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Change Logs

* Fri May 15 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Package requires pytest 4.x or newer
* Mon Apr 20 2020 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Remove py2 dep as the package is marked as python3 only
* Thu Jan 30 2020 Todd R <>
- Update to 0.10.1
  * Fixed bug introduced in 0.10 that prevented creation of size-zero Quantities
    from NumPy arrays by multiplication.
  * Fixed several Sphinx issues. Fixed intersphinx hooks to all classes missing.
  * Fixed __array__ signature to match numpy docs
- Update to 0.10
    Boolean value of Quantities with offsets units is ambiguous, and so, now a ValueError
    is raised when attempting to cast such a Quantity to boolean.
    `__array_ufunc__` has been implemented on `pint.Unit` to permit
    multiplication/division by units on the right of ufunc-reliant array types (like
    Sparse) with proper respect for the type casting hierarchy. However, until an
    upstream issue with NumPy is resolved,
    this breaks creation of Masked Array Quantities by multiplication on the right.
  * Documentation on Pint's array type compatibility has been added to the NumPy support
    page, including a graph of the duck array type casting hierarchy as understood by Pint
    for N-dimensional arrays.
  * Improved compatibility for downcast duck array types like Sparse.COO. A collection
    of basic tests has been added.
  * Improvements to wraps and check:
    >  fail upon decoration (not execution) by checking wrapped function signature against
    wraps/check arguments.
    (might BREAK test code)
    >  wraps only accepts strings and Units (not quantities) to avoid confusion with magnitude.
    (might BREAK code not conforming to documentation)
    >  when strict=True, strings that can be parsed to quantities are accepted as arguments.
  * Add revolutions per second (rps)
  * Improved compatibility for upcast types like xarray's DataArray or Dataset, to which
    Pint Quantities now fully defer for arithmetic and NumPy operations. A collection of
    basic tests for proper deferral has been added (for full integration tests, see
    xarray's test suite). The list of upcast types is available at
    `pint.compat.upcast_types` in the API.
  * Moved docstrings to Numpy Docs
  * Added tests for immutability of the magnitude's type under common operations
  * Switched test configuration to pytest and added tests of Pint's matplotlib support.
  * Deprecate array protocol fallback except where explicitly defined (`__array__`,
    `__array_priority__`, `__array_function__`, `__array_ufunc__`). The fallback will
    remain until the next minor version, or if the environment variable
  * Removed eval usage when creating UnitDefinition and PrefixDefinition from string.
  * Added `fmt_locale` argument to registry.
  * Better error message when Babel is not installed.
  * It is now possible to redefine units within a context, and use pint for currency
  * NaN (any capitalization) in a definitions file is now treated as a number
  * Added slinch to Avoirdupois group
  * Fix bug where ureg.disable_contexts() would fail to fully disable throwaway contexts
  * Use black, flake8, and isort on the project
  * Auto-increase package version at every commit when pint is installed from the git tip,
    e.g. pip install git+
  * Fix HTML (Jupyter Notebook) and LateX representation of some units
  * Fixed the definition of RKM unit as gf / tex
    Implement NEP-18 <> for
    Pint Quantities. Most NumPy functions that previously stripped units when applied to
    Pint Quantities will now return Quantities with proper units (on NumPy v1.16 with
    the array_function protocol enabled or v1.17+ by default) instead of ndarrays. Any
    non-explictly-handled functions will now raise a "no implementation found" TypeError
    instead of stripping units. The previous behavior is maintained for NumPy < v1.16 and
    when the array_function protocol is disabled.
  * Implementation of NumPy ufuncs has been refactored to share common utilities with
    NumPy function implementations
  * Pint Quantities now support the `@` matrix mulitiplication operator (on NumPy v1.16+),
    as well as the `dot`, `flatten`, `astype`, and `item` methods.
    Fix crash when applying pprint to large sets of Units.
    DefinitionSyntaxError is now a subclass of SyntaxError (was ValueError).
    DimensionalityError and OffsetUnitCalculusError are now subclasses of TypeError (was
  * All Exceptions can now be pickled and can be accessed from the top-level package.
  * Mark regex as raw strings to avoid unnecessary warnings.
  * Implement registry-based string preprocessing as list of callables.
  * Context activation and deactivation is now instantaneous; drastically reduced memory
    footprint of a context (it used to be ~1.6MB per context; now it's a few bytes)
    Drop support for Python < 3.6, numpy < 1.14, and uncertainties < 3.0;
    if you still need them, please install pint 0.9.
    Pint now adheres to NEP-29 <>
    as a rolling dependencies version policy.
  * Show proper code location of UnitStrippedWarning exception.
  * Reimplement _Quantity.__iter__ to return an iterator.
  * Add to README
  * Allow for user defined units formatting.
  * Quantity, Unit, and Measurement are now accessible as top-level classes
    (pint.Quantity, pint.Unit, pint.Measurement) and can be
    instantiated without explicitly creating a UnitRegistry
  * Contexts don't need to have a name anymore
  * "Board feet" unit added top default registry
  * New syntax to add aliases to already existing definitions
  * copy.deepcopy() can now copy a UnitRegistry
  * Enabled many tests in test_issues when numpy is not available
  * Document the '_' symbols found in the definitions files
  * Improve OffsetUnitCalculusError message.
  * Atomic units for intensity and electric field.
  * Allow np arrays of scalar quantities to be plotted.
  * Updated gravitational constant to CODATA 2018.
  * Update to new SI definition and CODATA 2018.
  * Allow units with aliases but no symbol.
  * Fix definition of dimensionless units and constants.
  * Added RKM unit (used in textile industry).
  * Remove __name__ method definition in BaseRegistry.
  * Added t_force, short_ton_force and long_ton_force.
  * Fixed error message of DefinitionSyntaxError
  * Expanded the potential use of Decimal type to parsing.
  * Fixed gram name to allow translation by babel.
  * Default group should only have orphan units.
  * Added custom constructors from_sequence and from_list.
  * Add quantity formatting with ndarray.
  * Add pint-pandas notebook docs
  * Use µ as default abbreviation for micro.
* Sat Mar 30 2019 Tomá? Chvátal <>
- Fix funcsigs dependency
- Remove unused devel package dep
- Remove test bconds
* Tue Mar 12 2019 Matej Cepl <>
- Update to version 0.9:
  - Add support for registering with matplotlib’s unit handling
    (gh#hgrecco/pint#317, thanks dopplershift)
  - Add converters for matplotlib’s unit support.
    (gh#hgrecco/pint#317, thanks Ryan May)
  - Fix unwanted side effects in auto dimensionality reduction.
    (gh#hgrecco/pint#516, thanks Ben Loer)
  - Allow dimensionality check for non Quantity arguments.
  - Make Quantity and UnitContainer objects hashable.
    (gh#hgrecco/pint#286, thanks Nevada Sanchez)
  - Fix unit tests errors with numpy >=1.13.
    (gh#hgrecco/pint#577, thanks cpascual)
  - Avoid error in in-place exponentiation with numpy > 1.11.
    (gh#hgrecco/pint#577, thanks cpascual)
  - fix compatible units in context. (thanks enrico)
  - Added warning for unsupported ufunc. (gh#hgrecco/pint#626,
    thanks kanhua)
  - Improve IPython pretty printers. (gh#hgrecco/pint#590, thanks
  - Drop Support for Python 2.6, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.
  - Prepare for deprecation announced in Python 3.7
    (gh#hgrecco/pint#747, thanks Simon Willison)
  - Added several new units and Systems (gh#hgrecco/pint#749,
  - Started experimental pandas support (gh#hgrecco/pint#746 and
    others. Thanks andrewgsavage, znicholls and others)
  - wraps and checks now supports kwargs and defaults.
    (gh#hgrecco/pint#660, thanks jondoesntgit)