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Change Logs

* Thu Aug 31 2017
- update to Version 2.0.1
  * The new MathJax CDN is used, the old one will be shut down soon.
  * When using MathJax with Markdown, the AMSmath and AMSsymbols extensions are
    now enabled.
- update to Version 2.0.0, 2016-05-09
  * Changed the API of pymarkups to clearly separate the conversion step from
    access to the various elements of the result. The old API is deprecated
    and will be removed in a future release. Please see the documentation for
    details on using the new API.
  * The reStructuredText markup now includes document title and subtitle in
    the HTML body.
  * Added a ```` reference script to show API usage.
  * Improved support for specifying Markdown extensions in the document.
* Thu Aug 24 2017
- singlespec auto-conversion
* Thu May 07 2015
- update to version 0.6.1:
  * PyMarkups now uses warnings system instead of printing messages
    to stderr
  * Improvements to Markdown markup:
    + Fixed parsing math that contains nested environments
    + Fixed crash on extensions names starting with dot
  * Miscellaneous fixes
- additional changes from version 0.6:
  * Custom markups are now normal Python modules
  * Web module no longer supports Python 2.x
  * Refactor the code related to Markdown extensions to make it
    work with upcoming Python-Markdown releases
  * MathJax extension is now in a separate module
- additional changes from version 0.5.2:
  * Fixed loading of Markdown extensions with options
- additional changes from version 0.5.1:
  * Fixed Markdown markup crash on empty files
  * Include documentation in the tarballs
  * Testsuite improvements
- additional changes from version 0.5:
  * Improvements to Markdown markup:
    + All math delimeters except $...$ are now enabled by default
    + remove_extra extension now disables formulas support
    + It is now possible to specify required extensions in the
    first line of the file
  * Add Sphinx documentation
- additional changes from version 0.4:
  * Add Textile markup
  * reStructuredText markup now supports file names and settings
  * Web module now raises WebUpdateError when updating fails
- additional changes from version 0.3:
  * MathJax support in Markdown has been improved and no longer
    relies on tex2jax extension
  * It is now possible to pass extensions list to MarkdownMarkup
  * Pygments style is now configurable
  * Testsuite improvements
- update project URL
- add python-importlib as a dependency for SLE11
- rename README to README.rst: changed upstream
* Wed Feb 06 2013
- Completely redone spec file
* Sat Feb 02 2013
- initial version 0.2.4
  * no changelog for this version (yet).