removal of the
    HTMLParseError class. [bug=1420063]
  * Improved docstring for encode_contents() and
    decode_contents(). [bug=1441543]
  * Fixed a crash in Unicode, Dammit's encoding detector when the name
    of the encoding itself contained invalid bytes. [bug=1360913]
  * Improved the exception raised when you call .unwrap() or
    .replace_with() on an element that's not attached to a tree.
  * Raise a NotImplementedError whenever an unsupported CSS pseudoclass
    is used in select(). Previously some cases did not result in a
  * It's now possible to pickle a BeautifulSoup object no matter which
    tree builder was used to create it. However, the only tree builder
    that survives the pickling process is the HTMLParserTreeBuilder
    ('html.parser'). If you unpickle a BeautifulSoup object created with
    some other tree builder, soup.builder will be None. [bug=1231545]
- Aligned requirement version with PyPI
* Fri Jul 24 2015
- fix non-SUSE build by conditionalizing Recommends: tag
* Wed Jan 08 2014
- Add beautifulsoup4-lxml-fixes.patch: LXML fixes