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Change Logs

* Mon Jan 01 2018
- update to 0.4.6
  This version includes:
  * yinfast, a new version of the YIN pitch detection algorithm,
    that uses spectral convolution to compute the same results as
    the original yin, but with a cost O(N log(N)), making it much
    faster than the plain implementation (O(N^2))
  * Intel IPP optimisations (thanks to Eduard Mueller)
  * improved support for emscripten (thanks to Martin Hermant),
    which compiles the aubio library as a javascript module and
    lets you run aubio's algorithm directly from within a web-page.
  0.4.6 also comes with several bug fixes and improvements.
* Mon Apr 24 2017
- Use singlespec macros
- Update to 0.4.5:
  * aubio: New python command line tool to extract information
  * Improved default parameters for onset detection, using adaptive
    spectral whitening and compression
  * Add support for libswresample
  * New options --miditap-note and --miditap-velo have been added to
    aubioonset and aubiotrack to adjust the note and velocity of the
    midi note emitted by onsets and beats.
  * Add a bunch of fixes, including improved documentation, build
    system fixes, and platform compatibility.
* Mon Feb 06 2017
- Initial release