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Version: 0.9.4-bp150.2.4
* Wed Sep 25 2013
- Update to version 0.9.4
  + No changelog available
* Sun Apr 14 2013
- Update to version 0.9.3
- much improved support for arbitrary code at the class level
- support (UNIX, danny milosavljevic)
- greatly optimized creating/extending arrays (triggered by piotr tarsa)
- new example programs (now 72 in total):
  - pygasus, a NES emulator (about 1500 lines, Maciek "Mistrall" ?uk)
  - timsort sorting algorithm (about 650 lines, dan stromberg)
  - a conflict-driven satisfiability solver (thomas leonard)
  - TarsaLZP, a data compression algorithm (about 900 lines, piotr tarsa)
  - minpng, a minimal uncompressed PNG encoder
- fix generator expression problem (triggered by piotr tarsa)
- improve string formatting and null chars (reported by jorik blaas)
- new -g option to disable GC warnings
- remaining fixes for GCC 4.7 (help from thomas spura, mos4567)
- avoid crash on non-existant attribute (reported by danny milosavljevic)
- improve include file ordering (triggered by danny)
- avoid trouble by adding main module to module cache (reported by badamomike)
- update random.expovariate to 2.7 behaviour, finally fixing test 172
- add a few warnings for broken python code
- fix for when module exists in multiple libdirs (shedskin -L)
- fix annotation crash (shedskin -a)
* Wed Mar 14 2012
- Update to version 0.9.1:
  - new -L option to add library directories (Artem Egorkine)
  - support /etc/shedskin/FLAGS, /usr/share/shedskin/lib (triggered by Paul Boddie)
  - support enumerate 'start' argument
  - itertools.product optimization (triggered by lesshaste)
  - str.join and str non-equality optimization (triggered by lesshaste)
  - new example: hq2x image scaling
  - fix for itertools.izip (Jérémie Roquet)
  - several fixes for MSVC (Liu Zhenhai)
  - fix os.listdir crash (Pierre-Marie de Rodat)
  - annotation fix (William Edwards)
  - fix for 'not a < b < c' (François Boutines)
  - os.popen2 improvement (triggered by Danny Milosavljevic)
  - improved extmod warnings (triggered by Paul Boddie)
  - sys.exit improvements (reported by rodseth)
  - added missing class qualifier/include statement
  - fix for ConfigParser model (reported by Danny Milosavljevic)
- Changes from version 0.9.0:
  - major type inference scalability improvements (c64 emulator 10 times faster!)
  - support for 'mmap' module (francois boutines)
  - support for 'binascii' module (fahrzin hemmati)
  - support for 'colorsys' module (tony veijalainen)
  - greatly improved file I/O performance (francois)
  - massive optimization for complex numbers (copy-by-value)
  - optimized 'for .., .. in somedict.iteritems()'
  - 6 new example programs (now 63 in total!):
  - natural language parser (andreas van cranenburgh)
  - sokoban (uses array, collections.deque)
  - connect-4
  - interactive mandelbrot (tony veijalainen)
  - dancing links sudoku solver
  - K-means++ clustering
  - c64 emulator example now without glitches for international karate
  - fixes for 'universal mode' (francois)
  - only print tracebacks for uncaught exceptions (shedskin -x; joris van zwieten)
  - some further exception handling cleanups
  - add set.isdisjoint, sys.maxsize (brent pedersen)
  - several set methods now take multiple arguments (brent)
  - string equality optimization (francois)
  - fix for string/array equality and \0 (francois)
  - improved support for overloading comparison operators
  - several inheritance fixes (thanks to test case by jason ye)
  - improvements for working with 'incompatible' types (e.g., [[]] == [[1]])
  - implementation of builtins split up into separate files (triggered by francois)
  - cleaned up GCC warnings for builtins (triggered by francois)
  - support 'id' builtin for non-scalars
  - some optimizations for array('c')
  - some improvements for 'copy' module
  - use 'long' type for hash values everywhere
  - support for 'isinstance' was dropped
  - avoid 'jump' to 100% in progress bar
  - removed -d command-line option, replaced it with hidden debug-level option
  - add --silent mode, showing only warnings
  - add timer (jason ye)
  - os.utime implementation for windows
  - documented how to profile extension modules
  - documentation moved to wiki
- Use examples from external tarball
- Remove outdated %clean section
- Simplified macro usage
- Added some requirements you typically want to have when translating
  Python modules to C++ with Shed Skin
* Wed Aug 03 2011
- license update: GPL-3.0+
  has an or later clause
* Fri Jul 01 2011
- Initial version